History of civilization in the fifth century, tr. by A.C. Glyn, المجلد 2

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الصفحة 23 - The mode of administering it, and minor operations. SHOEING. — Its origin, its uses, and its varieties. THE TEETH. — Their natural growth, and the abuses to which they are liable. FOOD. — The fittest. time for feeding, and the kind of food which the horse naturally consumes. The evils which are occasioned by modern stables. The faults inseparable from stables. The so-called " incapacitating vices," which are the results of injury or of disease.
الصفحة 22 - Illustrated Horse Doctor. Being an Accurate and Detailed Account, accompanied by more than 400 Pictorial Representations, characteristic of the various Diseases to which the Equine Race are subjected ; together with the latest Mode of Treatment, and all the requisite Prescriptions written in Plain English By EDWARD MAYHEW, MRCVS 8vo.
الصفحة 7 - III. — WATER. — The Ocean. — Rivers. — Lakes and Waterfalls. — The Phenomena of Ice. — Springs PART IV. — AIR. — The Atmosphere. Winds and Storms. — Dew, Clouds, and Rain. — Climate and Weather. PART V. — FIRE. — Volcanoes and Volcanic Phenomena. — Earthquakes. PART VI. — LIFE. — The Distribution of Plants in the different Countries of the Earth. — The Distribution of Animals on the Earth. — The Distribution of Plants and Animals in Time. — Effects of Human Agency...
الصفحة 22 - The Abdomen. — The Urinary Organs. — The Skin. — Specific Diseases. — Limbs — The Feet. — Injuries. — Operations "The book contains nearly 600 pages of valuable matter, which reflects great credit on its author, and, owing to its practical details, the result of deep scientific research, deserves a place in the library of medical, veterinary, and non-professional readers.
الصفحة 22 - The book furnishes at once the bane and the antidote, as the drawings show the horse not only suffering from every kind of disease, but in the different stages of it, while the alphabetical summary at the end gives the cause, symptoms and treatment of each.
الصفحة 14 - To note the various countries, provinces, or territorial divisions, and to describe the physical characteristics of each, together with their statistical, social, and political circumstances.
الصفحة 9 - Table Traits," " Lives of the Queens of England of the House of Hanover." &c. Post 8vo. 6s. " Every page of the work is barbed with wit, and will make its way point foremost provides entertainment for the most diverse tastes."— Daily News.
الصفحة 17 - Hospital, Medical, and Surgical College. Crown 8vo. 5s. 6d. Blanchard (S.) Yesterday and To-day in India. By SIDNEY LAMAN BLANCHARD. Post 8vo. 6s. CONTENTS. — Outward Bound. — The Old Times and the New. — Domestic Life. — Houses and Bungalows. — Indian Servants. — The Great Shoe Question. — The Garrison Hack. — The Long Bow in India. — Mrs. Dulcimer's Shipwreck. — A Traveller's Tale, told in a Dark Bungalow. — Punch in India. — AngloIndian Literature. — Christmas in India....
الصفحة 23 - Daumas (E.) Horses of the Sahara, and the Manners of the Desert. By E. DAUMAS, General of the Division Commanding at Bordeaux, Senator, &c., &c. With Commentaries by the Emir Abd-el-Kadir (Authorized Edition). 8vo. 6s. " We have rarely read a work giving a more picturesque and, at the same time, practical account of the manners and customs of a people, than this book on the Arabs nnd their horses.
الصفحة 14 - Copious Glossary of Indian Terms, and a Complete Chronological Index of Events, to aid the Aspirant for Public Examinations. Third edition.

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