A Summer in Andalucia, المجلد 1

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الصفحة 26 - The sunken glen, whose sunless shrubs must weep, The tender azure of the unruffled deep, The orange tints that gild the greenest bough, The torrents that from cliff to valley leap. The vine on high, the willow branch below, Mix'd in one mighty scene, with varied beauty glow, of.
الصفحة 109 - Ce ne sont point les prairies et les feuilles d'un vert cru et froid qui font les admirables paysages, ce sont les effets de la lumière : voilà pourquoi les roches et les bruyères de la baie de Naples seront toujours plus belles que les vallées les plus fertiles de la France et de l'Angleterre.
الصفحة 47 - Oh never talk again to me Of northern climes and British ladies; It has not been your lot to see, Like me, the lovely girl of Cadiz. Although her eye be not of blue, Nor fair her locks, like English lasses, How far its own expressive hue The languid azure eye surpasses ! S.
الصفحة 186 - Estos, Fabio, ¡ay dolor! , que ves ahora campos de soledad, mustio collado, fueron un tiempo Itálica famosa. Aquí de Cipión la vencedora colonia fue: por tierra derribado yace el temido honor de la espantosa muralla, y lastimosa reliquia es solamente. De su invencible gente sólo quedan memorias funerales, donde erraron ya sombras de alto ejemplo.
الصفحة 158 - ... riqueza, Compostela en fortaleza, Leon en sotileza, Sevilla en grandeza — " " Toledo in wealth ; Compostela in strength ; Leon in airiness ; Seville in magnitude," — determines its superiority in this respect. It is in the form of a Latin cross, has five aisles, and is surrounded by numerous chapels.* Four rows of enormous clustered columns, eight in each row, separate the aisles, and were hung, when I first saw them, from capital to base, with crimson damask, streaked with yellow, the trappings...
الصفحة 184 - Beggars of all classes are numerous enough in every part of Spain, and since the expulsion of their patrons, the monks, have transferred their attendance from the convents to the churches ; but never do I remember witnessing such an assemblage as within and around the walls of Seville Cathedral. The eye is never weary of beholding, nor the mind of contemplating, this magnificent temple. Every day of my short stay in Seville, I spent many hours within its walls, besides frequently availing myself...
الصفحة 185 - ... doubtfully revealing the rest of the church; when the organ pealed unseen from above, a chorus, as it were, of celestial music? — Or, still later, when, as the shades of twilight deepened, the soaring roofs were lost to the eye, and the huge columns seemed to stretch up into boundless space ; and when the tapers before some far-off shrine seemed burning at an indefinite distance ? — Or, in the hour of silence, solitude, and darkness, has he paced the deserted aisles, and experienced the tremendous...
الصفحة 157 - Its proportions of four hundred and twenty feet in length, by two hundred and ninety-one in breadth, constitute it the largest Gothic cathedral in Spain. Indeed the old saying, " La de Toledo, la rica; la de Salamanca, la fuerte ; la de Leon, la bella ; la de Sevilla, la grande — That of Toledo, the rich ! that of Salamanca, the strong; that of Leon, the beautiful ; that of Seville, the great,"— or the other, " Toledo en riqueza, Compostela en fortaleza, Leon en sotileza, Sevilla en grandeza...
الصفحة 153 - — " See Naples and .then die ! " exclaim the Neapolitans. The same fond admiration of their city has suggested the above extravagant couplet to the Sevillanos. Nevertheless, who that has seen the Cathedral, the Alcazar, the remains of Roman and Arabian architecture, and the venerable, picturesque city itself, can deny that Seville is verily a wonder ? The Cathedral alone would justify this boast.
الصفحة 175 - I say, because such absurdities are now credited by few except women, who are generally more tenacious of their religious belief than the other sex. Yet many females, though otherwise good Catholics — regular attendants at mass and the confessional, — give little credence to such ridiculous miracles and legends ; and their number is likely to increase, owing to the expulsion of the monks, and the declining influence of the priests. I hardly imagine that Juanico himself, with all his simplicity,...

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