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Memoires de M. le Duc de St. Simon, sur fo, by E. W. Gray, M. D. F. R. S,
le Reine de Louis XIV. & fur les

premiers Epoques des Rrgnes fuivans, 234 Observations on the Rupture of the

The Mine, a dramatic Poem, the second Gravid Uterus, with the Sequel to

Edition, to which are added, two Mrs. Manning's Case, by Andrew

historie Odes, by J. Sargent, Esq. Douglas, M. P.


(mall 8vo.

occafioned by the At-

The Hiftary and Chemical Analysis of the tempts made in England to effect

Mineral Water lately discovered in the 'Abolition of the Slave-trade,
the Cty of Gloucester; the various Thewing the Manner in which Nes
Diseases to which it is applicab.e groes are treated in the British
considered; and the necessary Regu- Colonies in the West Indies, by G.
lat ons for drinking it w.th Success Francklyn, Esq.


ascertained, and prescribed, by John

on some of Mr. Tho-

Hemming, M. D.

mas's Remarks on Mr. Bradford's

The Sentimental Mother, a Comedy in Reflcctions upon the Baptist Cir-

five Acts; the Legacy of an old cılar Letter, dated at Aulccster, in
Friend, and his lati mu il Leffun to June, 1786, by J. Tomkies, 12mo.
Mrs. Heiter Lynch ihrale, now

Mrs. Piozzi,

chiefly relative to Pic-

A general Hißory of Music, from the curesque Beauty, made in the Year

earliest A yes to the present Period, 1776, on several Parts of Great

by Charles Burney, Mus. D. and Britain, particularly in the High-

F. R. S. Vols. Ill. and IV.


lands of Scotland, by W. Gilpin,

A. M.

I be Hijlory and Antiquities of the Town Ode to his Majesty, on his happy Reco-

and County of NEWCASTLE upon very,


Tyne, including an Account of the The rural Economy of Gloucester-
Coal-trade of that Place, and en- fhire, including its Dairy; together
bellished with engraved Views of the with the Dairy Management of
public Buildings, &c. by John North Wiltshire, and the Manage-
Brand, M, A. 2 Vols. 4to. 165

ment of Orchards and Fruit Liquor,
Mr. Necker's Report, to his most in Herefordshire, by Mr. Marshall,
Christian Majelty in Council, an-


nouncing important Changes in the Oeuvres Pofbumes de Frederic II. Roi de

French Government ; translated Pruje, en 15 Tomes, Berlin.--Or,

from the French, 484.-Seo Index the History of my own Times,

for other Articles concerning him, Part I. II Vols. l. II. London.-


(continued from Page 141) 296

Di Tertation on the Process of Nature A general History of the Ottoman Em-

in the filling up of Cavities, healing pire, dedicated to the King of Swe-

of Wounds, and restoring Parts den; translated from the French of

which have been destroyed in the M. de M D'Ohofson, 4to.

Human Body. This piece obtained Vol. I. with French Plates, Fulio,

the Prize-medal, given by the Ly- 51. 55. in Boards,


ceum Medicum Londinense, for the

Year 1779.

The Author, James

Moor, Member of the Surgeon's Observations on Mr. Paler's Theory

Company of London,

30 of Civil Government, and the Duty

of Submission,


The Christian Officer's Panoply, con-

OBSERVATIONS on the Class of Ani- taining Arguments in favour of a

mals, called by Linnæus Amphibia; Divine Revelation, by a Marinc

particularly on the Means of diftina Officer, 12mo.


guishing those Serpents which are Remarks on the Nature of Pantomime,
venomous from those which are not or initative Dance, ancient and mo-



dern, with a particular Account of 1. and II. translated into English, 132 a favourite Ballet, and of a very Praxis Medica lyfematice expofita, focurious Allegory,


leitis Diarii Nojocomii Fredericiana ile L'aris Sauvé, ou Recit de taille des Evene- luprata. Huclore Frederico Bang, M D.

mens qui ont en lieu a Paris, depuis le Nofocomii bujus Medico Primario, et Dimanche, 12 Juillet, 1739,

Profefore Universitatis Haffnienfis, HafHeure apres Midi jusqu'au Vendredi niæ, 8vo. 1789.- Es-Selecta Diarii suivant au Soir. Paris,


Nosocomii Regii Fredericiani Haffnienfis, Revietu of the Parliamentary Conduct Tom. I. Annos 1782, 3, & continens:

of the right hon. Charles James Fox, Tom. II. annos 1785, 6, 67. Auclore, and the right hon. Edmund Burke, F. L. L. Bang, M. D. &c. 2 Vols.

8vo. 1789,

520 Parochialia; or, Instructions to the A Vindication of the Doctrine of tbe Pre

Clergy, in the Discharge of their existence of Christ, considered in a Parochial Duty.-And Maxims of practical View, humbly recommendPiety and Christianity, by the late ed to the Attention of the Serious, right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D. D. by Joseph Cornish,

162 405 On the Principle of Vitality in Man, as The Parson's Wife, a Novel, written described in the Holy Scriptures, by a Lady, 2 Vols. 12mo. 251

and the Difference between true and Phedon ; or, the Death of Socrates, apparent Death; a Sermon preached

by Moses Mendelssohnı, trandated in the Parish Church of St. Andrew, from the German,

472 in Holborn, on Sunday March 22, First Report of the Philanthrophic Soci- for the Benefit of the Humane Soci

ety instituted in London, Sept. 1783, ety, by Samuel, Lord Bishop of St. for the Prevention of Crimes, 8vo. David's,

490 329 An Introduction to the Principles of MoPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal rals and Legislation, by Jeremy BenSociety of London, Vol. LXXIX. tham, Efq. to.

333 for the Year 1789, Part I. 413 Tbe Principles of the Revolution assertEjays on Physiognomy, for promoting ed and vindicated, and its Advanthe Knowledge and Love of Man- tages stated, in a Sermon preached at kind; written in the German I an. Castle-Hedingham, Eflex, Nov. 5, guage, by J. C. Lavater, and trans- 1788, by R. Stevenson,

489 lated into English by Thomas Holo A Description of a Sct of Prints of Rocroft ; illustrated by three hundred man History, designed as Ornamients and fixty Engravings, 3 Vols. 8vo. for, and easy Lessons in, those Apart.

ments in which Children receive Misiellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verle, the first Rudiments of their Educaby the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift, tion, by Mrs. Trimmer,

80 Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin ; not Priory of St. Bernard, an old English inserted in Mr. Sheridan's Edition of Talc, being the first literary Prothe Dean's Works, 8vo.

duction of a young Lady, 76 I be Benevolent Planters, a Dramatic Authentic Copy of the Proceedings of a Piece, by Thomas Bellamy,


General Court Martial, held at the A Pocm, in Hudibrastic Verse; with Horse-Guards, on Friday the 26th an explanatory Preface, addressed to

of June, 1789, on Hugh Debbieg, the Nobility, Gentry, and others, cu- Eig on three Charges exhibited by rious in their Carriages,

his Grace Charles Duke of RichPoems, by Anthony Pasquin, 2 Vols. mond, &c 4to.

410 12mo.

150 Prudence; a Moral Poetical Essay, ---by Charles James, Esq. 2 Vols.

151 12mo, The Pofthumous Works of Frederic II. The RECOVERY ; or, the Tears of Fac

King of Prusia, 15 Vols. containing tion, a Poem, occasioned by the late she History of his own Times, Vols. Occurences, by an Dsonian,

154 6

Redeniption, Church of St. Paul, London, before Hayes, A. M. to which is added, a his Majesty, and both Houses of Sermon, written by Samuel Johnson, Parliament, on Thursday, April 23,









Redemption, a Poem, in five Books, the Recovery of his moft Sacred by Joseph Swain,

486 Majesty, King George III. from his Refications on Peace and the Seasons; late dangerous Indisposition, 8vo. in which is introduced the Character

324 of a Patriot King ; a Poem, by W. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral Pow, 4to.

Church of St. Peter, York, before A Review of the Life, Character, and the hon. Sir John Wilfun, Knt, one

Writings of the Rev. John Biddie, of his Majesty's Justices of the Court M. A. who was banished to the Isle of Common Pleas, on Sunday, July of Scilly, in the Protectorate of 26, 1789, by the Rev. Matthew Oliver Cromwell : by Joshua Toul

Rainie, A. M. 4to. min, A. M. 12 mo.


on the Progress of divine The Revolution, the Work of God, Revelation, preached on Sunday,

and a Cause of Joy, two Sermons, April 13, 1788, delivered in Bristo-street Meeting

preached hefore the Govera house, November 5, 5788, by James

nors of the Northampton Infirmary, Peddie,

160 at the Parish Church of All Saints, A Detail of the Wonderful Revolution Northampton, September 24, 1789, at Paris, by M.D"* C**, 8vo. 323 By J. J. Rye, A. B.

496 Revolutions de Paris, dedées à la Nation, 573 Sermons, principally addressed to Rosenberg, a Legendary Tale, by a Youth, by J. Toulmin, A. M. Lady, 2 Vols. 12mo.

second Edition, to which are added,

two Sermons, never before printed, Thoughts on the SEASONS, &c. partly in

and fome Forms of Prayer, 490 the Scottish Dialect, by David David

on different Subjects, left for son,


Publication, by John Taylor, LL.D. A Sermon, preached at the Cathedral Vol. II. published by the Rev. Samuel A Leller on th: Sonship of Chrift, ori- Tbe.Chriftian Duty of THANKSGIVI!",

LL. D. for the Funeral of his wife, 1789, being the Day appointed for


402 a general Thanksgiving, by Beilby,

Twelve Sermons, preached on parti. Lord Bishop of London, 69

cular Occasions, by the Rev. Edward on the Occasion of his Ma- Barry, A. M. and M. D. 8vo. 282 jesty's Recovery, from the Indispofie

for Children; being a Course tion with which it pleased Almighty

of fifty-two, on Subjects suitable to God to affli& him, preached in the

their tender Age, and in a Style Parish Church of Mansfield, on

adapted to the Understanding of the Thursday the 23d of April, 1789, rising Generation : by the Rev. by the Rev. Charles Plumptree, Mark Anthony Meilan, in 3 Vols. M. A. 70.–Another, intitled Causes

160 for observing the late memorable An Elay on Shooting, small 8vo. 306 Event, by a public and national The Letters of Simpkin the Second, Thanksgiving,

ibid. Poetic Recorder of all the Proceed. preached in the Parish ings upop the Trial of Warren Church of Madron, in the County Hastings, Esq. in Westminster Hall, of Cornwall, on the 23d of April,

8vo. Stockdale. - And, - Letters 1789, being the Day appointed for from Simpkin the Second, to his a general Thanksgiving for the Re- dear Brother in Wales, 12mo. Bell, covery of the King from Illness,

393 by W. Tremenbeere, A. B. 160 Sonnets, the two last in Commemora

preached in the Parish tion of the late W. Jackson, Esq. Church of ---, in the County by William Groombridge, 487 of Cornwall, on Thursday the 23: The Son of Ethelwolf, an historical Day of April, 1789, the Day of Novel, by the Author of Alan Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for

Fitz-Osborne, 2 Vols. izmo. 74

A Letter


ginally addressed to some of the a Sermon, preached at Hanwo th, Members of the Baptist Church at in the County of Middlesex, on Edinburgh : by A. M'Lean, izmo. Thu fday, April the 2 3d, 1789, being

161 the Day appointed for a solen The Spectre, in 2 Vols.

76 Thanklgiving to Almighty God for The Spiritual Body; being an humble bis Majesty's happy Recovery : by Attempt to remove the Charge of

Thomas Lancaster, 4to.

324 Absurdity from the Doctrine of the Theofophical Elays; or, the Wisdom Resurrection, and thereby render and Goodness of God, feen and read it more the Ohject of a rational in the Process and Operations of Faith, and a less Subject of Sneer to Vegetative Nature, by Samuel Saunthe Sceptics, 29 ders,

251 The true Ground and Nature of Spiritual Tetrachymagogon Hypercriticum, a Beauty and Deformity, considered Piece of Poely merry and ft date, and explained, with some important with all proper Distance inscribed Uses thence derived, in two Ser- to Abraham Quarterman, Ale and mons, preached at St. John's Church, Iron Draper, by Tom Plumb, 154 Manchester, by the Rev. J. Clowes, Memoirs and Anecdotes of Philip ThickM. A.

247 neffe, late Lieutenant Governor of Extra Official State Papers, addressed Land-Guard Fort, and unfortunately

10 the right hor. Lord Rawdon, rather to George Touchet, Barula and other Members of the two Audley,

252 Houses of Parliament, affociated for Thirty-eight Plates with Explanatioils, the Preservation of the Constitution intended to illustrate Linnæus's and promoting the Prosperity of the System of Vegetables, and particuBritish Empire, by a late Under-Se- larly adapted to the Letters on the cretary of State,

532 Elements of Botany, by T. Martyn, Appendix to Thoughts on Subscription by B. D. F.R.S. William Frend, M. A.

252 A Tour through Sweden, Swedish Suicide, a Pucm, by Mary Dawes Lapland, Finland, and Denmark, Blackett, 4to.

388 in a Series of Letters, illustrated The kise, Progress, and F.ffiets of Sunday- with Engravings, by Matthew ConSchools, considered in a Sernion, fet, Esq.

44 preached at Taunton, March 28th, to the West of England, in 1789, by Joshua Toulmin, M. A. 1788, by the Rev. S. Shaw, M. A. 16о

183 Supplement aux Memoires de M. le Duc Tractatus virii Latini à Crevier, Brotier,

de St. Simon, et a l'Observateur veri- duger, aliisque clarissimis Viris cona diquei sur le Regne de Louis XIV. fur Scripti, et ad

Rem tum criticum, les Premiers Epoques du Regne suivant, tum Antiquariam pertinenfis. Quibus pour servir de Suite et de Compliment accellerunt Notæ quamplurimæ, ad Liaux trois Volumes deja publiés avec des brum de Moribus Germanorum, ex C. Notes biftoriques et critiques, 4 Tomes,

Taciti Editione Broteriana excerpik, Londres 541.--See Memoire.

476 The Sword of Peace; or a Voyage of A Neru Translation of those Parts 013Love, a Comedy in five Acts,

ly of the New Testament, which The Werks of Tbomas Sydenham, M. D. are wrongly translated in our com

on Acute and Chronic Diseases; mon Verlion, by Gilbert Wakcfield, wherein the Histories of them, and B. A. 8vo.

355 Modes of Cure as recited by him,are A Treatise, on the Coal Trade, by delivered, to which are subjoined, Charles Beaumont, 4to.

330 Notes corrective and explanatory, Transactions of the Society, institut. with a Variety of Annotations, hy ed at London, for the EncourageGeo. Wallis, M. D. 2 Vois. 8v0.219 ment of Arts, Manufactures, and

Commerce; with the Premiums 7






offered in the Year 1789, Vol. VII, Sable Victims, a Barbadoes Narra

263 tion; inscribed to the Promoters of
Travels, through the interior Parts of the Slave-trade, and addressed to
America, in a Series of Letters, by J. Hargrave, Esq.

an Officer,

Vie privée du Cardinal Dubois, Premier
from St. Petersburgh in Ruf- Minifire, Archeveque de Cambrai, &c.
sia to various parts of Asia, illustrata 8vo. Londres,

ed with Maps, 2 Vols. 8vo. by A Vindication of the Shop-Tax; ad-
John Bell,


drefied to the Land-holders of Eng-
Tbe Trial of Mr. Atkinson, Linen. land,

draper of Cheapside, for Crim Con. An Ejay on Vifion; briefly explaining
with Mrs. Conner, wife of Mr. the Fabric of the Eye, and the Na-
Conner, late of the Mitre, Barnet, ture of Vision ; intended for the Ser-

vice of those whose Eyes are weak
Tbe Trifler, a new Periodical Miscel- or impaired, by George Adams, 495

lany, by Timothy Touchstone, of Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Greece (con-
St. Peter's College, Westminster, tinued from Vol. LXVII, 531), 555

Tbe Mental Triumph, a sentimental

Novel, by a Lady, inscribed by Per- Lard WALFORD, a Novel, hy L. L.
milliun to the plainest of her Sex, Esq. 2 Vols. 12mo.

3 Vols. 12 mo.

327 The Young Widow, or the History of
The Twin-Sisters; or the Effects of Cornelia Sedley, in a Series of Let-
Educatiou, Vol. IV.
495 ters, 4 Vols. 12mo.

A Treatise upon the Typhus Fever ; The Predefined Wife; or, the Force of

published for the Benefit of establish- Prejudice, a Novel, in a Series of
ing a Lying-in Hofpital in Balti- Letters, by the Author of Edward
more, by George Buchanan, M. D.

and Sophia, Powis-Castle, and Eliza

247 Cleland, 2 Vols. 1 2mo. 328
Tyranny annihilated; or the Triumph William and Charles; or, the bold Ad-

of Freedom over Despotism ; eon- venturers, a Novel, 2 Vols. Writ.
taining a particular Account of the ten in Letters, and Narrative, by the
Rise, Progress, and various Incidents, Author of Lord Winworth, &c.
which produced the late grand and

memorable Revolution in the Go. A Word to the Wise; or Britons be-
vernment of France,
323 ware, by Col. Wilkins,




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