Life of Colonel Jack: And, A True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal

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D. A. Talboys, 1840 - 356 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 339 - ... given me anything like it. It is fit to gratify the most ingenious and serious inquirer. Mrs Bargrave is the person to whom Mrs Veal appeared after her death ; she is my intimate friend, and I can avouch for her reputation for these last fifteen or sixteen years, on my own knowledge ; and I can confirm the good character she had from her youth to the time of my acquaintance ; though since this relation she is calumniated by some people that are friends to the brother of Mrs Veal who appeared,...
الصفحة 345 - You have seen her indeed ; for none knew, but Mrs. Veal and myself, that the gown was scoured." And Mrs. Watson owned that she described the gown exactly ; " for," said she,
الصفحة 344 - this seems so impertinent that I cannot tell how to comply with it ; and what a mortifying story will our conversation be to a young gentleman ! " " Well," says Mrs Veal,
الصفحة 335 - A True Relation of the Apparition of one Mrs Veal, the next Day after her Death, to one Mrs Bargrave, at Canterbury, the 8th of September 1705...
الصفحة 346 - ... if they can but get the relation from her own mouth. I should have told you before, that Mrs. Veal told Mrs. Bargrave, that her sister and brother-in-law were just come down from London to see her. Says Mrs. Bargrave, How came you to order matters so strangely ? It could not be helped, says Mrs.
الصفحة 348 - ... secure her reputation among the reasonable and understanding part of mankind. And then again Mr. Veal owns that there was a purse of gold ; but it was not found in her cabinet, but in a comb-box. This looks improbable ; for that Mrs. Watson owned that Mrs. Veal was so very careful of the key of the cabinet that she would trust nobody with it ; and if so, no doubt she would not trust her gold out of it. And Mrs. Veal's often drawing her hand over her eyes, and asking Mrs. Bargrave whether her...
الصفحة 341 - I am surprised to see you, you have been so long a stranger ; " but told her she was glad to see her, and offered to salute her, which Mrs Veal complied with, till their lips almost touched ; and then Mrs Veal drew her hand across her own eyes and said, " I am not very well," and so waived it. She told Mrs Bargrave she was going a journey, and had a great mind to see her first.
الصفحة 352 - Drelincourt, she said, had the clearest notions of death and of the future state of any who had handled that subject. Then she asked Mrs. Bargrave whether she had Drelincourt. She said "Yes.
الصفحة 341 - So Mrs. Bargrave went in with her into another room within the first, and Mrs. Veal set her down in an elbow-chair, in which Mrs. Bargrave was sitting when she heard Mrs. Veal knock. Then says Mrs. Veal, "My dear friend, I am come to renew our old friendship again, and beg your pardon for my breach of it ; and if you can forgive me, you are one of the best of women.
الصفحة 341 - Mrs. Veal. Says Mrs. Bargrave, I thought you were like the rest of the world, and that prosperity had made you forget yourself and me. Then Mrs. Veal reminded Mrs. Bargrave of the many friendly offices she did her in former days, and much of the conversation they...

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