The Descendants of John Grier: With Histories of Allied Families : a Biographical and Genealogical Record

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Edwards Bros., 1964 - 296 من الصفحات
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"John Grier, born circa 1727, was the first member of our branch of the Grier family of Scottish ancestry who settled in County Antrim, Ireland, of whom there is presently a record. ... He was married about 1753. The exact date and place of his marriage and the name of his wife are not known. John Grier was a farmer in County Antrim. ... [He was] buried May 14, 1816. ... His wife's date and place of death are unknown."--Page 5. His descendant Reverend John Grier emigrated to Quebec, Canada, arriving on 3 October 1823, settling in The Carrying Place. Reverend "John Grier was born 8 January 1791 near Rasharkin, in Church Tamlaght Townland, County Antrim, Ireland son of Robert Grier and Rose ____. ... He married Eliza Lilias Geddes 23 July 1827 in St. Georges Church, Kingston, Ontario. She was born 20 February 1805 on St. Joseph's Island, Upper Canada, (Ontario) the ... [daughter of] James Geddes, Esq. and Sarah Hannah Boies Gamble."--Page 13, 17. Raised a member and trained for the ministry of the Irish Presbyterian Church, John was ordained and served in the ministry for the Church of England in Canada. "He died 23 October 1871 in Belleville, Ontario, aged 80 years. Interment: St. Thomas' Church Cemetery, Belleville, Ontario [later re-interred in Belleville Cemetery, Belleville, Ontario, in 1895] She died 1 May 1895 in Toronto, Ontario, aged 90 years. Interement: Belleview Cemetery, Belleville, Ontario."--Page 35. Descendants and relatives lived in Ireland, Canada, Australia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and elsewhere.

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