The Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, Esq: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings, المجلد 4

الغلاف الأمامي
J. Murray, 1814

طبعات أخرى - عرض جميع المقتطفات

عبارات ومصطلحات مألوفة

مقاطع مشهورة

الصفحة 511 - And Haman said unto king Ahasuerus, There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of thy kingdom; and their laws are diverse from all people; neither keep they the king's laws: therefore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them.
الصفحة 547 - The religion of the nations was not merely a speculative doctrine professed in the schools or preached in the temples. The innumerable deities and rites of polytheism were closely interwoven with every circumstance of business or pleasure, of public or of private life; and it seemed impossible to escape the observance of them, without, at the same time, renouncing the commerce of mankind, and all the offices and amusements of society.
الصفحة 409 - Some plunge in business, others shave their crowns: To ease the soul of one oppressive weight, This quits an empire, that embroils a state: The same adust complexion has impelled Charles to the convent, Philip to the field.
الصفحة 562 - Oui, mon frère, je suis un méchant, un coupable, Un malheureux pécheur, tout plein d'iniquité, Le plus grand scélérat qui jamais ait été. Chaque instant de ma vie est chargé de souillures; Elle n'est qu'un amas de crimes et d'ordures; Et je vois que le Ciel, pour ma punition, Me veut mortifier en cette occasion.
الصفحة 554 - He frankly, or at least indirectly, declares, that in treating of the last persecution, "he has related whatever might redound to the glory, and suppressed all that could tend to the disgrace, of religion."-!- Dr.
الصفحة 537 - Letters appeared, I was surprised to find, that I had scarcely any interest or concern in their contents. They are filled with general observations on the study of history, with a large and useful catalogue of historians, and with a variety of reflections, moral and religious, all preparatory to the direct and formal consideration of my Two last Chapters, which Mr.
الصفحة 537 - If my readers are satisfied with the form, the colours, the new arrangement which I have given to the labours of my predecessors, they may perhaps consider me not as a contemptible thief, but as an honest and industrious manufacturer, who has fairly procured the raw materials, and worked them up with a laudable degree of skill and success.
الصفحة 511 - And the king said unto Haman, "The silver is given to thee, the people also, to do with them as it seemeth good to thee.
الصفحة 534 - The baptized were also styled ot ficpvTipevoi, which the Latins call initiati, the initiated, that is, admitted to the use of the sacred offices, and knowledge of the sacred mysteries of the Christian religion.
الصفحة 556 - How it may be lawful and fitting to use falsehood as a "medicine, and for the benefit of those who want to be deceived.

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