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came he to let you know that he had relatives fatherless children, we can believe at least, in Palermo ? It is said, he everywhere denies that the fourteen gold Ounces were paid, by a us, and gives himself out for a man of great sure hand, and so her heavy burden, for some birth. I answered this question, which had space, lightened a little. now arisen by the imprudence of my Guide at Count Cagliostro, all this while, is rapidly our first entrance, in such sort as to make it proceeding with his Fifth Act; the red copseem that the Uncle, though he might have pery splendour darkens more and more into reasons for concealing his birth from the final gloom. Some boiling muddle-heads of a public, did yet, towards his friends and ac- dupeable sort there still are in England: , quaintance, keep it no secret.

Popish-Riot Lord George, for instance, will “ The sister, who had come up during this walk with him to Count Barthélemy's, or dialogue, and by the presence of her brother, d'Adhémar's; and, in bad French and worse perhaps also by the absence of her yesterday's rhetoric, abuse the Queen of France: but what friend, had got more courage, began also to does it profit? Lord George must one day speak with much grace and liveliness. They (after noise enough) revisit Newgate for it; begged me earnestly to recommend them to and in the meanwhile, hard words pay no their Uncle, if I wrote to him; and not less scores. Apothecary Swinton begins to get earnestly, when once I should have made this wearisome; French spies look ominously in; journey through the Island, to come back and Egyptian Pills are slack of sale; the old vulpass the Rosalia Festival with them.

turous Attorney-host anew scents carrion, is “ The mother spoke in accordance with her bestirring itself anew: Count Cagliostro, in children. "Sir,' said she, though it is not the May of 1787, must once more leave Eng. seemly, as I have a grown daughter, to see land. But whither? Ah, whither! At Bâle, stranger gentlemen in my house, and one has at Bienne, over Switzerland, the game is up. cause to guard against both danger and evil- At Aix in Savoy, there are baths, but no gudspeaking, yet shall you ever be welcome to us, geons in them: at Turin, his Majesty of Sarwhen you return to this city.'

dinia meets you with an order to begone on “0 yes,' answered the young ones, we the instani. A like fate from the Emperor will lead the Gentleman all round the Festival: Joseph at Roveredo ;-before the Liber memoriwe will show him every thing, get a place on alis de Caleostro dum cssct Roboretti could extend the scaffolds, where the grand sights are seen to many pages! Count Front-of-brass begins best. What will he say to the great Chariot, confessing himself to priests: yet " at Trent and more than all, 10 the glorious Illumina- paints a new hieroglyphic Screen,”—Touching tion !

last flicker of a light that once burnt so high! “ Meanwhile the Grandmother had read the He pawns diamond buckles; wanders necesletter and again read it. Hearing that I was sitous hither and thither;

repents, unrepents; about to take leave, she arose, and gave me knows not what to do. For Destiny has her the folded sheet. Tell my son, began she nets round him ; they are straitening, straitenwith a noble vivacity, nay, with a sort of in- ing; too soon he will be ginned! spiration, . Tell my son how happy the news Driven out from Trent, what shall he make have made me, which you brought from him! of the new hieroglyphic Screen, what of himTell him that I clasp him to my heart—here self? The way-worn Grand-Cophtess has begun she stretched out her arms asunder, and press to blab family secrets; she longs to be in Rome, ed them again together on her breast—that I by her mother's hearth, by her mother's grave; daily beseech God and our Holy Virgin for him in any nook, where so much as the shadow of in prayer; that I give him and his wife my refuge waits her. To the desperate Count blessing; and that I wish before my end to see Front-of-brass all places are nearly alike: him again, with these eyes, which have shed urged by a female babble, he will go to Rome so many tears for him.'

then; why not? On a May-day, of the year “The peculiar grace of the Italian tongue 1789, (when such glorious work had just begun favoured the choice and noble arrangement of in France, to him all forbidden !) he enters the these words, which moreover were accom- Eternal City: it was his doom-summons that panied with lively gestures, wherewith that called him thither. On the 29th of next Denation can add such a charm to spoken cember, the Holy Inquisition, long watchful words.

enough, detects him founding some feeble “I took my leave, not without emotion. (moneyless) ghost of an Egyptian Lodge; They all gave me their hands; the children “picks him off,” (as the military say,) and showed me out; and as I went down stairs, locks him hard and fast in the Castle of St. they jumped 10 the balcony of the kitchen Angelo: window, which projected over the street;

Voi ch' intrate lasciat' ogni speranza ! called after me, threw me salutes, and repeated, that I must in no wise forget to come back. Count Cagliostro did not lose all hope : I saw them still on the balcony, when I turned nevertheless a few words will now suffice for the corner.'

him. In vain, with his mouth of pinchbeck and Poor old Felicita, and must thy pious pray- his front of brass, does he heap chimera on chiers, thy motherly blessings, and so many tears mera; demand religious Books, (which are shed by those old eyes, be all in vain! To freely given him :) demand clean Linen, and an thyself, in any case, they were blessed.--As interview with his Wife, (which are refused for the Signora Capitummino, with her three him ;) assert now that the Egyptian Masonry

is a divine system, accommodated to erring and • Goethe's Werke, (Italienische Reise,) xxviii. 146. gullible men, which the Holy Father, when he

2 p 2


knows it, will patronize; anon that there are niel's ? For the rest, the Thing represented some four millions of Freemasons, spread over on these pages is no sham, but a Reality; thou Europe, all sworn to exterminate Priest and hast it, 0 reader, as we have it: Nature was King, wherever met with : in vain! they will pleased to produce even such a man, even so, not acquit him, as misunderstood Theophilan- not otherwise; and the Editor of this Magathropist; will not emit him, in Pope's pay, as zine is here mainly to record (in an adequate renegade Masonic Spy: “ he can't get out.” manner) what she, of her thousandfold mysteDonna Lorenza languishes, invisible to him, in rious richness and greatness, produces. a neighbouring cell; begins at length to con- But the moral lesson? Where is the inoral fess! Whereupon he too, in torrents, will | lesson? Foolish reader, in every Reality, nay emit confessions and forestall her : these the in every genuine Shadow of a Reality, (what Inquisition pocket and sist (whence this Life we call Poem,) there lie a hundred such, or a of Ealsamo); but will not let him out. In fine, million such, according as thou hast the eye to after some eighteen months of the weariest read them! Of which hundred or million hounding, doubling, worrying, and standing at lying here (in the present Reality,) couldst not bay, His Holiness gives sentence : The Manu- thou, for example, be advised to take this one, script of Egyptian Masonry is to be burnt by to thee, worth all the rest: Behold, I too have hand of the common Hangman, and all that in- attained that immeasurable, mysterious glory termeddle with such Masonry are accursed; of being alive; to me also a Capability has Giuseppe Balsamo, justly forfeited' of life, (for been intrusted: shall I strive to work it out being a Freemason) shall nevertheless in manlike) into Faithfulness, and Doing; or mercy be forgiven; instructed in the duties (quacklike)into Eatableness, and Similitude of of penitence, and even kept safe thenceforth Doing? Or why not rather (gigman-like, and and till death,-in ward of Holy Church. Ille following the “ respectable,” countless multi. starred Acharal, must it so end with thee! tude)—into both? The decision is of quite inThis was in April, 1791.

finile moment; see thou make it aright. He addressed (how vainly!) an appeal to But in fine, look at this matter of Cagliostro the French Constituent Assembly. As was (as at all matters) with thy heart, with thy said, in Heaven, in Earth, or in Hell there was whole mind; no longer merely squint at it with no Assembly that could well take his part. the poor side-glance of thy calculative faculty For four years more, spent one knows not Look at it not logically only, but mystically. how,-most probably in the furor of edacity, Thou shalt in sober truth see it (as Sauerteig with insufficient cookery, and the stupor of in- asserted) to be a “Pasquillant verse," of most digestion,-the curtain lazily falls. There inspired writing in its kind, in that same routed and gave way the cordage of a tough “ Grand Bible of Universal History;" wonheart. One summer morning of the year 1795, drously and even indispensably connected with the Body of Cagliostro is siill found in the the “ Heroic” portions that stand there; even prison at St. Leo; but Cagliostro's Self has as the all-showing Light is with the Darkness escaped,—whither no man yet knows. The wherein nothing can be seen; as the hideous brow of brass, behold how it has got all un-taloned roots are with the fair boughs, and their lackered; these pinchbeck lips can lie no leaves and flowers and fruit; both of which, more: Cagliostro's work is ended, and now and not one of which, make the Tree. Think only his account to present. As the Scherif of also whether thou hast known no Public Mecca said, “Nature's unfortunate child, Quacks, on far higher scale than this, whom a adieu!"

Castle of St. Angelo never could get hold of;

and how, as Emperors, Chancellors, (having Such, according to our comprehension there found much fitter machinery,) they could run of, is the rise, progress, grandeur, and deca- their Quack-career; and make whole kingdoms, dence of the Quack of Quacks. Does the reader whole continents, into one huge Egyptian ask, What good was in it, Why occupy his Lodge, and squeeze supplies, of money or time and hours with the biography of such a blood, from it, at discretion ? Also, whether miscreant? We answer, It was stated on the thou even now knowest not Private Quacks, very threshold of this matter, in the loftiest innumerable as the sea-sands, toiling half-Cas. terms, by Herr Sauerteig, that the Lives of all liostrically, of whom Cagliostro is as the Eminent Persons (miscreant or creant) ought ideal type specimen ? Such is the world. Upto be written. Thus has not the very Devil derstand it, despise it, love it; cheerfully hold his Life, deservedly written not by Daniel De on thy way through it, with thy eye on higher foe only, but by quite other hands than Da- I loadsiars!


(Fraser's MAGAZINE, 1835.)

EDWARD Inving's warfare has closed ; if not lanthropism, and the Revolution of Three in victory, yet in invincibility, and faithful en- Days! He might have been so many things; durance to the end. The Spirit of the Time, not a speaker only, but a doer; the leader of which could not enlist him as its soldier, must hosts of men. For his head (when the Fogneeds, in all ways, fight against him as its ene- Babylon had not yet obscured it) was of my: it has done its part, and he has done his strong far-searching insight; his very enthuOne of the noblest natures--a man of antique siasm was sanguine, not atrabiliar; he was so heroic nature, in questionable modern garni- loving, full of hope, so simple-hearted, and ture, which he could not wear! Around him made all that approached him his. A giant a distracted society, vacant, prurient; heat force of activity was in the man; speculation and darkness, and what these two may breed: was accident, not nature. Chivalry, advenmad extremes of Nattery, followed by madder turous field-life of the old Border (and a far contumely, by indifference and neglect!-these nobler sort) ran in his blood. There was in were the conflicting elements; this is the re- him a courage dauntless, not pugnacious; sult they have made out among them. The hardly fierce, by no possibility ferocious: as voice of our “son of thunder," with its deep of the generous war-horse, gentle in its tone of wisdom, (that belonged to all articulate- strength, yet that laughs at the shaking of the speaking ages,) never inaudible amid wildest spear. But, above all, be what he might, to dissonances, (that belonged to this inarticulate be a reality was indispensable for him. In his age, which slumbers and somnambulates, simple Scottish circle, the highest form of which cannot speak, but only screech and gib- manhood attainable or known was that of ber) has gone silent so soon. Closed are Christian; the highest Christian was the those lips. The large heart, with its large Teacher of such. Irving's lot was cast. For bounty, where wretchedness found solacement, the foray-spears were all rusted into earth and they that were wandering in darkness the there; Annan Castle had become a Town-hall; right as of a home, has paused. The strong and Prophetic Knox had sent tidings thither: man can no more: beaten on from without, Prophetic Knox-and, alas, also Skeptic undermined from within, he must sink over- Hume,-and (as the natural consequence) wearied, as at nightfall, when it was yet but Diplomatic Dundas. In such mixed incon. the mid-season of day. Irving was forty-two grous element had the young soul to grow. years and some months old : Scotland sent him Grow nevertheless he did (with that strong forth a Herculean man; our mad Babylon vitality, of his); grow and ripen. What the wore him and wasted him, with all her en- Scottish uncelebrated Irving was, they that gines; and it took her twelve years. He have only seen the London celebrated (and sleeps with his fathers, in that loved birth- distorted) one can never know. Bodily and land: Babylon with its deafening inanity rages spiritually, perhaps there was not (in that Noon; but to him henceforth innocuous, unheed-vember, 1822,) a man inore full of genial ed-for ever.

energetic life in all these Islands. Reader, thou hast seen and heard the man By a fatal chance, Fashion cast her eye on (as who has not?) with wise or unwise won him, as on some impersonation of Novelder; thou shalt not see or hear him again. Cameronianism, some wild product of Nature The work, be what it might, is done ; dark cur- from the wild mountains; Fashion crowded tains sink over it, enclose it ever deeper into round him, with her meteor lights, and Bacthe unchangeable Past.-Think (if thou be one chic dances; breathed her foul incense on of a thousand, and worthy to do it) that here him; intoxicating, poisoning. One may say, once more was a genuine man sent into this it was his own nobleness that forwarded such our ungenuine phantasmagory of a world, ruin: the excess of his sociability and sym. which would go to ruin without such; that pathy, of his value for the suffrages and symhere once more, under thy own eyes, in this pathies of men. Syren songs, as of a new last decade, was enacted the old Tragedy (and Moral Reformation, (sons of Mammon, and has had its fifth-act now) of The Messenger of high sons of Belial and Beelzebub, to become Truth in the Age of Shams-and what relation sons of God, and the gumflowers of Almack's thou thyself mayest have to that. Whether to be made living roses in a new Eden,) sound any? Beyond question, thou thyself art here: in the inexperienced ear and heart. Most se. either a dreamer or awake; and one day shalt ductive, most delusive! Fashion went her cease to dream.

idle way, to gaze on Egyptian Crocodiles, Iro

quois Hunters, or what else there might be, This man was appointed a Christian Priest; forgot this man,—who unhappily could not in and strove with the whole force that was in his turn forget. The intoxicating poison had him to be it. To be it: in a time of Tithe Con-been swallowed; no force of natural health troversy, Encyclopedism, Catholic Rent, Phi- I could cast it out. Unconsciously, for most

part in deep unconsciousness, there was now within. The misguided noble-minded had the impossibility to live neglected ; to walk on now nothing left to do but die. He died the The quiet paths, where alone it is well with us. death of the true and brave. His last words, Singularity must henceforth succeed Singu- they say, were: “In life and in death, I am the larity. O foulest Circean draught, thou poison Lord's.”—Amen! Amen! of Popular Applause! madness is in thee, One who knew him well, and may with and death; thy end is Bedlam and the Grave. good cause love him, has said: “But for Irving, For the last seven years, Irving, forsaken by i had never known what the communion of the world, strove either to recall it, or to for- man with man means. His was the freest, sake it; shut himself up in a lesser world of brotherliest, bravest human soul mine ever ideas and persons, and lived isolated there. came in contact with : I call him, on the whole, Neither in this was there health: for this man the best man I have ever (after trial enough) such isolation was not fit; such ideas, such found in this world, or now hope to find. persons.

* The first time I saw Irving was six-andOne light still shone on him; alas, through twenty years ago, in his native town, Annan. a medium more and more turbid: the light from He was fresh from Edinburgh, with College Heaven. His Bible was there, wherein must prizes, high character, and promise: he had lie healing for all sorrows. To the Bible he come to see our Schoolmaster, who had also more and more exclusively addressed himself. been his. We heard of famed Professors, of If it is the written Word of God, shall it not high matters classical, mathematical, a whole be the acted Word too? Is it mere sound, Wonderland of Knowledge: nothing but joy, then; black printer's-ink on white rag-paper ? health, hopefulness without end, looked out A half-man could have passed on without an- from the blooming young man. The last time swering; a whole man must answer. Hence I saw him was three months ago, in London. Prophecies of Millenniums, Gifts of Tongues-Friendliness still beamed in his eyes, but now whereat Orthodoxy prims herself into decent from amid unquiet fire; his face was flaccid, wonder, and waves her Avaunt! Irving clave wasted, unsound; hoary as with extreme to his Belief, as to his soul's soul; followed it age: he was trembling over the brink of the whithersoever, through earth or air, it might grave. Adieu, thou first Friend; adieu, while lead him; toiling as never man toiled to spread this confused Twilight of Existence lasts! it, to gain the world's ear for il,—in vain. Might we meet where Twilight has become Ever wilder waxed the confusion without and Day!”





ture-masters, and the tongues of innumerable

old women, (named “force of public opiThe age of Romance has not ceased ; it

nion;") by prejudice, custom, want of know. never ceases; it does not, if we will think of ledge, want of money, want of strength, into, it, so much as very sensibly decline. “The say, the meager Patiern-Figure that, in these passions are repressed by social forms; great created Man," all but abnegating the character

days, meets you in all thoroughfares; a “ godpassions no longer show themselves ?" Why, of Man; forced to exist, automatized, mummy. ihere are passions still great enough to re-wise, (scarcely in rare moments audible or plenish Bedlam, for it never wants tenants; visible from amid his wrappages and cereto suspend men from bed-posts, from improved- ments,) as Gentleman or Gigman ;* and so vrops at the west end of Newgate. A passion selling his birthright of Eternity, for the three that explosively shivers asunder the Life it took rise in ought to be regarded as consider. daily meals, poor at best, which time yields: able: more, no passion, in the highest hey-day tragical,—if we had eyes to look at it? The

-is not this spectacle itself highly romantic, of Romance, yet did. The passions, by grace of ihe Supernal and also of the Infernal Powers, 1 high-born (highest-born, for he came out of (for both have a hand in it,) can never fail us.

Heaven) lies drowning in the despicablest And then as to “ social forms,” be it granted puddles; the priceless gilt of Life, which he that they are of the most buckram quality, and can have but once, for he waited a whole Eterbind men up into the pitifullest, straitlaced, nity to be born, and now has a whole Eternity common-place Existence,-you ask, Where is waiting to see what he will do when born, the Romance? In the Scotch way one and of him by innumerable packthreads; and there

this priceless gift we see strangled slowly our swers, Where is it not? That very spectacle of an Immortal Nature, with faculties and destiny extending through Eternity, hampered what do you mean by respectable 1 He kept a Gig."

*“I always considered him a respectable man.and bandaged up, by nurses, pedagogues, pos- | Thurtell's Trial.

remains of the glorious Possibility, which we bran. In our England especially, which in fondly named Man, nothing but an inanimate these days is become the chosen land of Remass of foul loss and disappointment, which spectability, Life-writing has dwindled to the we wrap in shrouds and bury underground, sorrowfullest condition; it requires a man to surely with well-merited tears. To the Thinker be some disrespectable, ridiculous Boswell here lies Tragedy enough; the epitome and before he can write a tolerable Life. Thus, marrow of all Tragedy whatsoever.

too, strangely enough, the only Lives worth But so few are Thinkers? Aye, Reader, so reading are those of Players, emptiest and few think ; there is the rub! Not one in the poorest of the sons of Adam ; who neverthethousand has the smallest turn for thinking; less were sons of his, and brothers of ours; only for passive dreaming and hearsaying, and by the nature of the case, had already and active babbling by rote. Of the eyes that bidden Respectability good-day. Such bounmen do glare withal so few can see. Thus is ties, in this, as in infinitely deeper matters, the world become such a fearful confused does Respectability shower down on us.

Sad Treadmill; and each man's task has got en- are thy doings, O Gig; sadder than those of tangled in his neighbour's and pulls it awry; Juggernaut's Car: that, with huge wheel, sudand the Spirit of Blindness, Falsehood, and denly crushes asunder the bodies of men; Distraction (justly named the Devil) continu-thou, in thy light-bobbing Long-Acre springs, ally maintains himself among us; and even gradually winnowest away their souls ! hopes (were it not for the Opposition, which Depend upon it, for one thing, good Reader, by God's Grace will also maintain itself) to no age ever seemed the Age of Romance to become supreme. Thus, too, among other itself. Charlemagne, let the Poets talk as they things, has the Romance of Life gone wholly will, had his own provocations in the world: out of sight: and all History, degenerating what with selling of his poultry and potherbs, into empty invoice-lists of Pitched Baules and what with wanton daughters carrying secretaChanges of Ministry; or, still worse, intories through the snow; and, for instance, thal “ Constitutional History,” or “ Philosophy of hanging of the Saxons over the Weser-bridge, History, or “ Philosophy teaching by Experi- (thirty thousand of them, they say, at one bout) ence,” is become dead, as the Almanacs of it seems to me that the Great Charles had his other years,—to which species of composition, temper ruffled at times. Roland of Roncesindeed, it bears, in several points of view, no valles, loo, we see well in thinking of it, found inconsiderable affinity.

rainy weather as well as sunny; knew what it “Of all blinds that shut up men's vision," was to have hose need darning; got tough beef says one,“ the worst is self." How true! How to chew, or even went dinnerless; was saddledoubly true, if self, assuming her cunningest, sick, calumniated, constipated, (as his madness, yet miserablest disguise, come on us in never- too clearly indicates ;) and oftenest felt, I doubt ceasing, all-obscuring reflexes from the innu- not, that this was a very Devil's world, and he merable selves of others; noi as Pride, not (Roland) himself one of the sorriest caitiff's even as real Hunger, but only as Vanity, and there. Only in long subsequent days, when the the shadow of an imaginary Hunger, (for Ap- tough beef, the constipation, and the calumny, plause ;) under the name of what we call “ Re- had clean vanished, did it all begin to seem spectability !” Alas now for our Historian: to Romantic, and your Turpins and Ariostos his other spiritual deadness (which, however, found music in it. So, I say, is it ever! And so long as he physically breathes cannot be the more, as your true hero, your true Roland, complete) this sad new magic influence is is ever unconscious that he is a hero: this is a added! Henceforth his Histories must all be condition of all true greatness. screwed up into the "dignity of History.” In our own poor Nineteenth Century, the Instead of looking fixedly at the Thing, and writer of these lines has been fortunate enough first of all, and beyond all, endeavouring to to see not a few glimpses of Romance; he see it, and fashion a living Picture of it, (not a imagines this Nineteenth is hardly a whit less wretched politico-metaphysical Abstraction of romantic than that Ninth, or any other, since it,) he has now quite other matters to look to. centuries began. Apart from Napoleon, and The thing lies shrouded, invisible, in thousand- the Dantons, and Mirabeaus, whose fire-words fold hallucinations, and foreign air-images : (of public speaking) and fire-whirlwinds, (of what did the Whigs say of it? What did cannon and musquetry,) which for a season the Tories? The Priests? The Freethink- darkened the air, are, perhaps, at bottom but ers? Above all, what will my own listening superficial phenomena, he raz witnessed, in circle say of me for what I say of it? And remotest places, much that could be called rothen his Respectability in general, as a literary mantic, even miraculous. He has witnessed gentleman; his not despicable talent for phi-overhead the infinite Deep, with greater and losophy! Thus is our poor Historian's faculty lesser lights, bright-rolling, silent-beaming, directed mainly on two objects; the Writing hurled forth by the Hand of God; around him, and the Writer, both of which are quite extra- and under his feet, the wonderfullest Earth, neous; and the thing written of fares as we with her winter snow-storms and her summer

Can it be wonderful that Histories spice-airs, and (unaccountablest of all) himself (wherein open lying is not permitted) are un- standing there. He stood in the lapse of Time; romantic? 'Nay, our very Biographies, how he saw Eternity behind him and before him. The stiff-starched, foisonless, hollow! They stand all-encircling mysterious tide of Force, thouthere respectable; and what more? Dumb sandtold, (for from force of 'Thought to force idols; with a skin of delusively painted wax- of Gravitation what an interval!) billowers work; and inwardly empty, or full of rags and shoreless on; bore him too along with itanhe


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