Dictionary of National Biography, المجلد 49

الغلاف الأمامي
Leslie Stephen
Macmillan, 1897

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الصفحة 342 - There is scarcely any work of any poet at once so interesting by the fable and so delightful in the language." The playgoing public emphatically approved its pathos. The villain, ' the gallant, gay Lothario,' acquired a proverbial reputation. The heroine, Calista, was a favourite character with
الصفحة 21 - beyond what Luther saw, while the Calvinists stick fast where they were left by that great man of God, who yet saw not all things;
الصفحة 407 - to the horse to march as close as was possible, keeping their ranks with sword in hand, to receive the enemy's shot, without firing either carbine or pistol till we broke in amongst the enemy, and then to make use of our firearms as need should require
الصفحة 197 - mine, that though I own The subject worthless, I have never known The artist shining with superior grace. But this I mark—that symptoms none of woe In thy incomparable work appear ; Well : I
الصفحة 213 - You ask why Koome diverts you with his jokes, Yet, if he writes, is dull as other folks? You wonder at it. This, Sir, is the case : The jest is lost unless he prints his face; 1
الصفحة 312 - and silent face, The marble index of a mind for ever Voyaging through strange seas of Thought , alone — which Wordsworth
الصفحة 197 - satisfied it should be so; Since, on maturer thought, the cause is clear ; For in my looks what sorrow couldst thou see, When I was Hayley's guest, and
الصفحة 408 - beat the rebel army of both kingdoms, which are before it ; then, but otherwise not, I may possibly make a shift upon the defensive to spin out time until you come to assist me.
الصفحة 435 - advised moderate courses ; but was not incapable, for want of resolution, of being carried into violent ones, if his advice would not have been submitted to; and therefore many who knew him well thought his death not unseasonable, as well to his fame as to his fortune
الصفحة 175 - never saw the man and never read the book.' ' The booksellers wanted a Preface. ... I knew very well what such a dictionary should be, and I wrote a preface accordingly

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