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lete words, by Richard Wamer, jun. the, in the years 1777, 8, and 1

440 illustrated with a map and seventeen The Harp, a legendary tale; in two copper-plates : by lieut. William parts,


421 Harriet and Sophia ; or, the test of Howard, John, F. R. S. verses to,

bove, including several entertaining cn his fate of prisons and lazaretand affecting narratives, never be- tos; by W. L. Bowles,

487 fore made public : written by a Humanity, the universal rights of,

lady of diflin&ion, 2 vols. 12 mo. 408 asserted and applied to the state of Harticy-house, Calcutta, 3 vols. 12mo. the suffering Africans : by Phila164 delphus,

243 Elufions of the Heart: or heavenly

I meditations and devotional exer

THE Jilt, a poem, cises : by Sophronia,

162 Impregnation in the human female, Heerfurt and Clara, from the German, fpecuiations on the mode and ap3 vols. 12mo.

494 pearances of; with an examination | The countess of Hennebon, an histori- of the present theories of generation: cal novei in vols, by the author by a physician,

246 of the priory of St. Bernard, izmo. India, a journal of the passage from,

by a route partly upfrequented, Herring fisheries upon the north and. through Mesopotamia, Armenia,

east coasts of Scotland, observations and Natolia, or Asia Minor : to

on the; by Lewis Mac Culloch, 164 which are added, observations and The Hermit of Snowden ; or, the me- instructions, for the use of thote moirs of Albert and Lavinia, taken' who intend to travel, either to or from a faithful copy of the original from India, hy that route : by manuscript, which was found in the Thomas Howel, M. D.

436 hermitage, by the late Dr. L. and Northampton Infirmary, a fermon

Mr. -, in the year 17**, 163 preached before the governors of Hints, &c. fubmitted to the serious the, at the parish church of All

attention of the clergy, nobility, and Saints, September 24, 1789: by J. ). gentry, newly associated : by a

Rye, A. B.

496 jayman, second edition,

191 Tbe innocent Fugitive; or, memoirs Hijoire du gouvernement François, depuis of a lady of quality, by the author

l'ufiimblée des notables tenue le 22 of the Platonic guardian, 2 vols. Fevrier, 1787, julg'a la fin de De

154 cembre, de la mine année. Londres, An impartial Inquiry into the prefent (Paris) 1558,

315 state of religion in England: by Hifoire de l'ckademie Royale des Sciences Samuel King

404 annić, 1955, avec les Memoires de Pbxfi- Anellay to direct and extend the Inquiries que et Matbemutique de la même année of patriotic travellers; with färcher 4to. Paris, 1788,


ubiervations on the means of prc. The History of Sandford and Merton, serving the life, health, and property

a work intended for the use of chil- of the experienced in their journies dren, vol. III. 12 mo.

228 by land and sea : by count Leopold Homer, two manufcripts of, with a Brechtold, 2 vols. 8vo.

330 copious introduction and numerous Journey through France, Ita!y, and notes, lately published at Venice, Germany, observations and reflecby M. Villoiloni the first belongs tions made in the course of a : by to the tenth century, the other to Hefter Lyoch Piozzi, 2 vois. Svu. 103 the eleventh,

Italian Opera, letters npon the poetry Afuir of Honour, a short review of and music of the; addreffed to a the recent, between his royal high- friend; hy the late Mr. John nefs the duke of York and lieut. col.

2 mo.


185 Lenos; by the captain of a com- Don Juan; or the libertine destroyed, pany in one of the regiments of a tragic pautomimical entertainguards,

77 ment, in two acts, as performed at The Teji of Honour, by a young lady, the royalty theatre,

155 2 vols. 12mo.

408 Jure Divino; or, the true grounds and Hocteotoes and Caffraria, narrative of reasons for the support of the Chriffour journeys into the country of tian ministry; occafioned by the





present contested election at thie lonne-et-Repor'e critique à la lettre alylum,

161 adreje a

ou roi pur M. de Calonne, le 9 K

Fevrier, 1789, par M. de Suyres, 485

For Letter and Letters fee more at conduct of Mr. Lenox and the large in 'Contents, minister, in the affair with his royal Gallic Liberty, a poem, occasioned by highness the duke of York is fully

the revolution in France, 4to. 336 considered: by Theophilus Swift, Life, method of determining from the esq.


real probabilities of, the va ne of a Kong' verterskaps academiens nya Had- contingent reversion, in which three

lingar, tom. VIII. -New transac- lives are involved in the turvivorship, tions of the Royal Swedish Academy,

by Mr. William Morgan, 416 tom. VIII. Stockholm,

the origin and importance of,

confidered in a fermoni, preacher at L

the parish church of St. Giles, Atin poetry, account of some more Northampton, Sept. 13, 1789, intromodern authors of,

399, 400 ductury to the institution of the Lazarettos, account of the principal, in prefervative society in that county;

Europe; with various papers relative and at the par fh church of Cathala to the plague, and obtervations on ton in Surry, for the benefit of the fome foreign prisons and hospitals, Royal Humane Socicey, Oct. 25, and the present state of thole in 1789, by William Agutter, M. A. Great Britain and Ireland, by John

493 Howard, F. R. S.

9 T. Livii Pativini fingularum, qua fuperLead, colic from the poison of, in- funt, decatum liber prior ex

editione structive history, from authors, who Draenborchii cum notis ejusdem felectis, have written on the subject, by á

198 Brambilla, president of the Cæfarian The Lord's prayer, and its internal and royal academy of surgery, at fense, passages concerning the; leVienna,

537 lected froni che wiiting of the hon. Leasowes, Hagley, and Enville. See Emanuel Swedenborg, feryant of Companion.

the lord Jesus Christ, for the use of Doubts concerning the Legality of slavery the Lord's new church,

246 in any part of the British dominions, Love, tyraninyıf; or memoirs of the 72 marchioneis D'Aremberg,

494 Leith hill, a poem,

153 Louisa and Nina; or an excursion to Letter, to the king; in which the con- Yverduu, 2 vo's. 12mo,

250 duct of Mr. Lenox and the minister, Lymington, a companion in a tour in the affair of his royal highness round, comprehending a brief acthe duke nf York, is fully considered, count of that place and its environs, by Theophilus Swift, esq. 77 by Richard Warner, juo. Inali 8vo.

to sir William Auguftus Brown, 410. Sce Tour bart. on a late affair of honour with col. Lenox, and the correspondence

M with the hon. col. Philips, by the


Sea Manual, recommended to the same author,

ibid. young officers of the royal navy, Original letters, written during the as a companion to the signal-book,

reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. and by fir Alex. Schomburg, 330 Richard III. by various persons of Manufcripes in the library of the king sank or consequence ; digefted in of France, accounts and extracts of chronological order, with notes histo- the, pub ished under the inspection rical and explanatory, and authenti- of a committee of the Royal Acade. cated by engravings of autographs, my of Sciences at Paris ; translated sac fimilies, paper-marks, and seals, from the French, 2 vols. 8vo. 208 by fir John Fenn, knt. M. A. and F. The Married man, a com dy in three A. S. yols. III. and IV.

acts, from le pbilosophe marié of M. Letters, on the works and character of Nericault Deftouches, by Mrs. Inche J. J. Rousseau, by mademoiselle baid,

157 Necker, baroness de Stael, tranfated General court Martial, authentic copy from the French,

129 of the proceedings of a, held at the Lettre aux etals genéreaux de France, 485 Horse-guards on Friday the 26th of La lettre, adireife au roi par M. de Ca- June, 1789, on Hugh Debbieg, esq. Arp. Vol. LXVIU.


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&c. 4to.


on three charges, exhibited by his probabilities of life, the valae of grace Charles duke of Richmond, a contingent reversion, in which

410 three lives are involved in the furMateria Medica, a treatise of the, by vivorship; by Mr. William Mor

William Cullen, M. D. (concluded gan, and communicated to the Royal from vol. Ixvii. 442,)

254 Society by the rev. R. Price, D. D. Matilda, an original poem, in seven F. R. S.

416 cantos, hy Mr. Best,

122 Midwifery, an introduction to the Medical issays. I. An essay on the practice of, by Thomas Deoman, priccip'es and manners of the medi- M. D. vol. 1.

35 cal profession II. An enquiry ince The Mine, a dramatic poem; the fethe merits of solvents for the stone, cond edition : to which are added, with additions, 8vo.

407 two historic odes: by J. Sargent, Medical inquiries and observations ; esq. small 8vo.

381 to which is added an appendix, con- Mineral water, lately discovered in the taining observations on the duties of city of Gloucester, the history and a physician, and the methods of im. chentical analyfis of the : the variproving medicine, by Benjamin ous diseases, to which it is applicable

Ruth, M D.che second edition, 341 considered; and the necessary reguA pious Meditation, composed in the lations for drinking it with success

latt century, by John Whitfon, osq. ascertained and preicribed, by John alderman of the city of Bristol ; to Hemming, M. D. which is prefixed some account of The Modern husband, a novel, in a the author, collected from authentic series of letters, by the author of records, by G. S. Calcott, 248

Lucinda Ofborne, 2 vols. 1 2mo. 408 Meditations, chiefly for women in Molybdena, scientific description by pregnant circumstances, 8vo.

404 M. Hyelm, of his method of reMemoire des ministres du roi, addresé a ducing,

480 l'assemblée nationale le 24 Ožobre, Morals and legislation, an introduce 1780,


tion to the principles of : by Jeremy Memoires de M. le due de St.Simon, sur le Bentham, esq. 4to.

334 regne de Louis XIV. U sur les premi- The sentimental Mother, a comedy in ets epoques des regnes fuivans, 3 tomes, five acts: the legacy of an old friend, 8vo,


and his last moral lesson to Mrs. Memoirs of the counters de Valois de la Hefter Lynch Thrale, now Mrs.

Mette, containing a justification of Piozzi, her conduct relative tò the diamond Music, a general history of, from the necklace ; also the correspondence earliest ages to the present period : between the queen of France and by Charles Burney, Muf. D.F.R. S. thc cardmat de Rohan, translated vols. III. and IV. 4to.

94 from the French, written by herself,

N Memoirs relative to the campaign in 'THÉ interesting Narrative of the life

1988, in Sweden; by his ferene of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus highness prince Charles of Helle, Vasa, the African, written by himcommander in chief of the Danish selt, 2 vols. 12mo.

250 auxiliary army: translated from the Narrative of the military operations French, with thirty-three Vouchers, on the Coronrandel cuaft. See Coro

mandel. Message from John the Baptist to Narrative of four journies into the

our Saviour, a differtation on the; country of the Hottentots, and Cala (St. Luke, vii. 19.) with remarks fraria. Sce Hottentot. on the history of his life and niini- National gratitude, a national duty, try. The second edition : by C. W. and national allegiance a national Batts, A. M.

247 blefling; in two sermobs, the first Meteor, electrical, an account of, by preached in the royal chapel of Ply

the abbé Hervieil, 226.-Other mouth, on Sunday the 8th of March, ineteorological appearances as a

1789: also in the church of St. lunar rainbow, &c.

227 Andrew, on Sunday the 15th of Meteorological obtervations on the of March, on account of our graci.

extreme heat at Goree in 1787, 142 ous sovereign's restoration to health. Method of determining, from the real The second preached on April 23,





5789, being the day of public thankf- posthumous works of Frederic II. giving for the same, in the faid king of Prussia ; of which are now chapel, by the rev. John Malkers, publishing in English, part 1. 11. or 4to.

vols. I. II.

296 Nature, a dissertation on the process Olaudab Equiano. See Narrative.

of, in the filling up of cavities, Origin of civil government, and the healing of wounds, and restoring dury of fabmisfon, obfervations on parts, which have been destroyed Mr. Paley's theory of the, 195 in the human body, by James Othoman empire, a general history of Moure, member of the surgeon's the, dedicated to the king of Sweden, company, of London.- Note, this translated from the French of M. piece obtained the prize medal, de M-D'Ohoffun, 410. vol. I. with given by the Lyceum Medicum Lon- French plates, folio,

391 Jinense, for the year 1979, 30 Necker, Mr. director general of the

P. finances, speech of, at the meeting THE Cbriftian officer's Panoply: con. of the assembly of notables, held at taining arguments in favour of a Versailles, Nov. 6, 1788: to which divine revelation, by a marine offiare added, the king's aud the keeper's cer, 12mo.

405 speeches, 484.- Report of, to his Pantomime, or imitative dance, ancimoft Chriftian majelty in council, ent and modern, remarks on the announcing important changes in nature of, with a particular account the French government. Trans. of a favourite ballad, and of a very lated from the French,

ib. curious ailegory, Newcastle upon Tyne, history and Paris fauvé, ou recit detaillé des evenemens

antiquities of the town and county qui ont eu lieu a Paris, depuis le diman. of, including an account of the coal- cbe, 12 Juillet, 1789, une beuro apres trade of that place, and embellished midi jusqu' au vendredi suivant au soir. with engraved views of the public Paris,

323 buildings, &c. by John Braud, M. A. Paris, a fifteen days tour to ; contain

165 ing several interesting circumstances, O

particularly the origin and progress

of the present revolution, by an Bjections, to the experiments and English gentleman of veracity, just 'observations relating to the returned, 8vo.

323 principle of acidity. See Acidiry. Paris, revolutions de, dedies a la Nation, Observations, and reflections, made

573 in the course of a journey through Ancient Parenty the supplications of an; France, Italy, and Germany: by who found great benefit from the Hefter Lynch Piozzi, 2 vols. 103

use of the same,

493 Observations, on the nature and pro. Parliamentary condud of theright hon.

perties of fixible air. See Fixible Charles James Fox, and the right Air.

hon. Edmund Burke,

72 Ode to his majesty ou his nappy re- Parochialia ; or, instructions to the covery,

152 clergy in the discharge of their paz Expoftulatory Odes, to a great duke roch al duty, by the late right rev.

and a little lord, by Peter Pindar, Thomas Wilson, 12mo. 405 esq.

156 Tbe Parson's wife, a novel, written by @conomy, the rural, of Gloucester- a lady, 2 vols. 12mo.

251 Mire, including its dairy ; together The Partizan in war; or the use of a with the daily management of corps of light troops to an army, by North Wiltshire; and the manage- lieut. col. A. Emmerich, 24 ment of orchards and fruit-liquor, Peace and the seasons, refle&ions on ; in Herefordshire : by Mr. Marfball, in which is introduced the charact


er of a patriot king, a poem, by @euvres pofthumes de Frederic II. Roi de

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William Pow, 400

326 Prulle, en 15 tomes 8vo. Berlin. Peruvian bark, new species; or, varieOf thele, cranflated from the French, ties of the, lately a fevered in th: by Thomas Holcroft, the history American islands, by M.Swartz, 58

of my owu times, part I. 49 Philanthropic Society, instituted in Lon. Osuvres pofbumes de Frederic II. roi de don, Sept. 1783, tor the prevention Pruje, en s5 Tomas, Berlin. Or of crimes; first report of the, 329

i hilo

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Philosophical transactions of the Royal Polite learning, a short system of,

Socieey of London, vol. LXXIX.for adapted for schools, 8vo. 412 the year 1709, part I.

413 Ponciæ infulæ, memoir of M. Dolo. Phædon: or, the death of Socrates, by mieu, on the,

229 Mares Mendeissohn, tranulated from Pope Pius VI. a letter from, to the the German,

471 French nation, translated from the Phytognoniy, essays on, for the pro- original, by Vr. Goynard du Bourmotion of the knowledge and the

486 love of mankind; written in the Pofthumous works, of Frederic II. German language by J. C. Lavater, king of Pruslia, continuation of the, and translated into English by Thomas Holcroft ; illustrated by 360 Praxis medica [vstematice expofita, fele&is engravings, 3 vols. 8vo. 285 diarii nofocomii Fredericiuni illuftrata. Picturesquc beauty, obfervations chief- 'Autore Frederico Ludovico Bang, M.D.

İy relative to, made in the year 1776, no ocornii hujus medico primario, et proon several parts of Great Britain, fefore universitatis Hafnienfis. Hafnie, particularly i the Highlands of Scot- 8vo, 1789.-Et feletia diarii nosocomii

land, by W. Gilpin, A. M. 518 regii Fredericiani, Hafnienfis, tom. I. annos Miscellaneous Pieces, in profe and verse, 1582, 3, & 4, continens, tom. II. annos

by the rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift, dean 1985, 6, & 7, auctore F. L. Bang, of St. Patrick's, Dublin ; not infert- M. D. GoC. 2 vols. 8vo. 1789, 550 ed in Mr. Sheridan's edition of the Pre-existence of Christ, a vindication dean's works, 8vo,

276 of the doctrine of the, considered in Piety and Christianity, maxims of, by a practical view; humbly recom

the late right rev. Thomas Wilson, mended to the attention of the feri. D. D. 12no,

405 ous : by Joseph Cornish, 162 Platina not found to be malleable, tho' Dr. Priesley, an epistolary address to

reduced to a fate of lulion, by Mr. the rev. containing an apology for Willis,

477 those, who conscientioufly subscribe Plans of the Sunday schools, and school to the articles of the church of Eng.

of industry, ettablished in the city land, by the rev. J. Hawkins, 101 of Bath, with remarks by a gentle- Priestley, Dr. a lecter to; or, a volly of man of the committee,

497 random shot discharged at him, Tbe benevolent Planters, a draniatic from the old fortress, called the piece, by Thomas Bellamy,

church of England: by a volunteer, Plants, a new genus uf, described by

492 M. Swartz, and called by him Solarie Private worth, the basis of public dedra, from Dr. Solander,

61 cency, an address to people of rank Thirty-eight Plates, with explanations ; and fortune : by a member of parintended to illuftrate Linnæus's syst- liament,

79 em of vegetables, and particularly Prince Lee Boo, a native of the Pelew adapted to the letters on the elements islands, brought to England by capt. of botany, by T. Martyn, B. D. l. Wilson, the interesting and affecting R.S.

31 history of; to which is prefised, a Plotinus, two treatises in the printed thort account of those islands, with

works of, found to be only fragments, a sketch of the manners and customs by M. Grimm of Le plic; the one of the inhabitants,

496 is on the influence of the heavens on Priory of St. Bernard, an old English the earth; the other on unity, as the tale; being the first literary proorigin of the universe,

394 duction of a young lady, 2 vols. A Poem in Hudibrastic verse, with an

75 explanatory preface, addrefled to the Prudence, a moral poetical essay ; to nobility, gentry, and others, curious which is subjoined a version of the in their carriages,

154 8th chapter of Proverbs, Tbe Poenis of Ferdosi, translated from

the Persian, by Joseph Champion,
efq. vol. 1.

17 Poems, by Anthony Pasquin, 2 vols

. THE modes of Quotation used by

the evangelical writers, explained -by Charles James, esą. 2 viis. and vind cated, by the rev. Dr.

Henry Owen, F. R. S. 4to.



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