Concerning the Relations of Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal, to Each Other, and to the Common Enemy, at this Crisis: And Specifically as Affected by the Convention of Cintra: the Whole Brought to the Test of Those Principles, by which Alone the Independence and Freedom of Nations Can be Preserved Or Recovered

الغلاف الأمامي
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1809 - 216 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 85 - Government, against subjects of Portugal, or any other individuals residing in this country, founded on the occupation of Portugal by the French troops in the month of December 1807, which may not have been paid up, are cancelled, and all sequestrations laid upon their property, moveable or immoveable, are removed, and the free disposal of the same is restored to the proper owners.
الصفحة 118 - Ultima Cumaei venit jam carminis aetas ; Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo. Jam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna : Jam nova progenies coelo demittitur alto.
الصفحة 199 - Portugal, having determined to negotiate and conclude a treaty for the evacuation of Portugal by the French troops, on the basis of the agreement entered into on the 22d instant, for a suspension of hostilities, have appointed the under-mentioned officers to negotiate the same in their names, viz : On the part of the general-in-chief of the British army, Lieutenant-colonel Murray, quarter-master-general, and, on the part of the general-in-chief of the French army, M.
الصفحة 179 - And these men, habituated more to spiritual pride than carnal riot or intemperance, so consequently having been industrious and active in their former callings and professions, where natural courage wanted, zeal supplied its place : and at first they chose rather to die than fly ; and custom removed fear of danger ; and afterwards finding the sweet of good pay and of opulent plunder and preferment, the lucrative part made gain seem to them a natural member of godliness.
الصفحة 183 - There is a spiritual community binding together the living and the dead ; the good, the brave, and the wise, of all ages. We would not be rejected from this community; and therefore do we hope.
الصفحة 182 - I entreat those, who are in this delusion, to lo&k behind them and about them for the evidence of experience. Now this, rightly understood, not only gives no support to any such belief; but proves that the truth is in direct opposition to it. The history of all ages; tumults after tumults; wars, foreign or civil, with short or with no...
الصفحة 199 - All the places and forts in the kingdom of Portugal, occupied by the French troops, shall be delivered up to the British army in the state in which they are at the period of the signature of the present Convention. ART.
الصفحة 162 - In many parts of Europe (and especially in our own country), men have been pressing forward, for some time, in a path which has betrayed by its fruitfulness ; furnishing them constant employment for picking up things about their feet, when thoughts were perishing in their minds. While mechanic arts, manufactures, agriculture, commerce, and all those products of knowledge which are confined to gross, definite, and tangible objects, have, with the aid of experimental philosophy, been every day putting...
الصفحة 208 - JM does allege in proof of his opinions — are as glaringly mis-stated. The first of these charges is the most important : I give it to the reader in the words of Sir John Moore : — ' The French cavalry from Burgos, in small detachments, are over-running the province of Leon ; raising contributions; to which the inhabitants submit without the least resistance.

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