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as run in with them, and are willing to give up the Rites, and the Doctrines of the Church; --but may we not think it strange, that the Diffenters fhou'd fo much for get themfelves, as to reflect upon their own Teachers, by Cenfuring thofe for preaching (though more I trust in the Spirit of Meeknefs) the fame Doctrines that they have done?




St. John vi. 66, 67, 68.

From that time many of his Dif ciples went back, and walked no more with him.

Then faid Jefus unto the Twelve, will ye alfo go away?

Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou haft the Words of Eternal Life.

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HE Occafion of thefe Words was our Lord's being forfaken by a great Number of

Men, who pretended the Miracles he wrought

wrought had made them his Dif ciples. But our Saviour, who knew what was in Man, faw through their Hypocrife, and was was fenfible that 'twas not the Miracles, but the Loaves; 'twas not his Divine Precepts, but the Hopes of his being a Temporal Prince, and the Views they had of being great in his Kingdom, v. 16. that brought 'em over to him. Te feek me not, because ye saw the Miracles, but because ye did eat of the Loaves and were filled.

They paid him the utmoft Homage while their Hunger was fatisfy'd, their Vanity was fed, and the Profpect of Grandeur lafted: But no fooner did the Holy Jefus inform 'em that his Kingdom was a Spiritual one, that they ought to fet their Hearts upon that; to ftrive for the Meat which endureth unto 7.27. Everlasting Life, and not anxiously_labour after that which perifheth. When be told them that he was the Bread of Life; that he came down from Heaven not to do his own Will,. but the Will of him that fent him,


v. 38.

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They murmur'd at bim, and wonder'd .41 that Jefus, whofe Father and Mother they knew cou'd come from Heaven. 0.421 Is not this the Carpenter's Son? They imagin'd a fufficient Confutation of it, and of all the Mighty Things he did and Spake. Thefe Things gave Offence; but when he began to preach of Righteousness and Justice, of Temperance and Holiness; that they must abandon their Pretenfions to the Pleafures, the Riches, and the Honours of this Life, if they were his Followers; that if they expected any Share in the Glories of his Kingdom, they must be Poor in Spirit, Humble, and Meek ; and must strictly obferve, and conStantly Practice, all his Commands. When They heard this, they faid, this is a hard Saying, who can bear 0.63. it? The Thoughts of this World's Enjoyments ftuck close to 'em ; -unwilling they were to give 'em up, and to have their Converfation Phil. 3.20. гп Heaven. And therefore they went back, and walked no


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more with


Aving thus acquainted you

with the Occafion of these Words I fhall farther difcourfe upon 'em in this manner.

First, I fhall fhew that Chrift Jefus hath the Words of Eternal Life.

Secondly, From the proof of that it will of Confequence follow (1.) That no Indulgence given by Men, No At for exempting from the Penalties of Certain Laws in cafe of Separation, can free Thofe from the Guilt of Schifm who break Communion with a Church that bath the Words of Eternal Life.

(2.) That Nothing less than the maintaining of Herefy, and impofing Terms of Communion that are abfolutely and in their own Nature Sinful will justifie any Separation from the National Church which we have been Baptiz'd in and belong to.

Thirdly, That Our Saviour's de claring without Referve, and without the Fear of Difobliging, the Will


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