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Nevertheless; "Blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it." And, "if ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them."


[The following was put into the hands of the wife of a minister, by her father, on the morning of her marriage.]

MARRIAGE is a divine institution of a wise and gracious God; and when two persons are united together in the fear and love of God, they will, under him, as far as possible, support one another in the path of life, and in the road to heaven. From the double tie of love and duty, they will watch over one another for good, bear each oth. er's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

I had rather, my dear daughter, give you to a man of this description, even if he was destitute of a penny, than to one possessed of thousands a year, and a stranger to vital godliness. How grateful, then, is it to me, and what a prospect of benefit to you, when I see you not only united to a Christian, but to one, who for several years, even from the age of fourteen, has been called to the knowledge of the true God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life; and whom God has honored with a commission to preach the gospel, and that with success. Esteem him, my dear daughter, very highly in love for his work's sake.

Would you have an honorable man? It is granted you; a servant of the most high God, and an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Would you have a man possessed of riches? It is granted; he has found the pearl of great price, and is em ployed by Him, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge; who himself hath put into that earth


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en vessel hidden treasures, gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit, and hath given him power to bring out of those treasures things new and old. Is a man of good connexion desirable? He belongs to the family of heaven, and the church of the firstborn, and is connected with a people whom the king delights to honor.

I trust, my dear child, with so many privileges, you will advance in divine knowledge, and that I shall see the an. swer of many prayers which have been offered up in your behalf; some before "your infant thoughts had learned to form themselves in prayer." Yes, my dear, I bless God you are the child of many prayers, not only of your parents, but also of the ministers of the gospel who have been received under our roof, some of whom are resting from their labors. Our united requests are in part an swered, and the rest are on the file, to be fulfilled in due season. I well remember some of the petitions which a man of God offered up for you; "God bless the child thou hast given thy servants; preserve her to maturity if it be thy will; make her an ornament to her sex, an useful member of society and the church, a promoter of good, and a receiver of the prophets of the Lord." As I then said, so I now repeat, "Amen, Lord grant it!" Let me advise you, my child, to improve time and opportunity. You will have much leisure, and many means of grace; be careful to improve them. Read the Bible much; it is the best book. Be frequent in prayer, and, above all, hearken to the teachings of Him, who hath said, learn of me; then there will be no need for me to say much of the duty of your new connexion, for the Lord will incline you to love, honor, and obey, and you will value the gift for the giver's sake.

To you, dear sir, I have given an only child, who is now your wife, and a more near relation to you than to me. I rejoice that I can say, you know your duty better than I can inform you. Let me remind you, however, of that strong expression of the apostle's, that a man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. Consider it; and under our divine Head, endeavor to enrich her soul, that I may say, "Lord, thou hast answered the prayer of thy unworthy servant." And now, my dear children, I commend you to God and the word of his grace; may you love one another with a pure affection, reserving the chief place for the Lord.

Let us not grieve at parting; we hope to meet again. Yes, I hope to meet you at least twice a day at the throne of grace, and I charge you to meet me there. And will not our heavenly Father smile upon us, while I say, "Here Iam, and the children thou hast given me; give unto us according to thy gracious promises, defend us by thy power, instruct us by thy wisdom, and possess us by thy Spirit?" And while you are praying, "Lord, here is my father; thou hast been the God of his youth, be the staff of his old age;" may we not expect our God will say, "I will bless you all; taste my love and be happy; forget not the suffi. ciency there is in my Son Jesus; come often, and receive much of my grace; live by faith, and you are safe, and in my own time I will take you both to myself in glory?”


THE Rev. Mr. M'D.........., after preaching last summer in the neighborhood of Fort Augustus, fell into conversa

tion with the storekeeper of that place, who had been one of his hearers. In the conversation, Mr. M'D........... men tioned that the Rev. R. H. was then preaching at Edinburgh. On hearing which, the old gentleman discovered the greatest emotions of joy, and cried out, "If ever I was brought to know any thing of the power of real religion, he was the instrument God employed in the work." This induced the minister to make further inquiry; and, in reply, the old gentleman gave the following account: "Some years ago I was in England with a recruiting party, and was informed, in a town through which I passed, that a man was coming there to fight the devil. This appeared to me an extraordinary circumstance, and I resolv. ed to see in what manner he would engage him. At the appointed time I went, and who should be the pugilist but the Rev. R. H. After singing and prayer, he took his text; and, while he was preaching, a man came up behind him, and threw a dead cat upon his shoulders, round his neck. He took no notice, but continued preaching, as though no insult had been offered him. Well, thought I, this is an extraordinary man. I could not have born such usage without resenting it. I am sure, he must be a different man to what I am. He must have something in him that I have not in me.

"These sentiments deeply impressed my mind, and at length proved the means,in the hands of the Spirit of God, of leading me to a knowledge of divine things. To this circumstance I am indebted as a mean for my conversion; and what would I give if I could see the honored instrument once more in this world! If I should be denied this favor, I trust we shall meet in heaven.

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BEING lately on a journey in Scotland, I spent part of a day with a worthy clergyman, who has labored even to old age, with peculiar liveliness, in the work of Christ. While we were employed in looking at his church and burial ground, reading inscriptions, and gratifying our curiosity with whatever might appear new and interesting, the following anecdote was related to me, which I thought worthy of preservation. A man who lived in his parish had, some years since, buried his wife and several children in this churchyard. By the side of the burial place, next the road, stands a low wall; over this, the man mentioned above, stood leaning and gazing on the spot where he had deposited all that was dear to him in this world. One, observing his thoughtful attitude and profound attention, asked him, what occupied his mind? "I am looking," says he, "at the dust that lies there; and wondering at the indissoluble union betwixt it and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is in glory."

What an encouraging reflection is this to a believer's soul! What support does it afford under the loss of others; and what resignation should it inspire us with to the will of God respecting our own dissolution! Let us remember, that we have the word of eternal truth to assure us, that the bodies of all believers in Christ are his property, the purchase of his blood, and the subjects of his salvation, as well as their souls. "This is the will of Him that sent me, that every one who seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day." "He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." "Them that sleep in Jesus will

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