The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V: With a View of Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century

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J.J. Harper, 1830 - 610 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 126 - Paul, and of the most holy pope, granted and committed to me in these parts, do absolve thee, first from all ecclesiastical censures, in whatever manner they have been incurred, and then from all thy sins, transgressions, and excesses, how enormous soever they may be, even from...
الصفحة 332 - His mind, forcible and vehement in all its operations, roused by great objects or agitated by violent passions, broke out, on many occasions, with an impetuosity which astonishes men of feebler spirits or such as are placed in a more tranquil situation. By carrying some praiseworthy dispositions to excess, he bordered sometimes on what was culpable, and was often betrayed into actions which exposed him to censure. His confidence that his own opinions were...
الصفحة 455 - He observed, that, from the seventeenth year of his age, he had dedicated all his thoughts and attention to public objects, reserving no portion of his time for the indulgence of his ease, and very little for the enjoyment of private pleasure...
الصفحة 332 - Regardless of any distinction of rank or character when his doctrines were attacked, he chastised all his adversaries indiscriminately, with the same rough hand ; neither the royal dignity of Henry VIII. nor the eminent learning and abilities of Erasmus, screened them from the same gross abuse with which he treated Tetzel or Eccius. But these indecencies of which Luther was guilty, must not be imputed wholly to the violence of his temper. They ought to be charged in part on the manners of the age....
الصفحة 37 - ... points. The admiration of these qualities, together with the high distinctions and prerogatives conferred on knighthood in every part of Europe, inspired persons of noble birth on some occasions with a species of military, fanaticism, and led them to extravagant enterprises ; but they deeply imprinted on their minds the principles of generosity and honour.
الصفحة 11 - Nations, are the dreadful epithets by which they distinguish the most noted of the barbarous leaders ; and they compare the ruin which they bad brought on the world, to the havoc occasioned by earthquakes, conflagrations, or deluges, the most formidable and fatal calamities which the imagination of man can conceive.
الصفحة 37 - ... this institution, which has appeared whimsical to superficial observers, but by its effects has proved of great benefit to mankind. The sentiments which chivalry inspired had a wonderful influence on manners and conduct during the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries. They were so deeply rooted, that they continued to operate after the vigour and reputation of the institution itself began to decline.
الصفحة 498 - Venetian senate foresaw on the first discovery of a passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope, actually took place.
الصفحة 482 - He resolved to celebrate his own obsequies before his death. He ordered his tomb to be erected in the chapel of the monastery. His domestics marched thither in funeral procession, with black tapers in their hands. He himself followed in his shroud. He was laid in his coffin with much solemnity.
الصفحة 18 - Asia, while former adventurers returned home and imported many of the customs to which they had been familiarized by a long residence abroad. Accordingly, we discover, soon after the commencement of the Crusades, greater splendour in the courts of princes, greater pomp in public ceremonies, a more refined taste in...

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