The Works of William Cowper, المجلد 3

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To the Rev John Newton Nov 17 Incendiaries Olney news
To the Rev John Newton Nov 30 He has no spare time Specu Page
To the Rev William Unwin Jan Remarks on some Latin verses
To the Rev John Newton March 29 Visit from a candidate
To Mr Johnson Feb 19 Asking for some anatomical works
To the Rev John Newton Sept 24 Recollections of Southampton
mind Incendiary at Olney To the Rev John Newton March i1 Ön Mr Newtons Letiers to
To Joseph Hill Esq oct 11 Reasons for publishing his Epistles
To the Rev John Newton April Corporal East Religious
To the Rev John Newton April 26 Troubled with rheumatism
To the Rev John Newton May 10 Dr Johnsons conversion Visit
To the Rev Matthew Powley June 25 Remarks on a controversial
To the Rev William Unwin July 12 Lady Austen Alteration
To the Rev John Newton Aug 16 Pleasures at Olney A balloon
To Joseph Hill Esq Sept 11 Dr Cotton
To the Rev William Unwin Oct 20 Intention of completing
To the Rev William Bull Nov 8 Communicating the purport
To Joseph Hill Esq Dec 4 Thanks for oysters Balloon travellers
To the Rev John Newton Feb 19 An ingenious man misplaced
To the Rev William Unwin March 20 Opinion of the great
To the Rev John Newton May Account of a sudden death
To the Rev William Bull June 13 A note on occasion of
To the Rev John Newton July 9 Favourable accounts of
To the Rev John Newton Aug 27 on Dr Johnsons Diary State
To the Rev John Newton Nov 5 On his narrative of Miss
To Lady Hesketh Nov 30 Thanks for expected presents Coun
To Lady Hesketh Dec 6 Nonarrival of the expected desk
To Lady Hesketh Dec 15 Writing beneficial to him
To the Rev William Unwin Dec 24 Subscription The desk

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الصفحة 305 - Hope deferred maketh the heart sick : but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.
الصفحة 445 - Howitt. With an Appendix of the most remarkable and best authenticated Stories of Apparitions, Dreams, Second Sight, Table-Turning, and SpiritRapping, &c.
الصفحة 21 - I'll tell you, friend! a wise man and a fool. You'll find, if once the monarch acts the monk, Or, cobbler-like, the parson will be drunk, Worth makes the man, and want of it, the fellow; The rest is all but leather or prunella.
الصفحة 445 - Chalmers on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.
الصفحة 64 - Thy arts of building from the bee receive; Learn of the mole to plough, the worm to weave; Learn of the little nautilus to sail, Spread the thin oar, and catch the driving gale.
الصفحة 133 - ... is no bad performer ; and as to insects, if the black beetle, and beetles indeed of all hues, will keep out of my way, I have no objection to any of the rest ; on the contrary, in whatever key they sing, from the gnat's fine treble to the bass of the humble-bee, I admire them all.
الصفحة 444 - Comprehending the Chronology and History of the World, from the Earliest Times to the Russian Treaty of Peace, April 1856. By JW Rosse. 800 pages. i«.
الصفحة 25 - A dissenter, hut a liberal one ; a man of letters and of genius ; master of a fine imagination, or rather not master of it, — an imagination which, when he finds himself in the company he loves, and can confide in, runs away with him into such fields of speculation, as amuse and enliven every other imagination that has the happiness to be of the party. At other times he has a tender and delicate sort of melancholy in his disposition, not less agreeable in its way.
الصفحة 62 - I have asked this question formerly, and been at a loss to resolve it ; but I think I can answer it now. I will suppose myself born a thousand years before Noah was born or thought of. I rise with the sun ; I worship ; I prepare my breakfast ; I swallow a bucket of goat's milk, and a dozen good sizeable cakes.

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