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paralytic affected the whole body politic. Thus this terrible enemy of mankind bore in triumph the escutcheons of his mortal pomp through the great metropolis and emporium of the nations; and thus every thing remained, while the sight of Death, and the sound of his cavalcade affected the senses of the multitude; and, when they ceas. ed, the whole stream of business, gaiety, and folly returned to its usual course; and I awoke from my dream.


THE gratification of the senses affords peculiar pleasure to man in his present state. Agreeable and harmonious Sounds delight the ear; and the eye which is never satisfied with seeing, roves among new and splendid objects with ever growing felicity. Our curiosity is raised to behold one of our fellow creatures, in proportion to his fame either for great wisdom, military prowess, or the benefits we have received from his achievements. Such was the impression made on the mind of the queen of Sheba, who came with difficulty and hazard to behold the glory of Solomon; and such feelings animated the Grecians, who poured in from every quarter, to gratify their eyes with a sight of the man who had delivered them from ty. ranny and oppression, and crying σwTnp! σwTиp! Savior! Savior!

On this principle, we are not surprised to find those who waited for consolation in Israel, coming with such eager desire to see the new born Savior. The prophecies and types were fulfilled in his sacred person. Now was the time for his approach. Expectations at this period raised the hopes of the faithful, and persons of various

characters came to behold this sight. The eastern magi had seen his star, which directed their way to that illustrious Savior; whose incarnation it announced. The shepherds, whose attention had been awakened by the song of angels, repaired to Bethlehem, where they saw the Shepherd of Israel. The women, who departed not from the temple day nor night, saw him at last who was suddenly to come to it, and to whom it belonged. Simeon also, who, like Jacob, had long waited for God's salvation, was blessed with this sight; admonished by the Lord, he came into the temple at the very time his parents presented him there before God; and, receiving him in his arms with emotions of heavenly felicity, blessed God for a sight of his salvation. Nor did this desire cease through his future life. Several Grecians, coming to worship at Jerusalem, expressed a very ardent wish to see him, and were introduced, for that purpose, by Philip. The inclination of Zaccheus seems equally strong. But how were the apostles favoured, who had access to him on all occasions? Their eyes saw, and their hands handled the Word of Life. On the mount they saw his glory as the glory of the only begotten of the Father.

At his ascension, the heavens received him out of the view of the men of Galilee; nor has he been seen personally on earth since. Yet there is a sight of him more interesting than any we can enjoy with mortal eyes. In his outward appearance there was nothing extraordinary. Many saw his person who knew not his worth, and rejected the whole mystery of godliness. But there is a sight which is connected with faith. John vi. 40. As the stung Israelites by a view of the serpent were healed, so this saving view of Christ is connected with present peace and future






felicity. This sight is only to be had by the teaching of the Spirit; for the spirit searcheth all things, and reveals them to man. If we are taught by the spirit, we shall see all that suitableness that there is in Christ, to the various circumstances of guilt and wretchedness in which we are. m th Perhaps our evidence may not be so clear,nor our comprehension so great, on this subject, as that of some others; but we shall see him for ourselves, and admire what we understand. Blessed are they who see not,and yet believe!

The most exalted personal views of our Lord are yet to come; he shall appear again in his own glory, in the glory of the Father, and of all the holy angels. Then every eye shall see him. The great white throne, and he who sits upon it, will be visible to all. The several eyes which were upon him in his crucifixion, will now be directed to him in his glory. How happy, at this period, to have an interest in his love!

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In heaven, then, behold the King in his beauty. They see him as he is. The Lamb in the midst of the throne is exhibited in full view to all the celestial inhabitants. This is what he himself prayed for while yet on earth; "Father, I will that those whom thou hast given me be with me where I am, to behold my glory." As they had seen him, some of them personally, and all of them by faith; so they shall see him in his kingdom. Now we see his feet, and adore. In his temple we behold his spiritual excellency with admiration; but the heavenly vision will be ecstatical and transforming. If the sight the apostles had on the mount, so far overcame them as to transport them beyond themselves; and, if the queen of the south had no more spirit in her when she saw the glory of VOL. I.

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Solomon; who can describe the feelings of the mind at that moment when the happy soul enters heaven, and casts its eye on the glorified Mediator! "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

"Oh, how the thought that I shall know
The man who suffer'd here below.

To manifest his favor,

For me, and those whom most I love;
Or here, or with himself above,
Does my delightful passions move

At that sweet word, for ever.

For ever to behold him shine,


"For ever more to call him mine,
And see him still before me!
For ever on his face to gaze,
And meet his full assembl'd rays,
While all the Father he displays

To all the saints in glory!

Not all things else are half so dear
As his delightful presence here;

What must it be in heaven!
"Tis heaven on earth to hear him say,
As now I journey, day by day,
'Poor sinner, cast thy fears away,

Thy sins are all forgiven!'

But how must his celestial voice
Make my enraptur'd heart rejoice,
When I in glory hear him;
While I before the heav'nly gate
For everlasting entrance wait,
And Jesus, on his throne of state,

Invites me to come near him!
"Come in, thou blessed, sit by me,
With my own life I ransom'd thee;
Come, taste my perfect favor;

Come in, thou happy spirit, come,

Thou now shalt dwell with me at home;
Ye blissful mansions make him room,

For he must stay for ever.'

When Jesus thus invites me in,
How will the heavenly hosts begin

To own their new relation?
Come in! come in! the blissful sound
From every tongue will echo round,
Till all the chrystal walls resound
With joy, for my salvation."


THE word parent is of solemn import; and the reason is, there is a sacred trust implied in it. To be a parent, is to be a guardian of more souls than one. All the children which God hath given to parents, he hath put under their care, to devote them to himself; "To bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord;" and thus to train them up for heaven.

At present, you are busy in providing for their bodies. You do not deny the necessity of religion; but worldly cares engross your attention now; and you have some hope that it will not always be so! When this thing is done, and that scheme is completed, you intend to be more diligent in affairs of a higher nature.

But, suppose death should step in between you and your good intentions! How, then, are your most important duties to be performed? And what, then, is to become of your children's souls? It is your acknowledged duty to provide moderately for their temporal subsistence; but, if you do no more than this, you do no more than is done by the beasts of the earth, and the birds of the air; for

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