Travels in Central America [tr.] by M.F. Squier

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الصفحة 412 - Whither shall I go from thy spirit ? or whither shall I flee from thy presence ? If I ascend up to heaven, thou art there ; if I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there.
الصفحة 127 - He is taught to find his way in the most obscure forests, through means of the faintest indications. His ear is practised in quickly detecting the approach of wild animals, and his eye in discovering the venomous reptiles that may lie in his path. He is taught to distinguish the vines, the juices of which have the power of stupefying fishes so that they may be caught by hand, as also those which are useful for their flexibility, or for furnishing water to the wayfarer. He soon comes to...
الصفحة 131 - Here the intervention of the government is not necessary to stimulate production. Mechanics are to be found of almost every kind, frequently of great skill and taste — carpenters, masons, weavers, and workers in iron and the precious metals. Generally very well dressed, neat in person, with firm step and independent bearing, they constitute a class of citizens in the State who only require to be better educated to rise equal to the best.
الصفحة 127 - Maria, the precious balm with which he can heal his wounds, and the guaco which neutralizes the venom of serpents. He finds out the shady dells where the cacao flourishes, and the sunny eminences where the bees go to deposit their honey in the hollow trunks of decaying trees. He learns, or is taught, all these things early, and then his education is complete.
الصفحة 235 - from feeding on the bodies thus thrown in the lake, the fish became very largo, especially the turtles ; but, during the whole of their stay, the Spaniards would not touch them, so disgusted were they with the nature of the food which produced such plump and savory creatures.
الصفحة 429 - ... reader's faculties, for the time, the most irresistible spell, and against whose influence, consequently, the mental reaction is most violent and salutary. * * * His style, literally translated (and Mr. Durand is very literal), makes very natural English. It has an energy, an impetus, a splendor to which no words of ours can do justice. * * * Finally, we cannot help laying down our conviction that M.
الصفحة 128 - When he reaches the age of sixteen or seventeen years, he clears a little spot of ground in the forest with the aid of fire and his machete. He plants it with maize, builds a little hut in the corner, and then brings to it a companion, most likely one who was affianced to him in his earliest infancy. Without doubt, he has some regard to the age and attractions...
الصفحة 408 - His titles, as printed in the official acts, are, " His most excellent Senor, Don Rafael Carrera, President for life of the Republic, Captain General of the Forces, General Superintendent of the Treasury, Commander of the Royal Order of Leopold of Belgium, Honorary President of the Institute of Africa, decorated with various insignia for actions in war,
الصفحة xii - Chiapas places that great aboriginal city, with its white walls shining like silver in the sun, which the cura of Quiche affirmed to Mr. Stephens he had seen, with his own eyes, from the tops of the mountains of Quesaltenango.
الصفحة 430 - Philosophy of Art," etc. 16mo. $1.25. Taine's Philosophy of Art in the Netherlands Uniform with the ' ' Ideal in Art." 16mo. $1.25. Other Works by Taine, in preparation. The Philosophy of Art (a new edition). The Philosophy of Italian Art. The Philosophy of Greek Art. English Literature. MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS. The Novels of Friedrich Spielhagen. In uniform style. 12mo, cloth, $2 per volume. I. PROBLEMATIC CHARACTERS. Translated by Prof. Schele de Vere. II. THROUGH NIGHT TO LIGHT, (Sequel to...

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