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of Derry in Ireland, letters of the
THE Recovery; or, the tears of late, to Mrs. Barbara Sandys, of

faction, a poem, occasioned by the Milerden, Gloucestershire ; with
late occurrences: by an Oxonian, introductory memoirs, by James


Dallaway, M. A.
Redemption a poem, in five books: 7. 7. Rousseau, letters on the works
by Joseph Swain,

and character of ; to which are add-
Reflections on faith, 8vo.


ed, a letter from the countess Aler-
Religion in England, an impartial in- andre de Vally to the baroness de

quiry into the present state of: by Stael, with the baroness's answer,
Samuel King, 8vo.

ibid. and an account of the last moments
Religious subjects, essays on several: of Rousseau, by mademoiselle Neck-

by Joseph Mimner, . M. ibid. er, baronels de Stael; translated
Further Remarks, on two of the most from the French,

fiugular characters of the age : by
the the on the


Able victims, a
vicar of Bradford, and the rev.
William Atkinson, fellow of Jesus the slave trade, and addretsed to J.
College, Cambridge, 8vo. 411

Hargrave, esq.

A Reply to a pamphlet, intitled, con- Schorl, a green, clear, transparent, la-

siderations on the war with the mellated, and Ariking fire with steel,
Turks : by M. De Volney, 190

doscribed by several naturalists, 482
Reversion. See Method.

Scripture, the friend of freedom, ex-
A short Review of the recent affair of emplified by a refutation of the

honour between his royal highness arguments offered in defence of fla-
the duke of York and lieut. col. very, in a tract intituled, fcriptural
Lenox : by the captain of a com-

researches on the licitness of the
pary in one of the regiments of

slave trade,


77 Scripture characters : or a practical
Observations upon the expediency of Revising improvement of the principal histo-

the present English version of the ries in the Old Testament, from
four Gospels and of the Acts of the Adam to Joshua, by T. Robinson,
Apostles: by John Symonds, LL.D. M. A. 12mo.


348 Scalons, thoughts on the, &c. partly
The Revolution, the work of God, and in the Scottish dialect, by David
a cause of joy; two fermons deli- Davidson,

vered in Britto-Areet meeting-house, Sensibility, a poem, in six parts, 444

Nov. 5th, 1758: by J. Peddie, 160 Sheridan's diarionary, a caution to
Revolution, the principles of the, as. gentlemen who use; to which are

serted and vindicated, and its ad- added, for the assistance of foreign-
vantages stated, in a sernion, preach- ers and natives, select rules for pro-
ed at Castle-Hedingham, Effex, Nov. nouncing English with precision and
5, 1788: by R: Stevenson, 489 elegance,

Revolution, wonderful, at Paris : by Shooting, an essay on, small 8vo, 306
M.D** C**, 8vo.

323 Shop-tax, a vindication of the; addrell-
The universal Rights of humanity al- ed to the landholders of England,
serted, and applied to the state of

the suffering Africans, by Philadel- Siberia, memoir on the mines of, by


M. Patrin,
Roman history, a series of prints of, Simpkin the second, poetic recorder


defigned as ornaments for those of all the proceedings upon the trial
apartments in which children re- of Warren Hastings, esq. in West-
ceive the first rudiments of their miolter hall, the letters of, 8vo.

education, by Mrs. Trimmer 80 Stockdale ; and letters from Simp-
Rofenlerg, a legendary taie, by a lady, kin the second, to his dear brother
408 in Wales, 12mo. Bell,

Rupture, called, hydrocele, an effay Slave-trade, observations, occasioned

on the, by Benjamin Humpage, sur- by the attempts made in England to

68 effect the abolition of the; thewing
Tbomas Rundle, LL. D. lord bishop the manner in which negroes are


2 VO.S. 1 2 mo.

treated in the British colonies in the Manchester, by the rev. J. Clowes, Wett Indics, by G. Francklyn, esq M. A.

242 249 State-papers, extra-official ; addressed Slave-trade, commercial reasons for the to the right hon. lord Rawdon, and

1100-abolition of the, in the Welt other members of the two houses of India islands, by a planter aud mer- parliament, associated for the pse chant of many years relidence in servation of the conftitution, and the West Indies,

250 promoting the prosperity of the Slavery, doubts concerning the legali- British empire, by'a late under secrety of, in any part of the Brifith do- tary of state,

532 minious,

72 Steel, fome remarks on the nature of, Society, instituted at London for the by M. Morvcay of che Royal Swedish encouragement of arts, manufactures


57 and commerce, transactions of the ; Stirpes nove, aut minus cognite quas Deo with the premiums offered in the feriptionibus & Iconibus illufiravit Car. year 1789, vol. VII. 8vo. 263 Lid. L'Heritier,

566 Sunnets; the two last in commemora- Suicide, a poem, by Mary Dawes Blacktion of the late W. Jackson, esq. by ett, 4to,

388 William Groombridge, 488 Sunday-schools, the rise, progress, and Sons, eldest, of the peers of Scotland, effects of, considered in a sermon,

thoughts on the disqualification of preached at Taunton, March 28, the, io fit from that country in par- 1789, by J. Toulmin, M. A. 166 liament; with observations on the

and school of induftry civil pality of the kingdom; the established in the city of Bath, plans fecond edition, by Alexander lord of the ; with remarks by a gentle.. Saltoun, advocate, and F. S. S. A, man of the committee,

497 223 Supplement aux Momoires de M. le Duc de Sunship of Christ, a letter on the origi- St. Simon, et a l'Observateur veridique

nally addressed to some of the mem- fur le Regne de Louis XIV. sur les prsa bers of the Baptist church at Edin- mieres Epoques du Regne suivant, peut burgh, by A. Mc Lean, 12mo. 161 fervir de lite ant de complement aux Tbe Spectre, in 2 vuls. small 8vo. 76 trois volumes deja publics cnel des Notes Speculatist, the adventures of a ; or a biftoriques et critiques, 4 tores, Londres,

journey through London ; compiled 541 See Memoires. from papers, written by G. A. Ste- Tbe sword of Peace; or, a voyage of vens, with his Kife, a preface, cor- love, a comedy in five acts, 488 redions, and notes by the author, Thomas Sydenham, M. D. the works

499 of, on acute and chronic diseases ; Speculations, on the mode and appear- wherein their histories and modes ances of impregnation in the hu- of cure, as recited by him, are deliman female, with an examination of vered: to which are subjoined notes the present thcorics of generation, corredive and explanatory, with a by a physician,

246 variety of anuotations : by George Speech, of Mr. Necker, director-gene- Wallis, M. D.

219 ral of the finances, at the meeting of A fevere System of polite learning; the assembly of notables, held at adapted for schools, 8vo. 412 Versailles, November 6, 1788, 'to which are added the king's and the

т keeper's speeches, The Spiritual body; being an humbilico A Tale of truth, addressed to arthri

tics; containing a secure, cheap, attempt to remove the charge of ab- and certain remedy for the gout, 162 furdity from the do&ride of the The Test of honour by a young lady, refurre&tion, and thereby render it 2 vols. 1220.

408 mose the object of a rational faith, New Testament, a new tranllation of and a less subject of sneer to fceptics, those parts ooly of che, which are

29 wrongly translated in our common Spiritual heauty and deformity, the versions : by Gilbert Wakefield, true ground and nature of, conlider. B. A. 8vo.

335 ed and explained, with some impor. Tetrachimagogon hypercriticum, a tant uses thence derived, in two ler. piece of pocry, merry and sedate; mons, preached at St. John's church with all proper distance inscribed to

Abraham tale of woe,




Abraham Quasterman, ale and iron Leupold Brechtold, 2 vols. Svo. 330

draper : by Tom Plumb, 154 The Trifler, a new periodical miscelThanksgiving, the Christian duty of; lany, by Timothy Touchstone, of

a sermon, preached at Hanworth, in St. Peter's College, Weftminster, 46 the county of Middlesex, on Thurf. Trinitarian worship, an exhortation to day, April 23d, 1789, being the all Christian people to refrain from, day appointed for a folemn thanksgiving to almighty God for his ma- The Triumph of friendship; or, the jesty's happy recovery : by Thomas history of Charles Courtney and Lancaster, 4to.


Miss Julia Melville, a povel, by Jane Theosophical effuys; or, the wisdom Timbury, 2 vols. 12mo. 251

and goodness of God, reca and read The mental Triumph, a sentimental in the process and operations of novel, by a lady, inscribed, by pervegetative nature: by Samuel Saun- mission, to the plainest of her sex, ders, 251 3 vols. 12mo.

327 Philip Thicknesse, late lieutenant-go- The Triumph of fortitude, a novel, in vernor of Landguard Fort, and un- a series of letters, 2 vols.

407 fortunate father to George Touchet, Turks, reply to a pamphlet, intitled, baron Audley, memoirs and anec- considerations on the war with the, dotes of,

252 by M. De Volney, Tour through Sweden, Swedish Lap- Tbe Twin-Sisters; or, the effects of land, Finland, and Denmark, in a education, vol. IV.

495 series of letters, illustrated with Typhus fever, a treatise upon the; engravings : by Matthew Confett, published for the benefit of eltablisha esq.

* 44

ing a lying-in hospital, in Baltimore: A Tour to the West of England, in hy George Buchanan, M. D.

1783, by the rev. S. Shaw, M. A. Tyranuy of love; or, memoirs of the 8vo.

183 marchioness D'Aremberg, 2 vols. A fifteen day's Tour to Paris, cou- 12mo.

494 taining several interesting circum- Tyranny annihilated; or, the tristances, particularly the origin and umph of freedom over despotism. progress of the prelent revolution : Containing a particular account of by an English gentleman of veracity, the rise, progress, and various inci. just returned, 8vo.


dents, which produced the late grand The royal Tour to Weymouth, and and memorable revolution in the places adjacent, in the year 1789: government of France, 8vo.

323 communicated by the brace of white greyhounds, 8vo.


U and V. Tractatus varii Latini à Crevier, Brutier,

Auger, aliisque clarißimis viris con- THE Unitarian, Arian, and Trinitaferipti, et ad rem tum criticam tum

rian opinions respecting Chrift, ex

amined and tried by scripture eviantiquarium pertinentes. Quibus accelje.

dence alone, in a method hitherto nota quam plurima, ad librum de Moribus Germanorum, ex C. Taciti Universe, the eternity of the, by G.

nattempted: by W.Ashdowne, 493 editione Broteriana exterpte,

ibid. Travels through the interior parts

Hoggart Toulmin, M. D.

of America, in a series of letters, by

Urtica, twelve species of the, described

by M. Olans Swartz, of the Royal an officer, 2 vols. Travels, from St. Petersburg in Ruffia; Gravid Uterus, observations on the rup

Swedish Academy,

58 to various parts of Afia, illustrated

ture of the ; with the sequel to Mrs. with maps; by John Bell

175 Travels in Switzerland, in a series of

Manning'scase, by Andrew Douglas,
M. D.

68 letters to William Melmoth, çfq. Valois de la Motte. See Memoirs. from William Coxe, M. A. F. R. S: Variation compafs of M. Coulomb, F. A. S. 3 vols. 8vo.

428 Travellers, patriotic, an essay to direct

father Cocte's observations on, con

tinued for the year 1788, with the and extend the inquiries of; with farther observations on the means

general results of the observations from 1784 to 1788,

225 of preserving the life, health, and property of the experienced in their Fanny Vernoa ; or, the forlorn hope, a

251 jouraies by iand and fea : by cvuos


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Verfes to John Howard, F. R. S. on present time, vol. I. 4to.

his state of prisons and lazarettos, by Volcanos, productive of revolutions on W. L. Bowles,


the surface of the earth, Vie privee du cardinal Dubois premier mi.

W. niftre, archeveque de Cambrai, &c. 8vo. Londres,

562 Lord Walford, a novel, by L. L. esq: A View of the reign of Frederick li.

2 vols. 12mn,

328 of Prusia; with a parallel between War, the partisan in ; or, the use of a that prince and Philip II. of Mace- corps of light trocps to an army, by don, by John Gillies, LL. D. F. R. lieut. col. A. Emmerich, S. and S.A.

524 Weymouth, and places adjacent. Sce Virgil of Heyne, a second edition, al- Tour,

tered in many respects, and rendered The predefined Wife; or, the force of more valuable,

397 prejudice, a novel, in a series of let. Vision, an eslay on; briefly explaining ters, hy the author of Edward and

thefabric of the eye, and the nature Sophia, Powis castle, and Eliza Cleof vision ; intended for the service land, 2 vols, 12mo.

328 of those, whose eyes are weak or William and Charles ; or, the boldad

ini paired, by George Adams, 495 venturers, a novel, in 2 vols. written Vitality in man, as described in the in letters, and narrative, by the author

holy scriptures, and the difference of lord Winworth, &c. 12mo, 494 between true and apparent death, a Winchester, the rev. Elhanan, a letter fermon preached on the principle of, to; in which his theological tenets in the parish church of St. Andrew, and opinions are fairly and candidly in Holborn, on Sunday, March 22, for examined, and confuted, as inconthe benefit of the Humane Society, clusive and sophistical, by Dr. Sinby Samuel, lord bishop of St. David's, clair,

494 490 Women, in pregnant circumstances, Voyage du jeune Anacharfes en Greece, meditations for, 8vo,

404 (continued from vol. Ixvii.p.531)555 A Word to the wife; or Britons beVoyages, a general collection of ; un- ware, a satire, by col. Wilkins, 244

dertaken either for discovery, con- Private Worth, the basis of public dequelt, settlement, or the opening of cency; an address to people of rank trade, from the commencement of and fortune, lıy a member of parliathe Porcuguese discoveries to the ment,



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