Focus on God: Rather Than Materialistic Things: Reviving Yourself to Change Your World

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The second edition of Focus on God is packed with practical teachings aimed at helping the followers of Jesus Christ to totally focus on Jesus and by so doing adopt his lifestyle of sharing His good news. This will help with the current focus on materialistic things that is plaguing the church. The church's primary purpose is that of soul winning. This is the only key to reviving us to change our world for the better. It is very important to be doing the right thing at the right time. It appears majority of churches seems to be doing everything except the primary focus which is becoming more like Jesus Christ and doing what he commanded us to do. The purpose for which the church exists is to fulfill the great commission in winning souls all over the world. This cannot be over emphasised. We are called to be the followers of Jesus to share the good news of salvation. The reason why Jesus has delayed His second coming is to allow all to hear the gospel. How can we give what we do not have? We are given so many other gifts and talents. In this resource, Dr. Andam explains and teaches how focusing on Jesus and obeying Him will help us to fulfill this commission. He has explained and simplified biblical principles that will help to equip us to become the true ambassadors of Jesus. We need our focus to be right with strong faith in Jesus. It is time to talk our walk by living the lifestyle, which reflects that of Jesus. Michael challenges the church to wake up and use the authority and power given to change situations in our world, wherever we find ourselves. This will help with our testimony through our lifestyle and the preaching of the good news. Using many compelling examples from scripture, the emphasis is placed on Bible reading, study and taking action based on the word. Let revival start with you focusing totally on Jesus Christ and living right out for Him daily till the end.

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