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It is a Sin to join in Communion with us, they ought not to do it at all, no, not for the Indies; but if it is lawful to join with us once, 'tis lawful always, and why then do they make a Separation? Why do they keep up Divifions in the Church, why are they the cause of all thofe Animofities, all that Uncharitableness which has torn the Bowels of Chrift's Church in pieces, and is the Source of that Deluge of Atheism, Ungodliness, and Impiety, which has overfpread the Land.

It is certainly the deepest laid Policy of the Devil, when he cannot draw them into the Belief of our having things Sinful in the Church, to make 'em fall out with us, about those which are indifferent, and by that Stratagem, keep them faft bound in the Sin of Schifm.

If once we begin to entertain doubts concerning fuch things, we may bid adieu to all Happiness: For our very Cloaths we wear, our Converfation, our Diverfions, and the neceflary Tranf


actions in the World, will afford us trifling Scruples enough to Sour our Enjoyments, and render our Lives uneafie, and uncomfortable.


There can be no Period put to our Divifions, if they must be justify'd by fuch Whimsical Fancies. Why fhou'd our officiating in a Surplice, give Offence, any more than a Cloke ? Doth the Colour and Shape of the one,. recommend us to God, more than the other? Why do they like an Extempore Prayer better than a Set Form? Is there any Virtue in the Words themselves, or Magical Force in the Variation of them? Shall we fail of Succefs, because our Prayers are every Day the fame, and because they are read? God forbid that we fhou'd think fo meanly of the merciful Father of us all, who regards the Sincerity of Man's Heart and Will, not be deaf to his humble Petition. Is a Form of Prayer the worse, because our Blessed Saviour has left us one; when ye Pray, lay, Our Far Luke 1. ther, &c. or is an Extempore Prayer 2.



the better, because He feems to dif like it?

Thus alfo, what reafon have they against Kneeling at the Sacrament ? There is no Law to be found in the Scriptures against it ?

They tell you indeed that our Saviour did not Kneel, and therefore they don't. But in answer to this I fay, (1.) 'Tis very reafonable to believe that Chrift never receiv'd the Sacrament ac all, and many Learned Men are of this Opinion.

As he was a few, he communicated of the Paffover; but the Sacrament was a Mystery he particularly appointed, that his Church might be fure of God's Mercy, might partake of his Holy Spirit, and receive the Benefits of the new Covenant. 'Tis not rational to suppose, he shou'd partake of his own Body and Blood. 'Tis a Contradiction that Chrift, the Spotless Lamb of God,

1 Pet. 2. fhou'd take the Sacrament for the Remiffion of bis Sins, when he knew no Sin.


We have it from the Evangelifts, that our Saviour bleffed the Bread, and gave Thanks over the Cup, and then gave them to his Difciples, that they fhou'd Eat and Drink: But there is nothing faid of his Eating or Drinking either of 'em ; and therefore this Plea will do them no Service.





tum dum

When our Saviour eat the Paffover. with the Twelve, He, according to the TeneCuftom of the Jews, eat it upon a Pallet; mur ad and why then don't the Diffenters bring, (if the Practice of our Lord is to be the comedi Rule for us to go by in Circumftantials) every one their Bed, and take in a Re-Regum & cumbent Pefture, the Sacrament upon tum. Ma


mus, ut

mus more



Our Lord has left it to his Church, to appoint Rites and Ceremonies, and to take care that all things be done de-· cently, and in Order: And the Church, Cor. 14. has chosen the Posture of Kneeling to be ufed at the Sacrament, as it beft exprefleth our Humility and Gratitude; and what Pofture can be too lowly for Sinful Duft and Afbes? O then, let us


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Pfal. 95.


Worship, and fall down before the Lord, our Maker, and moft Gracious Redeemer.

Against the Crefs in Baptifm, the Diffenters have never offer'd any thing that fo much as looks like an Argument; and therefore I muft think them very obftinate, in not complying *Doffor. With this Ceremony, which "* as used Stanhope, " in the Primitive, and ftill retained Ganterbu- " in our Establish'd Church, is not only


Dean of


" altogether innocent, but highly signifi"cant and proper. For it is no other " than a conftant Admonition and Token, that the Parties receiving it,

theu'd from thenceforth not be + Office of † afham'd to confefs the Faith of Chrift Baptism. Crucified, and manfully to fight under his

Banner, against Sin, the World, and the
Devil, and to continue Chrift's Faithful
Soldier, and Servant, unto his Lives

Thirdly, That Our Saviour's declaring without Referve, and without the Fear of difobliging, the Will of his Heavenly Father, (even to thofe,


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