The Broken Code: Biblical and Current Awakenings to End Time Events

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 11‏/06‏/2007 - 144 من الصفحات
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This book is a bold and bazaar story, a forbiden fruit for the Politically Correct and for the Righteous and Religiously endowed, cowards they are with condemnations always on their lips.

God is Spirit and Truth! He is only worshiped in Spirit and Truth! Religion is neither! A poison it is, with a price to pay!

Jesus said "Destroy this Temple and I will rebuild it in Three Days!"

God the Creator demands repect for all human life. Now we see scientist abuseing this life, this life that they are so entrusted with! Cloning andFetus Stem cell research for body parts, Abortions by the millions a beastly mankind aCannibalism it is!

Here is a story, God always fools the foolish and the proud! God our Father keeps the keys of knowlege for His little children!

This is a story for the heart, God and Religion don't ever mix! No Pope, No Saint, No Scientist, No Senitor, No Clergy, No Ayatollah is spaired the all seeing eye of God!

The signature of Dante' on this book's cover would set the world on fire again!


ما يقوله الناس - كتابة مراجعة

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نبذة عن المؤلف (2007)

Frank's greatest joy in life is when he was filled with The Holy Spirit. Raised Catholic, he was not at peace with himself. He asked for prayer, the laying on of the hands at the age of 24. Frank is retired from working as a carpenter, mechanic, real estate agent and is now in love with writting. This is Frank's first book and he has no religious credentals other than a degree of spirit and truth. Frank was a happily married man and a father when an authoritive, greedy, ungodly pastor agreeded with his wife that four children were to many. This led to a divorce and Frank not seeing much of his four children, to this very day. Frank's love for his children, his love of history and his love for reading the bible worked on his mechanical logic mind and led to his writting this book The Broken Code. Frank dedicates this book in the spirit of wholeness for all the broken families the men, women and children. His prayer is for you that God our Father will heal you and make you whole and at peace again a child in His Spirit! Reborn in His Spirit one with the Father as Jesus is and said we would be!

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