Travels in Various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, المجلد 4

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J. Gillet, 1815 - 571 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 41 - Cold is the heart, fair Greece ! that looks on thee, Nor feels as lovers o'er the dust they loved ; Dull is the eye that will not weep to see Thy walls defaced, thy mouldering shrines removed By British hands, which it had best behoved To guard those relics ne'er to be restored.
الصفحة 266 - July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 Aug.
الصفحة 261 - In tracing such resemblances, the celebrated MIDDLETON, writing from Rome, observes, " We see the people worshipping at this day, in the same temples, at the same altars — sometimes the same images, and always with the same ceremonies — as the old Romans."1 810.
الصفحة 168 - A more interesting sight for modern curiosity can hardly be conceived to exist among the ruins of any Grecian city. In its original state, it had been a temple; the farther part from the entrance, where the altar was, being an excavation of the rock, and the front and roof constructed of baked tiles.
الصفحة 19 - Paget having observed that, from the situation of his ship, some mischief would ensue to the inhabitants of Myconi, patiently sustained this powerful attack without returning a single shot, until, by getting a spring upon his cable, he had brought the Romney into a situation where the cannon might play without doing any injury to the town ; then he gave his broadside, with three cheers from his crew. The Frenchman returned the salute; and a warm contest ensued, in which, the Romney was ultimately...
الصفحة 168 - ... the right of a person facing the altar; and so cunningly contrived as to have a small aperture, easily concealed, and level with the surface of the rock. This was barely large enough to admit the entrance of a single person ; who, having descended into the narrow passage, might creep along...
الصفحة 192 - ... piastres, besides other contributions; that he toiled incessantly with his children to gain enough to satisfy their demands, but found himself unable, after all his endeavours. Having said this the poor man shed tears; asking us if the time would ever arrive when Greece might be delivered from the .Mahometan tyranny : and adding, " If we had but a leader, we should flock together by thousands, and soon put an end to Turkish dominion.
الصفحة 230 - ... heap of dung, buried as high as the neck, a little beyond the farther extremity of the pavement of the temple. Yet even this degrading situation had not been assigned to it wholly independent of its antient history. The inhabitants of the small village which is now situated among the ruins of Eleusis still regarded this statue with a very high degree of superstitious veneration. They attributed to its presence the fertility of their land ; and it was for this reason that they heaped around it...
الصفحة 118 - Etiphranor, rivalling all that the Fine Arts had produced under circumstances the most favourable to their birth and maturity. The talents of Theodore, as a painter, were not confined, as commonly is the case among- Russian artists, to mere -works of imitation : although he could copy every thing, he could invent also ; and his mind partook largely of the superior powers of original genius. With the most surprising ability, he restored...
الصفحة 95 - The lofty rocks of the Acropolis, crowned with its majestic temples, the Parthenon, Erectheum, &c. constitute the central object. In the foreground is displayed the whole of the modern city of Athens, with its gardens, ruins, mosques, and walls, spreading into the plain beneath the citadel. On the right, or north-west wing, is the temple of Theseus ; and on the left, or south-west wing, the temple of Jupiter Olympius. Proceeding...

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