Transactions of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, الجزء 2،المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
GEO. W. Bradbury & Company, 1839 - 334 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 121 - the state when formed, shall be admitted into the Union, on the same footing with the original states, in all respects whatever. Assuming the fact, that these documents guarantee to us, the same extent of sovereignty, as is enjoyed by the old states,
الصفحة 170 - by the Maumee route, a quantity of land, equal to one-half of five sections in width, on each side of said canal, between Dayton and the Maumee river, at the mouth of the Auglaize, so far as the same
الصفحة 142 - might extend from the mouth of the Great Miami, to the mouth of the Little Miami, and be bounded, by the Ohio on the south, the Great Miami on the west, the Little Miami on the east, and a parallel of latitude on the north, extending from
الصفحة 74 - than I have had, nor labor more assiduously for their good, than I have done; and I am not conscious that any one act of my administration, has been influenced by any other motive than a sincere desire to promote their welfare and happiness.
الصفحة 260 - Hanc olim veteres vitam coluere Sabini, Hanc Remus et frater; sic Fortis Etruria crevit, Scilicet et rerum facta est pulcherrima Roma,
الصفحة 246 - richness to our forests. This is particularly the case, on the fifteen acres included within the walls of the work, at the mouth of the Great Miami, and the relative proportions of the different kinds of timber, are about the same. The first growth on the same kind of land, once cleared, and then abandoned to nature, on the contrary, is more
الصفحة 331 - dart, Sooth the sharp pang, allay the fever's fire, And brace the nerves once more and cheer the heart, And yet a few soft nights and balmy days impart.
الصفحة 317 - country, and desirous of forming a general association with those who entertain the same ideas, they beg leave to propose the following plan, viz: That an association by the name of the. OHIO COMPANY, be formed of all such as wish to become purchasers, etc., in that country, who reside in the commonwealth of Massachusetts only, or to extend to
الصفحة 37 - grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit-tree yielding fruit, after his kind, whose seed is in itself.
الصفحة 332 - reared! Hail sacred freedom when by law restrained! Without you what were man? A grovelling herd, In darkness, wretchedness, and want enchained. Sublimed by you the Greek and Roman reigned In arts unrivaled; O, to latest days To godlike worth the generous bosom raise, In our country may your influence unprofaned, And prompt the sage's lore, and fire the poet's lays.

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