Encyclopedias, Atlases & Dictionaries

الغلاف الأمامي
R.R. Bowker, 1995 - 495 من الصفحات

Encyclopedias, Atlases and Dictionaries combines two Bowker classics Reference Books for Young Readers and General Reference Books for Adults into one easy-to-use volume that supplies the most extensive and objective reviews of general titles available. Compiled in cooperation with experienced librarians and subject experts, this guide profiles and evaluates over 200 general encyclopedias, world atlases, and general dictionaries currently available in the United States. Features include: clear, succinct reviews of each reference work that consider such facts as scope, format authority, clarity, accessibility, and special features. *charts that offer comparisons of titles by scope, level and cost. *Facts at a Glance at the beginning of each review. *Facsimile pages from each titles. *Full coverage of large-print reference works. *Extensive coverage of electronic reference works, including a chapter entitled What to Look for in Electronic Reference Works.

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