The Beowulf Poet: A Collection of Critical Essays

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Donald K. Fry
Prentice-Hall, 1968 - 177 من الصفحات
"Beowulf' is the best surviving poem written in English before Chaucer," states Donald K. Fry. It is not a primitive poem or a product of the "dark ages," but a well-structured and unified poem which exemplifies the essentially pessimistic outlook and the indomitable will of the Northern tribes of England in the early Middle Ages. Beginning with J. R. R. Tolkien's description of "Beowulf"'s structure as "a balance, an opposition of ends and beginnings," Fry presents authoritative essays that range from explanations of dramatic technique and symbolism to religious themes and characterization. As the contributors to this book prove, the anonymous master craftsman of "Beowulf" produced a vigorous, stately, and beautiful poem which shows how a hero, embodying the ideals of a heroic society, must act in a world of ever increasing evil and impending doom.

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The Artistry of Beowulf by Donald K Fry 1 L
Unferth by Morton W Bloomfield
The Dramatic Audience in Beowulf by R M Lumiansky
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