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but should I publish any Favours done me by Your Lordship, I am afraid it would look more like Vanity, than Gratitude.

I had a very early Ambition to recommend myself to Your Lordship’s Patronage, which yet increas'd in me as I travell'd thro' the Countries, of which I here give Your Lordship fome Account : For whatever great Impressions an

EngEnglishman must have Your Lordship, they who have been conversant Abroad will find them still improved. It cannot but be obvious to them, that, tho' they see Your Lordfhip’s Admirers every where, they meet with very few of Your Well-wishers at Paris or at Rome. And I could not but obferve, when passed through most of the Protestant Governments


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in Europe, that their Hopes or Fears for the Common Cause rose or fell with Your Lordship’s Interest and Authority in England.

I here present Your Lordship with the Remarks that I made in a part of these my Travels; wherein, notwithstanding the Variety of the Subject, I am very fensible that I offer nothing New to Your Lordship, and


can have no other Design in this Address, than to declare that I am,


Your Lordship’s most obliged and

moft obedient humble Servanti



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