The letters of Rusticus on the natural history of Godalming

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John Van Voorst, 1849 - 164 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 86 - As soon as the egg hatches, the little grub gnaws a hole in the crown z 2 of the apple, and soon buries itself in its substance; and it is worthy of remark that the rind of the apple, as if to afford every facility to the destroyer, is thinner here than in any other part, and consequently more easily pierced.
الصفحة 78 - ... destroyed, as is too often the case ; but, on the contrary, every encouragement should be given to so decided a friend to the hop-grower, " Besides the ladybird and its grub, there are two other terrible enemies to the poor aphis; one of which is a green ungainly-looking grub, without legs, which lies flat on the surface of the leaf, and stretches out its neck just like a leech, till it touches one of them ; directly he feels one he seizes it in his teeth, and holds it up wriggling in the air,...
الصفحة 43 - ... white, brown, green, yellow, and black into the shells of the eggs of the guillemots, that it absolutely requires the aid of the well-set pallet of a painter to give an adequate idea of their beautifully blended variety of colouring. The pen has no chance of success in attempting the description. The rock-climbers assure you that the guillemot, when undisturbed, never lays more than one egg ; but that, if it be taken away, she will lay another ; and, if she be plundered of that, she will then...
الصفحة 67 - I have taken a good deal of pains to find out the birth and parentage of true blights; and for this purpose have watched, day after day, the colonies of them in my own garden, and single ones which I have kept in-doors...
الصفحة 88 - By burning weeds in your garden, at this time of year, you will effectually drive away this little moth. If you have trees the crops of which you value, make a smoking (mind, not a blazing) fire under each. It will put you to some inconvenience if your garden be near your house ; but the apples will repay you for that.

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