Time and the Bible's Number Code: An Exciting Confirmation of God's Time-Line for Man

الغلاف الأمامي
Adventures Unlimited Press, 25‏/02‏/2015 - 100 من الصفحات
The Bible's number code is authentic! Using all new material and the latest research on Gematria, researcher Bonnie Gaunt delves into the fascinating new patterns of time and number that reveal the master plan of the 'Great Mathematician' to create the Kingdom of God on Earth. Gaunt's exciting research confirms the time of 'Kingdom Come' by the Number Code and the beautiful Golden Proportions. Chapters include: Finding a New Method: Why 6,000 Years?; The Years 1999 and 5760; The Pilgrim Festivals; Confirmation of Time Blocks; Jubilees: a Countdown; Seven Times(The Amazing Golden Proportion).

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Finding a New Method
The Exact Price of Redemption
The Year 1999 and 5760
The Pilgrim Festivals
Confirmation by Time Blocks
Jubilees a Countdown
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