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Apoftolical Conceptions (f God, being hy an English Gentleman, 8vo. 323
the Second part of an antecedent The Belle Widows, with characteristic
Publication, 8vo.

404 Sketches of real Personages and liv.
Fale Appearances, a Comedy, altered ing Characters, a Novel ; inscribed

from the French, by the Rt. Hon. to the Beau Monde, with a Preface,
Gen. Conway,


by the Editor of the Letters of Char-
Appel au bon Sens, &c. an Appeal to lotte, during her Connection with
good Sense, in which M. de la Tour Werter, 2 Vols. 12mo.

lubmits to that infallible Judge, the Belinda ; or, the Fair Fugitive, a No-
Details of his Conduct re ative to an vel, by Mrs. C, 2 Vols. 12mo.

Affair that has made fome Noile in The Man of Benevolence, 12mo. 407
the World,

497 Confiderations on Bilious Diseases, and
Aristotle's Treatise on Poctry, translat- lome particular Affections of the

ed : with Notes on the Tranilation Liver, and the Gall bladder, by
and on the Original; and Two Dil- John Andree, M. D.

fertations on Poetical and Musical The Botanic Garden, Part II. contain-
Imitation, by Thomas Twining, the Luves of the Plants, a Poem,
M. A. 416, Robinsons; and the Poe- with philofophical Notes, Volume
tic of Aristotle, translated from the

the Second, 410.

Greek, with Notes, by Henry James The Busy Bridy, a Coliection of peri-
Pye, esy. Imall 8vo. Stockdale, 358 odical Eliays, moral, whimrical,

-translated, &c. by comic, and sentimental, by Mr.
T. Twining : and the Poetic of Oulton, % Vols. 12 mo.

aristotle, trarflater, &c. by H. J.
Pye, Esq. (concluded)

Ibe Rudiments of ancient Architecture, CALISTA, a Novel, by Mrs. Jolinsun,

in Two Parts; with a Dictionary of Author of Retribution, Gemefters,
Terms, illustrated with Ten Piutes, &c. 2 Vols. 12 mo,



The Castles of Athlin and Dunblayne,
Arthur; or the Northern Enchantment, an Highland Story,

á Poctical Romance, in fiven Books, The Life of Thomas Chatterton, with

by Richard Hole, LL. B. 85 Criticisms on his Genius, and a coli-
A Tale of Truth; addrefied to Arthri- cile View of the controversy con-

tics, containing a secure, cheap, and cerning Rowley's Poems, by G.
certain Remedy for the Gout, 162 Gregory, D. D. T. A. S.

Foreign Articles; being dela Academia Chess, Vol. II. 8vo."

Cxf. Reg. Foophine Mirnico-Chirurgie A Treatise on 'the Diseases of Children,
ve Vindobonenfis, Tom. I. 4to. Finde with general Directions for the

534 Management of Infants from the
As it should be, a Dramatic Entertain- Birth, by Michael Underwood, M.
ment in onc AC,

245 D. a new Edition, revised and en-
The Winter Afembly: or Provincial Jarged, in two Vols. 12mo. 246

Pall, a Poem, inscribed to the La- A Survey of the modern State of the
dits of the West, 4to.

325 Church of Rome, with additional

Observations on the Doctrine of the

Pope's Supremacy, by William Hales,
ARvier of 5e Debate, "ote in ogilation D. D.

ar:01.5 tbe Baptists in the West of A brief Exposition of the Doelrine of the
England, on the Subject of unfurip- new Church, which is meant by the
tural Prys and Doxologies, 8vo. New Jerusalum :' the Apocalypse,

translated from the Latin of the
Fiorical Remarks on the Ch}?!e of the hon. Eman. Swedenborg, 492

Bastile, with curious and enter- Remarks in the Coinage of England,
taining Arecdotes of that Fortress, from the earliest to the present

&c. &c. froin the Fiench, 8vo. 323 Times, to which is added an Appen-
A true ani minte Account of the Defiruc- dix containing Observations on the

t'on of the Baft:le, by Jean Jaques ancient Coinage, Eic. by Walter
Cact; translaicd irom the French, Merrey,

A geral


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general Collection of Voyages, un- preached in the Chapel, March 8,

dertaken either for Discovery, Con- 1789, by the Rev. Samuel Hopkin.
quett, Settlenient, or the opening of fou, A. M. 49,
Trade, from the Commencement of Tbaughts on the Disqualification of the
the Portuguele Discoveries to the

eldest Suis of the Peers of Scotland,

present Time, Vol. I 4to. 498

to fit from that Country in Parlia-

Cathie Consideration due to the Clergy, ment; with Observations on the

from their Importance in Society; Civil Polity of the Kingdeni, the

a Sermon preached at the annive- fecond Edition, by Alexander, Lord

fary Meeting of the Sons of the Saltuun, Advocate and F. S. A. 223-

Clergy, of Pembrokeshire, by Charles Doncaster Races; or, the History of
Symmons, B, D.

489 Miss Maitland, a Tale of Truth, in
Conway Cafle. a Poem ; to which a Series of Letters, published from

are added, Verses to the Memory the Original, with interesting Addia
of the late Earl of Chatham; and tions, by Alexander Bicknell, 2 Vols.
the Moon, a Simik for the fashion-

able World, by James White,Eiq. 73 A Dose for the Doctors; or, the Ærci -
Ibe authentic Correspondence between lapian Labyrinth explored, infcrib-
the Duke of Richmond aud Lord ed to the College of Wigs, by Gre-
Rawdon ; with an Appendix, cor- gory Glyfter, an old Practitioner,
taining authentic Papers respecting

the Affair between the Duke of

York and Lieur. Col. Lenox,

Ibe Critic Philosopher; or, Truth L'ECOLE du Scandile, ou Les Meurs die

discovered, by A. G. Sinclair M. D. Four, Comedie par Monsieur Sheridan,


traduite en François, par Mr. Burel

Du Ceredis & ja Patrie, Expatrié en Delille,


Angleterre demandant la Liberté de la Edrwardi Rozvei Merefi A. M. & Soc.
Prelle par la Neceflité des Loix pour la

Ant. Sus. de Elfrico, Dorobernenfi Ar-
Liberté du Peuple François, 485 chiepiscopo, Commentarius : ex Auto-

grapho in Bibliotbeca Thomæ Aflei,

DAINLIY Vale; or, Emilia Fitzroy, strm. aljervato. Edidit et Præfatus eft

a Novel, by Mrs. Bonhote, Author Grimus Jobannis Thorkelin, LL. D.

of the Parental Monitor, &c. 3 Vols. 4to.

407 Eleanora, a Novel,in a Series of Letters,

New Description of Blenheim, the written by a Female Inhabitant of
Seat of his Grace the Duke of Leeds in Yorkthire,


Marlborough; to which is perfixed, Emma Dorville, by a Lady, 12 mo. 328

Blenheim a Puem, a new and much An Epistle in Verse, written from

improved Edition,




Widom's Dictates; or, a Collection of A poetic Epistle from Gabrielle

Maxims and Observations concern- D'Estrees, to Henry the Fourth, by

ing divine and spiritual Truths, ex- Anthony Pasquin, Esq, 743

tracted from thc Works of various Elai sur l'Histoire Naturelle de Chilie

spiritual Writers, and particularly par M. l'Abbè Molina, traduit de

from those of Enanuel Sweden- I'Italien, and enrichi de Notes, pr 11.

burg, Svo.

l'Abbé Gruvel, M. D. Paris, Née de

A complete Didionary of the English

la Rochelle,


Language, both with regard to An Eray on the Erysipelatous Sore

Sound and Meaning, to which is Throat; to which is fubjoined, an

perfixed, a profudical Grammar, by Account of a Cafe of Hemiplegia,

T. Sheridan, A, M. second Edition, by Thomas Reeve, Surgeon,



on the Preservation of the

Discours d'un Membre de l'Asemblie Health of Persons employed in Agri-

Nationale a jes Co-deputes, 1789, 436 culture, and on the Cure of Discales

Taro Dilcourtes, addressed to the Guar. incidunt to that way of Life, by W.

dians and Children of the Asyluir, Falconcr, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo, 407

Essays, Civil, Moral, Literary, and' Foreign Llterary Inteliigenee, 141,

Political, written after the Manner

223, 394, 477

of M. de Montagne, interspersed The Culture of Forests ; with an Appen-
with Characters, Portraits, Anec- dix, in which the State of the Royal
dotes, &c. by tbe celebrated Marquis

Forests is considered, and a System

d'Argenson, 8vo.


proposed for their Improvement by

The Son of Etholwolf, an Historical Lieu. Col. A. Emmerich, 8vo. 412

Novel, by the Author of Alan Fitz- The Young Lady of Fortune ; or, her

Osborne, 2 Vols. 12mo.


Lover gained by Stratagem, a Novel,

Remarks on the internal Evidence of tbe by a Lady, 2 Vols. 12mo.


Christian Religion, by Gilbert Wake- Fragment, which dropped from the

field, B. A.

Pocket of a certain Lord, on the 23d

Exercises in Latin Composition, by the of April, 1789, on his way to St.

Rev. J. Adams,

164 Paul's with the Grand Procession,

The Expostnlation, an Epiftle, to the


Rt. Hon. William Pitt, &c. 154

Gallic Liberty, a Poem ; occasioned

A Statement of Facts, occasional of, by the Revolution in France, 4to,

and relative to, the late Disturbances


at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, Political Geography; an Introduction

by James Fennel,


to the Statistical Tables of the prin-

The Family-Party, a comic Piece, in cipal Empires, Kingdoms, and States

two Acts,


of Europe,


The Fane of tbe Druids, a Poem, Book A Practical Treatise on the Gonorrhea,

the second, by the Author of the and on the superior Efficacy of the

first Book,

151 Cure by Injection, by Peter Clare,

Fanny Vernon; or the Forlorn Hope, Surgeon,


a Tale of Woe,

251 The Four Gospels, translated from the

The Farm-House, a Comedy, as altered Greek; with preliminary Differta-

by J. P. Kemble,


tions, and Notes, critical and expla-

The Favour and Protection of God, an riatory, by George Campbell, D.D.

infinite Source of National Gratitude F. R. S. Edinburgh, 2 Vols. 268

and Joy ; a Sermon, preached in the

National Gratitude a National Duty,

Chapel of Gosport, on Thursday, and National Allegiance a National

the 23d of April, 1789, being Blessing ; in two Sermons, the first,

the Day appointed for a National preached in the Royal Chapel of

Thanksgiving on his Majesty's Re- Plymouth, on Sunday the 8th of

covery, by Richard Bingham, B. A. March, 1789, also in the Church of

324 St. Andrew, on Sunday the 15th of

The Female Parliament; or the Regen- March, on account of our most gra-

cy considered, by Theophilua Swift, cious Sovereign's Restoration to



Health : the fecond preached on

Advice to the Female-Sex in general, April 23, 1789, being the Day of

particularly those in a State of Preg- Public Thanklgiving for the same,

nancy and Lying-in ; to which is in the said Chapel, by the Rev. John

added, an Appendix, containing some Malham, 4to.


Directions, relative to the Manage- The Works of the late Joba Gregory,

ment of Children, in the first part M. D. to which is prefixed an Ac-

of Life ; by Jobn Grigg, Practitio- count of the Life of the Author,

ner in Midwifery,

4 Vols. 8vo.


Scripture the Friend of Freedom, exem- The Guinea Voyage, a Poem, in three

plified by a refutation of the Argu. Books, by James Field Stanfield, 155

ments offered in Defence of Slavery,

in a Tract, intituled, Scriptural Re-

searches on the Licitness of the Slave- Half an Hour after Supper, an In-


70 terlude in one Act,




Hampshire, extracted from Domesday, Lucinda Osborn, 2 Vols. 12mo. 408

Book; to which is added a Glossary, Ejay on the Rupture, çalled Hydrocele,

explanatory of the obfcure and obíó- by Benjamin Humpage, Surgcon, 68

lete Words, by R. Warner, Jun. 440

The Harp, a Legendary Tale, in two



A JOURNAL of the Passage from India,

Harriot and Sophia; or, the Test of by a Route partiy unfrequenced,

Love, including several entertain- through Mesopotamia, Armenia,

ing and affecting Narratives, never and Natolia, or Asia Minor; to

before made public, written by a which are added, Observations and

Lady of Distinction, 2 Vols. 12mo. Instructions, for the Use of those who

408 intend to travel, either to or from

Hartley-house, Calcutta, 3 Vols. 164 India, by that Route, by. Thomas

Heerfort and Clara, from the German, Howel, M. D.


3 Vols. 12mo.

494 Don Juan; or, the Libertine destroyed,

The Countess of Hennebon, an historical a Tragic pantomimical Entertain-

Novel, in 3 Vols. by the Author of meut, in two Acts,


the Priory of St. Bernard, 12 mo.408 Jure Divino, or the true Grounds

Tbe Hermit of Snowden; or Memoirs and Reasons for the Support of the

of Albert and Lavinia, taken from a Christian Ministry, occalioned by the

faithful Copy of the original Manu- present contested Election at the

Script, which was found in the Her- Asylum,


mitage, by the late Rev. Dr. L. and

Mr. —, in the Year 19**, 163

Observations on the Herring Fisheries A LECTURE, on the Atmosphere of

upon the North and East Coasts of London, as read before a public So-

Scotland, &c.by Lewis Mac Culloch. ciety, June 14, 1788, with Plates


illustrative of the Phenomena, and

Hints, &c. fubmitted to the serious a Preface, by B. Taylor, 4to 330

Attention of the Clergy, Nobility, Leith Hill, a Poem

and Gentry, newly associated, by L' Heretier, aut minus cognitz quas De-

a Layman, second Edition,

192 fcriptionibus & Iconibus illuftravit,

Hipoire du Governement François, depuis


i' Affemblée des Nctables tenue le 22 Letter, to Sir William Augustus Brown,

Fevrier, 1787, jusqu'a la Fin de De- Bart. on a late Affair of Honour,

cembre de la même Année 8vo. Londres,

with Col. Lenox; and the Correi-


3'5 pondence with the hon. Col.Phipps,

Hifoire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, by Theophilus Swift, Esq. 77

Année 1785, avec les Memoires de A Letter to the Author of a Letter

Physique et Mathmatique de la même to the B shops on the Application

Année, 4to. Paris, 1788, 544

of the Dislenters for a Repeal of the

Tbe History of Sandford and Merton, Corporation and Test Acts, by

a Work intended for the Use of

W. A.

Children, Vol. III. 12mo. 328 A Third Letter from Major Scott tú

Tbe interesting and offelling History of Mr. Fox, on the Story of Deby Sing;

Prince Lee Bon, a Native of the Two letters relative to the Expences

Pelew Islands, brought to England attending the Trial of Warren Haft-

by Capt. Wilson; to which is per- ings, Esq. and a Letter to Mr. Burke,

fixed, a short Accuunt of those Svo,

Inands, with a Sketch of the Man. A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Caleb Evans,

ners, and Customs of the Inbabi. M. A. by William Huntingdon, S.


S. 8vo.


History of the late Revolution in the

-from Pope Pius VI. to the
Dutch Republic,

473 French Natson, translated from the

The Modern Husband, a Novel, in a Original, by Vr. Goynard du Bonr.

Scries of Letters, by the Author of ney,

A Letter

Lord Bihop of St. David's, occalion- funt, Decadum Liber Prior ex Editione

ed by his Sermon on the Principle Drakenborchii cum Notis ejusdem selec?is,

of Vitality in Man, &c.


to the Rev. Elhanan Win. Paffuges concerning the Lord's Prayer,

chester; in which his Theological and its internal Senfe; selected from
Tenets and Opinions are fairly and the Writings of the Hon. Emanuel
candidly examined and contutod, as Swedenborg, Servant of the Lord
inconclusive and sophistical, by Dr. Jesus Christ, for the Use of the Lord's
402 new Church,

to Dr. Priestley; or a Voily Louisa and Nina; or, an Excursion to
of Random Shot, discharged at him, Yverdun, 2 Vols. 12mo. 251
from the old Fortress, called the
Church of England, by a Volunteer, A Sca MANUAL, recommended to the

622 young Officers of the Royal Navy,

Letters of a Friend to the Rockingham as a Companion tu the Signal Book,

Party, and of an Englishman, 402 by Sir Alexander Schomberg, Evo,

-of the late Thomas Rundle,


LL. D. Lord Bifhop of Derry in Irc- Accounts and Extraëls of the Manuscripts

land, to Mrs. Barbara Şandys of in the Library of the King of France;

Milerden, Gloucestershire; wiib in- published under the Inspection of a

troductory Memoirs, by James Dale Committee of the Royal Academy

laway, M. A.

201 of Sciences at Paris; tranflated froni

Original, written during the the French, 2 Vols. 8vo. 203

Reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV and The Married Man, a Comedy, in three

Richard III, by various Persons of Acts, from the Philosophe Marié of

Rank or Coolequcnce ; digested in M. Nericault Deftouchés, by Mrs.

chrono ogical Order, with Notes Inchbald,


hiftorical and explanatory, and au- Treatife of the Materia Medica, by W.

thenticated by Engravings of Auto- Cuilen, M. D. concluded, 253

graphs, Fac Similies, Paper Marks, Matilda, au Original Pocm, in seven

and Seals, by Sir John Fern, Knight, Cantos, ly Mr. Best,

M. A. and F. A.S. Vols. III, and Medical Efluys. I. An Essay on the Prin-

ciples and Manners of the Medical

Two tu the Rt. Rev. Father in Profession. 11. An Enquiry into

God, Lewis, Lord Bishop of Norwich; thu Merits of Solvents for thc Stone,

the lirit, occasioned by his late Vi- with Additions, 8vo.


fitation-tour through the Counties Medical Inquiries and Observations ;

of Norfolk and Suffolk; with some to which is added an Appendix, con-

Reniarks on a Preparatory Discourfe taining Observations on the Duties

on Confirmation, by Tho. Knowles, of a Phyfician, and the Methods of

D. D.— The second, requesting his improving Medicine, by Benjamin

Lordship to name the Prelate, to Rush, M. D. the second Edition, 8vo,

whom he referred, as contending


strenuoully for the general Excel. An Introduction to the Practice of Mid.
lence of our present authorized wifery, by Thomas Denman, M. D.
Translation of the Bible, 491

Volume thc first,


The Origin unil Importance of Life conti- A pious Meditation, composed in the

dered in a Sermon, preached at the last Century, by John Whitson, Esq.

Parish Church of St. Giles's, North- Alderman of the City of Bristol;

ampton, Sept. 13, 1789, introducto- to which is perfixed fome Account
ry to the Inflitution of the Preserva- of the Author, collected from au-

tive Society in that County; and at thentic Records, by G. S. Calcott,

the Parish Church of Cathalton in

Surry, for the Benefit of the Royal Memoire des Ministres du Roi addressé à

Huniane Society, Oct: 2.5, 1789, by l'Afenblic Nationale le 24 Octobré,

William Ayutter, M. A. 493 1780,



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