The Christian Examiner, المجلد 27

الغلاف الأمامي
James Miller, 1840
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الصفحة 399 - The intelligible forms of ancient poets, The fair humanities of old religion, The power, the beauty, and the majesty, That had their haunts in dale, or piny mountain. Or forest by slow stream, or pebbly spring, Or chasms and wat'ry depths; all these have vanished ; They live no longer in the faith of reason!
الصفحة 174 - But many of the priests and Levites and chief of the fathers, who were ancient men, that had seen the first house, when the foundation of this house was laid before their eyes, wept with a loud voice...
الصفحة 342 - Thou wast a bauble once ; a cup and ball, Which babes might play with; and the thievish jay, Seeking her food, with ease might have purloin'd The auburn nut that held thee, swallowing down Thy yet close folded latitude of boughs And all thine embryo vastness at a gulp.
الصفحة 149 - We wither from our youth, we gasp away — Sick — sick ; unfound the boon — unslaked the thirst, Though to the last, in verge of our decay, Some phantom lures, such as we sought at first — But all too late, — so are we doubly curst, Love, fame, ambition, avarice — 'tis the same — Each idle, and all ill, and none the worst — For all are meteors with a different name, And Death the sable smoke where vanishes the flame.
الصفحة 338 - I was occupied, or ought to have been, in the study of the law. From thirty-three to sixty I have spent my time in the country, where my reading has been only an apology for idleness, and where, when I had not either a magazine or a review...
الصفحة 180 - The following Tracts were published with the object of contributing something towards the practical revival of doctrines, which, ' although held by the great divines of our Church, at present have ' become obsolete with the majority of her members, and are with- ! drawn from public view even by the more learned and orthodox few who still adhere to them.
الصفحة 193 - Whatsoever time, or the heedless hand of blind chance, hath drawn down from of old to this present in her huge drag-net, whether fish or sea-weed, shells or shrubs, unpicked, unchosen, those are the fathers.
الصفحة 228 - The invisible things of Him, even His eternal power and Godhead, are, from the creation of the world, clearly seen ; being understood by the things that are made.
الصفحة 380 - passed through the feverish and somewhat visionary state of mind often connected with the passionate study of art in early life; deep affections and deep sorrows seem to have solemnized my whole being, and I now feel as if bound to higher and holier tasks, which, though I may occasionally lay aside, I could not long wander from without some sense of dereliction.
الصفحة 80 - I consider how mankind may be connected like one great family in fraternal ties. I indulge a fond, perhaps an enthusiastic, idea, that, as the world is much less barbarous than it has been, its melioration must still be progressive ; that nations are becoming more humanized in their policy ; that the subjects of ambition and causes for hostility are daily diminishing ; and, in fine, that the period is not very remote, when the benefits of a liberal and free commerce will pretty generally succeed...

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