The Life of Catharine II, Empress of Russia: With Seven Portraits Elegantly Engraved, and a Correct Map of the Ruusian Empire, المجلد 3

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T.N. Longman, and O. Rees ... and J. Debrett, 1799 - 572 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 328 - ... bold and timid, ambitious and indiscreet. Lavish of his bounties to his relations, his mistresses, and his favourites, yet frequently paying neither his household nor his creditors. His consequence always depended on a woman ; and he was always unfaithful to her. Nothing could equal the activity of his mind, nor the indolence of his body. No dangers could appal his courage ; no difficulties force him to abandon his projects. But the success of an enterprise always brought on disgust.
الصفحة 331 - Catherine by the ardour of his passion, by his valour, and by his masculine beauty. Become the rival of Orloff, he performed for his sovereign whatever the most romantic passion could inspire. He put out an eye, to free it from a blemish which diminished his beauty. Banished by his rival, he ran to meet death in battle, and returned with glory.
الصفحة 120 - ... afpire to any poft under government, and hold any civil or military employment or dignity, if they were but worthy> or deemed worthy of it.
الصفحة 234 - This commander, \vho was (insularly fortunate in his life, feems to have been no lefs fo in its period, which took place before the clofe of the year, when he was loaded with all the honour and favour which he feemed well capable of receiving.
الصفحة 458 - Her imperial majesty expects from the gratitude of her new subjects, that they, being placed by her bounty on an equality with Russians, shall, in return, transfer their love of their former country to the new one, and live in future attached to so great and generous an empress.
الصفحة 457 - ... of land, with all their inhabitants, namely, a line beginning at the village of Druy, on the left bank of the river Dwina, at the corner of the border of Semigallia...
الصفحة 482 - ... of the two allied courts-— DECLARE before all Europe, to whom we have repeatedly appealed, That, founded on the faith of treaties moft facredly obferved on our part, as well as on that of the treaty recently entered into with his majefty the king of Pruffia, and at...
الصفحة 457 - ... and to unite for ever to her empire, the following tracts of land, with all their inhabitants ; namely, a line beginning at the village of Druy, on the left bank of the river...
الصفحة 491 - meritorious services rendered to the National Guard and to the United States prior to and during the Rebellion.
الصفحة 444 - The anfwer of the duke of Sudermania was, that although he was not ignorant of the tenor of the convention made between the courts of Sweden and...

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