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Blessed are they that keep His ments hast made me wiser than testimonies : and seek Him with mine enemies : for they are ever their whole heart.

with me. For they who do no wickedness : I have more understanding than walk in His ways.

my teachers : for Thy testimonies Thou hast charged : that we are my study. shall diligently keep Thy com- I am wiser than the aged : bemandments.

cause I keep Thy commandments. O that my ways were made so I have refrained my feet from direct : that I might keep Thy sta- every evil way : that I may keep tutes !

Thy word. So shall I not be confounded : I have not shrunk from Thy while I have respect unto all Thy judgments : for Thou teachest me. commandments.

O how sweet are Thy words unto I will thank Thee with an un- my throat : yea, sweeter than honey feigned heart : when I shall have unto my mouth. learned the judgments of Thy right- Through Thy commandments I

get understanding : therefore I hate I will keep Thy ceremonies : 0 all evil ways. forsake me not utterly.

Trust in God's mercy and protec

tion amid trouble. PART OF PSALM 119, v. 89.

PSALM 41. 0 LORD, Thy word : endureth

LESSED is he that considereth for ever in heaven.

the Thy truth also remaineth from shall deliver him in the time of

poor and needy : the Lord one generation to another : Thou

trouble. hast laid the foundation of the earth,

The Lord preserve him, and keep and it abideth.

him alive, that he may be blessed They continue this day according to Thine ordinance : for all things him into the will of his enemies.

upon earth : and deliver not Thou serve Thee.

The Lord comfort him, when he If my delight had not been in lieth sick upon his bed : make Thou Thy law : I should have perished in all his bed in his sickness.

I said, Lord, be merciful unto I will never forget Thy commandments : for with them Thou me: heal my soul, for I have sinned hast quickened me.

against Thee. I am Thine, O save me : for I When shall he die, and his name

Mine enemies speak evil of me: have sought Thy commandments.

perish ? The ungodly laid wait for me to

And if he come to see me, he destroy me : but I will consider speaketh vanity : and his heart conThy testimonies.

ceiveth falsehood within himself, I see that all things come to an and when he cometh forth he telleth end : but Thy commandment is ex

it. ceeding broad.

All mine enemies whisper toge

ther against me : even against me PART OF Psalm 119, v. 97.

do they imagine this evil.

Let the sentence of guiltiness Thy law : all the day long is proceed against him : and now that my love in it.

he lieth, let him rise up no more. Thou through Thy command- Yea, even mine own familiar

my trouble.

LORD what lover have I unto


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friend, whom I trusted : who did mouth of them that speak lies shall also eat of my bread, hath laid great be stopped. wait for me. But be Thou merciful unto me,

The sure defence and peace of those O Lord : raise Thou me up again,

who trust in God's promises. and I shall reward them.

Psalm 91. By this I know Thou favourest HOSO dwelleth under the deme : that mine enemy doth not fence of the Most High : triumph against me.

shall abide under the shadow of the And when I am in my health, Almighty. Thou upholdest me : and shalt set I will say unto the Lord, Thou me before Thy face for ever. art my hope, and my stronghold:

Blessed be the Lord God of Is- my God, in Him will I trust. rael : world without end. Amen. For He shall deliver thee from the

snare of the hunter : and from the Psalm 63.

noisome pestilence. GOD, Thou art my God : He shall defend thee under His

early will I seek Thee. wings, and thou shalt be safe under My soul thirsteth for Thee, my His feathers : His faithfulness and flesh also longeth after Thee : in truth shall be thy shield and buckler. a barren and dry land where no Thou shalt not be afraid for any water is.

terror by night : nor for the arrow Thus have I looked for Thee in that flieth by day; holiness : that I might behold Thy For the pestilence that walketh power and glory.

in darkness : nor for the sickness For Thy loving-kindness is better that destroyeth in the noon-day. than the life itself : my lips shall A thousand shall fall beside thee, praise Thee.

and ten thousand at thy right hand: As long as I live will I magnify but it shall not come nigh thee. Thee on this manner : and lift up Yea, with thine eyes shalt thou my hands in Thy name.

behold : and see the reward of the My soul shall be satisfied even as ungodly. it were with marrow and fatness : For Thou, Lord, art my hope : when my mouth praiseth Thee with Thou hast set Thine house of dejoyful lips.

fence very high. Have not remembered The There shall no evil happen unto my bed : and thought upon Thee thee : neither shall any plague come when I was waking ?

nigh thy dwelling. Because Thou hast been my help- For He shall give His angels er : therefore under the shadow of charge over thee : to keep thee in Thy wings will I rejoice.

all thy ways. My soul hangeth upon Thee : They shall bear thee in their Thy right hand hath upholden me. hands : that thou hurt not thy foot

These also that seek the hurt of against a stone. my soul : they shall go under the Thou shalt go upon the lion and earth.

adder : the young lion and the draLet them fall upon the edge of gon shalt thou tread under thy feet. the sword : that they may be a

Because he hath set his love upon portion for foxes.

Me, therefore will I deliver him :I But the king shall rejoice in will set him up, because he hath God; all they also that swear by known My name. Him shall be commended : for the He shall call upon Me, and I will


as the

their own wickedness : the Lord Pun Mine anger: neither


hear him : yea, I am with him in Thou art a place to hide me in, trouble ; I will deliver him, and Thou shalt preserve me from troubring him to honour.

ble : Thou shalt compass me about With long life will I satisfy him : with songs of deliverance. and shew him My salvation.

I will inform thee, and teach thee

in the way wherein thou shalt go : Psalm 125.

and I will guide thee with Mine THEY that put their trust in the eye. Lord shall be even

Be ye not like to horse and mule, Mount Sion : which may not be which have no understanding removed, but standeth fast for ever. whose mouths must be held with

The hills stand about Jerusalem : bit and bridle, lest they fall upon even so standeth the Lord round thee. about His people, from this time Great plagues remain for the unforth for evermore.

godly : but whoso putteth his trust For the rod of the ungodly cometh in the Lord, mercy embraceth him not into the lot of the righteous : on every side. lest the righteous put their hand Be glad, () ye righteous, and reunto wickedness.

joice in the Lord : and be joyful, all Do well, O Lord : unto those ye that are true of heart. that are good and true of heart.

PSALM 38. As for such as turn back unto

me O , shall lead them forth with the evildoers; but peace shall be upon

me in Thy heavy displeasure. Israel.

For Thine arrows stick fast in me:

and Thy hand presseth me sore. Penitential.

There is no health in my flesh, Psalm 32.

because of Thy displeasure : neither LESSED is he whose unright, is there any rest in my bones, by

eousness is forgiven : and reason of my sin. whose sin is covered.

For my wickednesses are gone Blessed is the man unto whom over my head : and are like a sore the Lord imputeth no sin : and in burden, too heavy for me to bear. whose spirit there is no guile. My wounds stink, and are cor

For while I held my tongue : my rupt : through my foolishness. bones consumed away through my I am brought into so great troudaily complaining.

ble and misery : that I go mournFor Thy hand is heavy upon me ing all the day long. day and night : and my moisture is For my loins are filled with a sore like the drought in summer. disease : and there is no whole part

I will acknowledge my sin unto in my body. Thee : and mine unrighteousness I am feeble, and sore smitten : have I not hid.

I have roared for the very disquietI said, I will confess my sins unto ness of my heart. the Lord : and so Thou forgavest Lord, Thou knowest all my dethe wickedness of my sin.

sire : and my groaning is not hid For this shall every one that is from Thee. godly make his prayer unto Thee, in My heart panteth, my strength a time when Thou mayest be found : hath failed me : and the sight of but in the great water-floods they mine eyes is gone from me. shall not come nigh Him.

My lovers and my neighbours did


stand looking upon my trouble : and over me : for when my foot slipped, my kinsmen stood afar off.

they rejoiced greatly against me. They also that sought after my And I, truly, am set in the life laid snares for me : and they that plague : and my heaviness is ever in went about to do me evil talked of my sight. wickedness, and imagined deceit all For I will confess my wickedness: the day long.

and be sorry for my sin. As for me, I was like a deaf man, But mine enemies live, and are and heard not : and as one that is mighty : and they that hate me dumb, who doth not open his mouth. wrongfully are many in number.

I became even as a man that They also that reward evil for heareth not : and in whose mouth good are against me : because I are no reproofs.

follow the thing that good is. For in Thee, O Lord, have I put Forsake me not, O Lord my God: my trust : Thou shalt answer for me, be not Thou far from me. O Lord my God.

Haste Thee to help me : 0 Lord I have required that they, even God of my salvation. mine enemies, should not triumph

Then all say, I BELIEVE in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven

and earth:

And in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead, and buried ; He descended into hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy Catholic Church; the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting. Amen.

Then he says,

AY the reading of the Holy Word (or Holy Gospel) be

unto us salvation and protection. Amen.
Then he reads one of the short chapters following:
first Tteek.

tians; from St. Paul's 1st Epistles MONDAY.

to Timothy and to the Corinth

Love, or charity, the fulfilling of 1
the law.

WE no man any thing, but to

love one an ner : for he that The Lesson is taken from St. Paul's loveth another hath fulfilled the

Epistles to the Romans and Gala- law. ... Love worketh no ill to

Rom. xiii. 8, 10.

his neighbour : therefore love is the

TUESDAY fulfilling of the law. I Now the end of the command

Faith necessary to uphold and sti.

mulate the Christian in his reli. ment is charity out of a pure heart,

gious walk. and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned : faith which work- From St. Paul's Second Epistle to eth by love.

the Corinthians, and from the 2 Though I speak with the tongues

Holy Gospel according to St. of men and of angels, and have not

Matthew. charity, I am become as sounding 3 E walk by faith, not by sight.

though I have the gift of prophecy, things which are seen, but at the and understand all mysteries, and things which are not seen : for the all knowledge ; and though I have things which are seen are temporal ; all faith, so that I could remove but the things which are not seen mountains, and have not charity, I are eternal. am nothing. And though I bestow * And straightway Jesus conall my goods to feed the poor, and strained His disciples to get into a though I give my body to be burned, ship, and to go before Him unto and have not charity, it profiteth the other side, while He sent the me nothing. Charity suffereth long, multitudes away. And when He and is kind; charity envieth not; had sent the multitudes away, He charity vaunteth not itself, is not went up into a mountain apart to puffed up, doth not behave itself pray: and when the evening was unseemly, seeketh not her own, is come,

He was there alone. But not easily provoked, thinketh no the ship was now in the midst of evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity, but the sea, tossed with waves; for the rejoiceth in the truth ; beareth all wind was contrary. And in the things, believeth all things, hopeth fourth watch of the night Jesus all things, endureth all things. went unto them, walking on the Charity never faileth : but whether sea. And when the disciples saw there be prophecies, they shall fail ; Him walking on the sea, they were whether there be tongues, they shall troubled, saying, It is a spirit ; and cease ; whether there be knowledge, they cried out for fear. But straightit shall vanish away. For we know way Jesus spake unto them, sayin part, and we prophesy in part. ing, Be of good cheer ; It is I; be But when that which is perfect is not afraid. And Peter answered come, then that which is in part Him and said, Lord, if it be Thou, shall be done away. When I was bid me come unto Thee on the a child, I spake as a child, I un- water. And He said, Come. And derstood as a child, I thought as a when Peter was come down out of child ; but when I became a man, the ship, he walked on the water I put away childish things. For to go to Jesus. But when he saw now we see through a glass darkly; the wind boisterous, he was afraid ; but then face to face : now I know and beginning to sink, he cried, in part; but then shall I know even saying, Lord, save me. And imas also I am known. And now mediately Jesus stretched forth His abideth faith, hope, charity, these hand, and caught him, and said three; but the greatest of these is unto him, Othou of little faith, charity.

wherefore didst thou doubt ? And 11 Tim. i. 5, and Gal. v. 6.

2 1 Cor. xiii. 1. 3 2 Cor. v. 7, and iv. 18.

4 St. Matt. xiv, 22.


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