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It is full of life and whim. The tricks are excellent, and the scenery and dresses splendid. Pantomime has no Columbine that at. all approaches the perfection of Mrs. Wybrow, and the Clown of Mr. Brudbury is irresistibly droll. Young Saunders' horsemanship is very neat, but the present Mr. Merryman is really a very sad fellow. The house is constantly full.


THESE beautiful gardens opened on Monday, the 15th instant, with more than usual splendor. The fireworks of Mad. Hengler, the singing of Mrs. Bland, Mrs. Margeram, Mr. Gibbon, and others, added to the excellence of the refreshments, afforded an exquisite treat to a multitude of persons in all the better spheres of life.


A GRAND aquatic melo-dramatic romance, called The Ocean Fiend, or the Infant's Peril, has recently been produced at this theatre, which, from almost total neglect, has become the most thronged with fashionable company of all the places of amusement in the suburbs of the metropolis. It is but just to say that it owes this powerful attraction primarily to the ingenious inventions of Mr. C. Dibdin, junr. and to the inimitable drollery in the performances of Mr. Grimaldi. The Ocean Fiend is by far the most magnificent and effective of all the aquatic exhibitions at this theatre, and the whole company acquit themselves in it to the admiration of the public. There is much comic humour in the Pedroso of Mr. Smith, and Miss Taylor, an airy figure, personated a dancing spirit in a very pleasing manner. The Clown of Mr. Grimaldi, however, is the principal cause of crowded lobbies and scarcely standing room.


THE term of years granted of the superb residence of the Duke of Marlborough, at St. James's park, will expire in the course of the present year. The king's surveyors have been employed to estimate the value of the house, offices, gardens, &c, and they have rated the whole at three thousand pounds per annum. The present duke has been informed he may have a renewal at that rent, but the proposal was rejected with something like contempt.

The celebrated Mrs. Lee has again thrown away the camphor bag, and welcomed pleasure; in other words, she has married the Mr. Gor

don, whom she, not long since, capitally prosecuted. The fair enthusiast is, no doubt, well read in history, and recollects the auspicious nuptials of the adventurous Romans and the ravished Sabines!

HORRIBLE DENUNCIATION.-An itinerant preacher, in the vicinity of Kensington, told his congregation, "that all the great guns of Heaven were charged up to their muzzles, and would shortly be fired off by the Angel Gabriel against the devil's heir-at-law, Napoleone Buonaparte."

BATH.-The gentlemen of the Bath Catch-club, York-House, have presented Mr. W. M. Bennet with a valuable SILVER VASE, as a token of their respect and gratitude for the great pleasure they experienced by the exercise of his superior musical talents during the last winter. It bears the following inscription:

Viro perquam Juveni

Musarum donis eleganter ornato
Et Calliope favente præcipuè beato
Guig Mineard Bennett.


Ut juvante Lyco modice libato

Felices vocis canora dulcedine animas

Hilares in sodalitatis choreas
Suaviter illiceret

Hoc annuente Phobo. Dom. Ebor. Societas
Grato dicat animo.

The author of the above elegant inscription has thus rendered it inte English.

Youth doubly favoured by the Muse divine,

To trace th' embodied mind with magic art,
Or raise the soul to music's heavenly shrine,
To tint the features or assail the heart ;*
Accept this cup: that social harmony

From Bacchus' temp'rate stores may be inspir'd,
That circling with the catch and tuneful glee,

Our souls by wine and music may be fir'd.
Great Phæbus nods; each Muse assenting sees
The boon which social Gratitude decrees.

"Master Betty," according to the papers, "has finally retired from the stage. He is educating for the church by a respectable clergyman, who is to have 3001. a year for his tuition."-A lie.

DISASTERS IN EGYPT.-Our little army in Egypt, under Generals Frazer, Stuart, and Meade, has, in attacking Rosetta, been defeated with a dreadful slaughter, amounting, it is said, to 1500 men.

Alluding to Mr. Bennett's two-fold professions, Painting and Music.

THE MYSTERIOUS MOTHER.-A family as well known as any in the kingdom, which now moves in the first circles of fashionable dissination, has been very lately plunged into a most distressing situation by the unexpected appearance of an hitherto considered illegitimate son, who has returned from a far distant country, where he has been isolated for years, to claim his birth-right.

This denouement, which is en train, and nothing can prevent its publicity, will estrange a very fashionable lady from all her dearest interests and connections. It will astonish and place in a very awkward situation a favourite son. The affair has, already, had so serious an effect on the health of the principal of the house, that he has taken to his bed.

A poor actor, at Norwich, personating Grainger, in the farce of Who's the Dupe? on his benefit night, which turned out a very wet evening, and occasioned a bad house, in reply to Gradus's Greek quotation, where Old Doily sits as umpire, began thus:-"O!`raino nighto! spoilo benefito quito."


At his lordship's seat, at Guerdington, in Flintshire, the Right Hon. Lady Kenyon, of a daughter. At Dunsborough House, in Surrey, the lady of the Rev. G. W. Onslow, of a son. Mrs. D. Cameron, of Strontian, Scotland, of two girls and a boy. This lady has produced seven children at three births. The wife of a poor man, at Eagleton, Durham, of three girls.


The Rev. T. Woodforde, of Ansford, Somersetshire, to Miss Braithwaite, of the Royal Infirmary, Greenwich, At St. George's Bloomsbury, E. Edwards, Esq. of Pentonville, to Jane Ashly Adams, of Welton Hall, Northamptonshire. At. Windsor, R. Robinson, Esq. to Miss Martha Chitty. At Putney, C. Shillito, Esq. to Miss Smith.


On Thursday, May 28, Mrs. Catherine Scrafton, of Trinity Street, Bristol, relict of the late Richard Scrafton. In Charles Street, Manchester Square, the Right Hon Lady Kirkcudbright. In Grafton Street, Lady Webster, widow of Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart. In St. James's Street, the Right Hon. the Countess of Darlington. At his father's house, at Old Ford, Mr. Boltwood, junr. in consequence of the bite of a mad dog, which he sustained four months since. At Flushing, near Falmouth, the Right Hon. Lord Calthorpe, in the twenty-second year of his age. On the 22nd of April, at Paris, aged 85, the Right Hon. Lady Anastasia Stafford Howard, Baroness of Stafford. At Brompton, Nicholas Bond, Esq. Justice of the peace for Middlesex.


A very interesting Romance, of the last century, will be published in a few days, under the title of Fatal Revenge, or the family of Mo torio.

Abraham Parsons, Esq. formerly British Consul and Factor Marine at Scanderoon, is preparing to publish a description of Scanderoon Aleppo, Antioch, Latachia, and other parts of Syria; an account of a journey from Scanderoon to Bagdad, Bassora, Bushier, and a voyage thence down the Persian Gulph to Bombay, and back again by the Red Sea to Egypt. The whole is enriched with minute and interesting accounts of the countries and towns through which Mr. Parsons travelled, and which he had the most favourable opportunities of examining and describing.

A translation of Depons' account of Spanish America is in the press. It is a most valuable work.

A volume of poems from the pen of Mr. Penwarne will shortly be published.

Mr. Ramsay is engaged on a life of General Washington. We are informed his materials for this work are so ample, as absolutely to supersede every other life of the illustrious general. It will be published in America.

The Rev. Mr. Baynes, of Leeds, has a volume of naval sermons in the press.

Mr. William Tighe has a poem in the press entitled the Plants.
Mr. C. Dibdin's, junr. volume of songs is just published.

The works of the late learned Jacob Bryant, in six volumes octavo, are in the press.

A Greek and English vocabulary, upon a new and improved plan, by Mr. Howard, of Plymouth, will appear shortly.

Mr. Henry Smithers has in the press a poem entitled Affection.

Dr. Anderson is employed on a work, to be published in one volume octavo, entitled Views of the past and of the present State of the People of Spain and Italy.

A political writer of considerable eminence has nearly ready for publication a pamphlet relating to what has been called the catholic question, and Mr. John Hill, Merchant, of Hull, has a work in the press on the same subject.

Basil, a learned Greek physician, has printed at the patriarchal press of Constantinople a collection of Letters, as a model for the epistolary style in modern Greek. In this collection are several letters of Alexander Mauracordato, the celebrated minister of the Porte, and also of his son Nicholas, Prince of Wallachia and Moldavia. It likewise contains notices of several learned Grecks.

M. Wyttenbach, in Holland, is preparing new editions of the Phæde of Plato, and of Cicero De Natura Deorum,





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