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Mary, from the year 1547 to 1558, No Abolition ; or an attempt to


383 prove to the conviction of every

An Answer, to the Letter of Theoph. rational British subject, that the a- Swist, efq. on the subject of the bolition of the British trade with royal duel, 8vo.

331 Africa for negroes, would be a mea- Antigua, a brief account of the island fure as unjust as impolitic, fatal to the of, in letters to a friend ; written in interests of this nation, ruinous to the years 1786, 87, 88, by J. Luff. its fugar colonies, and more or less pernicious in its consequences to Antiquiries of Italy, &c.

401 every description of the people, 71 Apoftolical conceptions of God, being Academy, Royal Swedish, now trans- the second part of an antecedent actions of the,

publication, 8vo.

404 Acidity, the composition of water, and Falfe Appearances, a comedy, altered

phlogiston, objections to the expe- from the French, by the right hon. riments and observations relating to

gen. Conway,

157 the principle of, considered; with far- Appel au bon sens, &c. An appeal to ther experiments and observations good sense, in which M. de la Tour on the same subject, by the rev. J. lubmits to that infallible judge, the

Priestley, LL. D. F. R. S. 414 details of his conduct, relative to an Afla academiæ Cæs. reg. Yosephine Media

affair that has made fome noise in co-ChirurgieeVindobonenfis : tom. I.4to. the world,

497 Vind.

534 Appendix to thoughts on subscription, The Adularia, a new felt spar, disco- by William Frend, M. A.

252 vered and described, by M. Spini, Architecture, ancient, the rudiments

of, in two parts, with a dictionary Agriculture, an essay on the preserva- of terms. Illustrated with ten plates, tion of the health of persons employ- Evo.

309 ed"in, and on the cure of diseases Aristophanes, some curious literary incident to that way of life, hy W. information, concerning, 395

Falconer, M. D. F. R. S. 8vn. 407 Arittotle'streatise on poetry, translated: Fixible Air, obfervations on the na- with notes, on the trandation, and

ture and properties of, and on the on the original. - And two dissertasalutary effects of the aqua salubris, tions on pretical and musical imita. in preserving health, and preventing tion, by Thomas Twining, M. A. diseases, by J. Melville, M. D. 406 4to.

And Albertina, a novel, 2 vols. 12mo. 494 The Poetic of Aristotle, translated from Alfred, an historical tragedy, to which the Greek, with notes, by Henry is added, a collection of miscellane.

James Pye, efq. small &vo.

348 ous poems, by the same author, 159

's treatise on poetry, trans-'s apology, second edition, 8vo. lated, &c. by T. Twining.–And

329 the Poetic of Aristotle, transated

ibid. &c. by H. J. Pye, esq. [conAnimals, called by Linnæus amphibia, cludedí,

500 observations on the class of, particu- Tbe Art of war at sea : or, naval larly on the means of distinguishing tactics reduced to new principles : thole ferpents which are venomous with a new order of battle, illufrom those which are not so, by E. frated with copper-plates, transW. Gray, M.D. F. R. S.


lated from the French of the vis. The new Annual register ; or general count de Grenier, by the chevalier repository of history, politics, and de Souseil,

457 literature, for the year 1788, to Arthur ; or, the northern enchant. which is prefixed, the history of ment, a poetical romance, in seven knowledge, learning, and taste, in books, by Richard Hole, LL. B. 86 Great Britain, during the reigns of As it should be; a dramatic entertainking Edward the fixth, and queen

ment, in one act,

245 Tbs

-second part,

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The Winter Affeinhly; or, provincial of Trinidad, an account of a, hr

ball, a poem, inicribed to the ladies Mr. Alexader Anderson, 417 of the West, 4to.

325 Blacden, Dr. fingular observation by, Atkinson, Mr. a linen-draper o? Cheap on the production of nitrous air

fide, the trial of, for crim. con. with from alkaline and pure air, aíter Mrs. Conner, wife of Mr. Conner, pafiing through a red-hot tube, 4-7

late of the Mitre, Barnet, 498 Elenheim, the seat of his grace the Atmosphere of London, a ledure on duke of Marlborough, new descrip

the; as read before a public fociety, tion of, to which is perfixed, BlenJune 14th, 1788, with piates, iliu. heim, a poem : a new and much itrative of the phenomera, and a improved edition,

155 preface, by B. Taylor, 4to. 330 The Botanic garden, part II. contain

ing the loves of the plants, a poem, B

with philosophical notes, voume the fecond, 4to.

375 A ulcifer, in June 1786, ohses- Boutau and Thibet, an account of the vations on fome of Mr. Thomas's re- vegetable and mineral productions marks on Mr. Bradford's reflections of: by Mr. Rubert Saunders, surupon the : by J. Tomkies, 12mo. geon at Boylepoor in Bengal, 418

406 Great Britain, the aggrandisement Baptists in the West of England, a re- and natural perfection of ; being an

view of the debates, not in agita- humble proposal, comprehending tation among the, on the subject under one fimple and practicable of unscriptural prayers and doxolo- undertaking, without laying addigies, 8vo.

ibid. tional burdens upon the subjects, Calvinistic, of the Western the means of paying off the public affociation, a vindication of a print- debt, within the ipace of thirty ed letter, addresied to the, from years, by George Edwards, cla. the remia:ks of a member of the M. D.

527 Western association, by a Baptist, The Busy Body, a collection of peri8vo.

ibid. odical essays, moral, whimsical, com Bastile, hiftorical remarks on the cafe mic, and sentimental, by Mr. Oultlc of the, with curious and enter- ton, 2 vols. Tamo.

80 taining anecdotes of that fortrefs, &c. &c. from the French, 8vo. 313

с - a truc and minnte account Alista, a novel, by Mrs. Johnfon, of the destruction of the, by Jean author of Retribution, Gamefters, Jaques Calet. Translated froni the

&c. 2 vols. 12mo.

327 French, by an Englih gentleman, Calonne, ministre d'etat; extrait de la Svo. 323 requête addressée au roi


M. de, Belinda; or, the fair fugitive, a novel, 484.-La lettre, addressée au roi par by Mrs. C. 2 vols. 72m).

M. de Calonne : & lus reponle critique The Belle Widows, with characteristic à la lettre, addresée ex rei par M. de

fkerches of real personages and living Calonne, le 9 Fevrier, 1789. Par M. characters, a novel. Inscribed to de Sores,

485 the heau nionde, with a preface, by Campaign in Sweden, in 1788, methe editor of the letters of Charlotte, moirs relative to the, by his serene during her connexion with Werter, highness prince Charles of Hefe, 2 vols. Izmo.


coinmander in chief of the Danish The man of Benevolence, 12mo. 407 auxiliary army. Tranflated from the Biddie, the rev. John, M. A. a review French, with thirty-three vouchers, of the life, character, and writings

4,6 of the, who was banished to the ifle The Castles of Athlin and Dubblayne, of Scilly, in the protectorate of an Highland story

251 Oliver Cromwell: by Joshua Toul- A Caution to gentlemen who use Shemin, A. M, 12m10.

409 ridan's di&ionary ; to which are Binus diseases, and some particular added, for the afliitance of foreigners

atli ions of the liver, and the gall- and ratives, select rules for pro. bladder, confiderations on, by John nouncing English with precision and Andree, M. D. 69 elegance,

471 Bituminous lake or plain in the island Scripture Characters; or, a practical


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improvement of the principal life. chant of many years residence in the rics in the Old Testament, fruna West Indies,

250 Adam co Joshua inclusive : by T. A Compeion in a tour round Ls. Robinson, M. A. I no.

405 mington, comprehending a brief Characters of the age, surther remarks account of that place and its envis

on two of the most fingular : by rons ; by Richard Warner, junior, che author of the critique, on the small 8vo. See Tour.

410 conduct of the rev. John Crofle, A Companion to the Leafuwes, Hagvicar of Bradford, and the rev. W. ley, and Enville: with a fheich if Atkinson, fellow of Jelus College, Funerwick, the seat of the right han. Cambridge, Svo.

earl Donegall; to which is pere Chatterton, Thomas, the lisc of, with fixcci, ihe prelent ftatc ot Birmingcriticisms on his genius and writings, ham, 8vo.

41! and a concile view of the contro- The Conduc, to be observed by disa Verly, concerning Rowley's poems : fenters, in order to procure the

by G. Gregory, D. D. F. A. S. 119 repcal of the corporation and titt Chemistry, fone new objects of, let acts; recommended in a fumon,

forth by M. Crell, in letters to M. preached before the congregations D'Arcet, and M. de la Matherie, 463 of the old and new meetings of BirChefs, vol. II. 8vo.


mingham, Nov. 5, 1989, by Joseph Christ, the Unitarian, Arian and Tric Priestley, LL. D. F.R. S.

nitarian opinion respecting, ex?- A Congratulatory epiftle, to his grace mined and tried by scripture.evi- che duke of Portland on his ma. dence alone, in a method hitherto jesty's recovery,

155 unattempted : by W.Ashdowne, 493 Cunway Castle, a poem ; to which Christian Religion, remarks on the are added verses to the memory of

internal evidence of the ; by Gibert the late carl of Chatham; and the Wakefield, B. A.

moon, a simile for the fashionable Church of Rome, a survey of the world : by James White, cla. 73

modern state of the; with addi- Coromandel Coast, a narrative of the cional obfervations on the dodrine military operations on the ; againft of the pore's Supremacy, by Wil- the conibined forces of the French, liam Hales, D. D.

55 Dutch, and Hyder Ally Cawn, frona New Church, which is meant hy the the year 1980, to the peace in 1784 ;

New Jerufalem, in the Apocalypse, in a feries of letters; ly loves a brief exposition of the do&rine of Munro, ciq. 4to. the : translated from the Latin of Correipondence, the authentic, be

the hon. Eman. Swedenborg, 492 tween the duke of Richmond and Circle of Franconia, and particularly lord Rawdon; with an appenda,

of Bayrut, effay on the ancient containing the authentic papers rehistory of the, by M. Henze, 232 fpe&ing the affair between the duke Clergy, from their importance 10 of York and lieut. col. Lenox, 76

society, a sermon, preached on the Correspondents of the cricical recoofideration due to the; at the viewers, answers to, 82, 33, 412, anniversary meering of the fons of

500 the clergy of Pembrokeshire : by Tbe Critic philosopher; or truth difCharles Synimons, B. D.


covered : by A. G. Sinclair, 11. D. Cual-trade, a treatise on the : by

496 Charles Beaumont, 4to. 331

Di Coüedic á sa patrie, expatric' en AngleCoinage of England, Temarks on the, terre, demandant la liberté de la prefe

froni the earliest to the present times, par le necesité des loix pour to which is added an appendix, con- liberté du peuple François, 485 taining observations on the ancient coinage, &c. by Walter Merrey, 121

D. Cold of the winter of 1788 and 1989,


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described in a very correct and ela- a novel, by Mrs. Bontote, author borate memoir, by father Cotta, of the parental monitor, &c. 3 vols. &c. 144-149

407 Commercial reasons for the non-aboli- Wisdom's Dictates : or, a collection of

tion of the flave-trade, in the West maxims aod obfirvations concerning India islands, by a planter and mera divine and spiricual truth“, extracted


1 2 mo.



from the works of various spiritual cpi cope, commentarius : ex autograpke it writers, and particularly from those bibliotbeca Tboma Aflzi, arm. afjeroaie,

of Emanuel Swedenborg, 8vo. 403 edidit et præfatus eft Grimus Johannis Dictionary, a complete, of the English Tborkelin, LL. D. 4to.

Janguage, both with regard to found Effufions of the heart; or, heavenly and meaning; to which is prefixed meditations, and devotional exercia profodical grammar, by T Sheri. ses, by Sophronia,

162 dan, M. A, second edition, 469 Eleonora, a novel, in a series of letters, Two Difcourses, addressed to the guar. written by a female inhabitant of

dians and children of the Asylum, Leeds in Yorkshire, 2 vols. 12mo. preacted in the chapel, March 8,

163 1789, by thcrev. Samuel Hopkinson, Emma Dorville, by a lady, 12 mo. 328 A. M. 4to.

403 The field Engineer; or, instructious upDiscours d'un membre de l'assemblée natio- on every branch of ficid-fortifica. nale a fes co-deputes, 1789,

tion, (concluded)

23 Diseases of children, a treatise on the, Episode of Dido and Æneas, a dillera

with general directions for the ma. tacion by the abbé Andres, to defend nagement of infants from the birth: Virgil from the anachronism which by Michael Underwood, M. D. a he has been so frequently supposed new edition, revised and enlarged, to be guilty of, in making these two 2 vols. 1 2mo.

246 personages contemporaries, 393 Diffenters, the rights of from the esta. An Epifle in verse; written from blished church. In relation principal: Somersetshire,

152 ly to English catholics, by the rev. A congratulatory Epistle to his grace the Joseph Berington,

78 duke of Portland, on his majelty's -an address to the, on clasli. recovery,

155 cal literature, by E. Cogan, ibid. Epistle, poetic, from Gabrelle d'Eftrees

-the conduct, to be observed to Henry the Fourth, by Anthony by, in order to procure the repeal of Pasquin, esq.

243 the corporation and test a&ts; recom- Erysipelacous fore throat, an essay 11 mended in a sermon,preached before the; to which is fubjoined an account the corporations of the old and new of a case of hemiplegia : by Thomas meetings of Birmingham, Nov. s. Reeve, furgeon,

247 1989, by Joseph Priestley, LL. D. Eljai sur l'histoire naturelle de Cbili

, par F. RS,

M.lablé Molina, traduit de l'Italia Dissertation, see Mellage.

Genrichi de noies, per M.l'abbé'Grove, Divine revelation ; a sermon on the


62 progress of, preached on Sunday A- Effay un sensibility, a poem, in fis pril 13,1788, 489 parts,

444 Doctors, a dose for the; or, the Efcula. Essays, civil, moral, literary, and polipian labyrinth explored; inscribed

tical, written after the manner of to the college of wigs, by Gregory M. de Montagne ; interspersed with

Glyfter, an old practitioner, 497 characters, portraits, anecdotes, &c. Doncaller races; or, the hiftory of Miss by the celebrated narquis d'ArgenMaitland; a tale of truth, in a series

son, 8vo.

279 of letters, published from the origi- mon several religious subjects, by nal with interesting additions, by

Joseph Milner, A. M. 8vo.

404 Alexander Bicknell, 2 vols. 12mo. philofophical, historical, and lia 75 terary,

459 Royal Duel, an answer to the letter of Etats généraux de France, lettre aux, 485

Theophilus Swift, ely. on the subject The Eternity of the universe, by G. of the, 8vo. 331 Hoggart Toulmin, M. D,

493 Dutch republic, history of the late re

Evangelical writers, the modes of quovolucion in the,

473 tation used by thc, explained and E

vindicated, by the rev. Dr. Henry L'Ecole de scandale, ou les meurs du Owen, F. R. S. 4to.

jour, comedie par monsieur Sheridan; Exercises in Latin compofition, by the traduite en François, par Mr. Bune! rev. J. Adams, J2mo.

164 Delille,

245 An Exhortation to all Christian people, Edwardi Rozei Moresi, A. M. & foc. to refraiu from Trinitarian worfhip,

26. Soc. de Elfrico, Dorobernienji arobi


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The Expoftulation, an epistle, to the Timbury, 2 vols, 12mo. 21

right hon. William Pitt, &c. 154 Frost, cold, lightning, and thunder, Expoflulatory odes to a great duke observations un,

143 and a little lord, by Peter Pindar, Tbe innocent Fugitive; or, memoirs of a esq.

lady of quality, by the author of the Extrait de la requête, addressée au roi, par Platonic guardian, 2 vols 12 mo. 164 M. de Calonne, minijire d'ctat, 484 Fugit ve poetry, Bell's clasical arrange

ment of, vols. V. VI. and VII. 244 F

Fungus of the joints, commonly called Ads, a statement of, occasional

a whiteswelling, described, and plan

of cure of, proposed by à Brambilla, banees ac the theatre royal, Edin

president of the Cæsarean and Royal burgh, by James Fennel, 79

Academy of Surgery, at Vienna, 535 Faith, reflections on, 8vo. 404 Tbe Family party, a comic piece, in

G. two acks,

245 The Fanc of the Druids, a poem, book of whitening copper or brass, by the second, by the author of the first

means of tin, hitherto little under. book,

I ftood, either in the practice or its Tbe Farm-house, a comedy, in three


478, 477 acts, as altered by J. P. Kemble, 157 Galena, experiments upon, for produThe Female parliament; or, the regelle cing gold, by M. Sage, 478_ Other cy contidered, by Theophilus Swift,

experiments hy' him,

486 eiq:

127 Geography, political ; an introduction Female-sex in general, particularly to the statistical tables of the princithose in a state of pregnancy and

pal empires, kingdoms, and states of lying-in, advice to the; to which is


454 added an appendix, containing fonie God, the favour and protection of, an directions relative to the manage- infinite source of national gratitude ment of children, in the first part of

and joy ; a sermon preached in the lise, by John Grigg, practitioner in

chapel of Gofport, on Thursday the midwifery,


23d of April, 1789, being the day Ferdifi, see Poems.

appointed for a general thanksgiving The Field engineer; or, instructions

on his majesty's recovery, by Richard upon every branch of field furtifica

Bingham, B. A. 8vo.

324 tion, (concluded from vol. Ixvii. p. Govorrhoea, a pradical treatise on the, 330)

23 and on the superior efficacy of the Forcits, the culture of; with an appen, cure by injection; by Peter Clare, dix, in which the state of the royal


2.46 forests is considered, and a fyftem The Four Gospels, translated from the proposed for their improvement, by Greek; with preliminary differta. lieut. col. A Emmerichi, 8vo. 412

tions, and notes critical and explana. Forti ude, the triumphs of, a novel, in

tory, by George Campbell, D. D. a series of letters, 2 vols.

407 F. R. S. Edinburgh, 2 vols. (concludIbe lady of Fortune; or,

her lover

ed from vol. Ixvii. 409) 268 gained by itratagem, a novel, by a Four Gospels, and Ats of the Apostles; lady, 2 vols. 121110.

328 observations upon the expediency of A Fragment, which dropped from the revising the present Englith vertion

pocket of a certain lord, on Thursday of the, by J. Symonds, LL. D. 348. the 2 3d of April, 1789, on his way Greck minor poets, with the Greek to St. Paul's with the grand proces- New Testament, &c. lately published

in Germany,

396 Frederic 11. king of Prusia, the post. John Gregory, M. D. the works of the

humous works of, translated from the late; to which is prefixed an account French, by Tho. Holcroft, according of the life of the author, 204 to the Berlin Edition, 15 vols. 49. The Guinea voyaye, a poem, in three -, king of Pruflia, a view of

books, by James Field Stanfield, 155 the reign of; with a parallel between that prince, and Philip 11. of Marce

H don, by John Gillies, LL. D. F. R. Alf an hour after supper, an inS and S. A. 524 terlude in one act,

245 Friendship, the triumph of; or, the Hampshire, extracted from Doomsday

history of Charles Courtney and Miss Book ; to which is added a glossary Julia Melville, a novel, by Jane cxplanatory of the obfcure and ohló.





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