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SERM. power to bestow. Independently then of the rewards which await religion in the next world, it has likewise a tendency to procure for us, according to our spheres, a competent share of earthly good things; Godliness has not only the promise of the life to come, but of this life also; and it may be asserted, without the fear of being confuted, that whatever be our rank, profession, or trade, the practice of religion and virtue is by far the readiest road to every thing which is most valuable, both in heaven and on earth.

And now, having brought my ministry amongst you to a conclusion, * it cannot be improper for me to remind you all, and myself as well as you, that there is a day coming, when we shall all be called into judgement; I for the manner in which I have

This was the author's last discourse at Mileham.


executed my charge, and you for the degree SERM.

in which you have profited by my labours; let me beseech you then to join your prayers to mine, that the Almighty, of his infinite mercy, would graciously pardon our omissions, and that he may so dispose and turn our hearts, that, during that portion of life which may yet remain to us, I may exert myself with greater vigilance in turning those who shall be intrusted to me unto righteousness; and that you may make up for your deficiencies under me, by your more abundant improvement for the time to come: that so, when this transitory life is ended, we may finally meet in that blessed state, were we shall live together in peace, love, and happiness, for evermore!





[blocks in formation]

I TAKE the earliest opportunity of ad- SERM.

dressing myself to you on a subject in which I am much interested, and which, I am well convinced, will conduce very greatly to the good of our parish, if those of you, who are able, will give me your assistance. The subject which I mean, is the institution of a Sunday school. For some years past they have been very general all over the kingdom, and if they are carried

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SERM. carried on with the zeal, with which they XXI. have been taken up, there is every reason

to hope for the most beneficial effects from them. There has not yet been time to experience, in any very considerable degree, what these effects are, because few of the children, who have been educated at these schools, are arrived at an age of maturity; but, before many years are past, there is great ground to expect, that we shall have the lower orders of people much more in

formed, much more religious, much

more honest, sober, industrious, and or, derly, than but too many of them are at present.

I know no greater objects of compassion than the children of those parents, who are unable to give them an education,-unable themselves to instruct them, or to pay for their being instructed by others, in their duty towards God, their neighbour, and themselves. I know no objects who


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