Eternal Wisdom and Health[: With Light on the Scriptures

الغلاف الأمامي
Kessinger Publishing, 01‏/02‏/1998 - 728 من الصفحات
This book is dedicated to "all sincere souls who desire to demonstrate the powers of the Christ." Contents: Divine Mind; Supplication; Sacrament and Salvation; The Holy Eucharist and Divine Science; Soul Deliverance; Renunciation; Laws of Life and Mind; Beyond the Veil of Mortal Mind; Doctrine and Truth; Science of Mind and Being; Magnetism and The Science of Being; Cosmic Genesis of Creation; Mind Healing Versus Remedies and Theology; Practice of Science and Truth; Teaching Super Mind Science; Interrogations; The Science of Life; Old Testament Wisdom, New Testament Wisdom; Apocrypha; Glossary.

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