The Life of William, Lord Russell: With Some Account of the Times in which He Lived, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Longmans, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1820

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الصفحة 244 - He appeared very ambitious to learn to write ; and one of the attornies got a board knocked up at a window on the top of a staircase ; and that was his desk, where he sat and wrote after copies of court and other hands the clerks gave him. He made himself so expert a writer that he took in business, and earned some pence by hackney-writing. And thus by degrees he pushed his faculties, and fell to forms, and, by books that were lent him, became an exquisite entering clerk ; and, by the Same course...
الصفحة 121 - You that knew us both, and how we lived, must allow I have just cause to bewail my loss. I know it is common with others to lose a friend ; but to have lived with such a one, it may be questioned how few can glory in the like happiness, so consequently lament the like loss. Who can but shrink at such a blow, till by the mighty aids of his Holy Spirit, we will let the gift of God, which he hath put into our hearts, interpose?
الصفحة 122 - I know I have deserved my punishment, and will be silent under it ; but yet secretly my heart mourns, too sadly, I fear, and cannot be comforted, because I have not the dear companion and sharer of all my joys and sorrows. I want him to talk with, to walk with, to eat and sleep with. All these things are irksome to me. The day unwelcome, and the night so too ; all company and meals I would avoid, if it might be...
الصفحة 77 - I, AB, do declare that it is not lawful upon any pretence whatsoever to take arms against the king, and that I do abhor that traitorous position of taking arms by his authority against his person or against those that are commissionated by him, and that I will conform to the liturgy of the Church of England as it is now by law established...
الصفحة 58 - Queen or of their eldest son and heir; or if a man do violate the King's companion, or the King's eldest daughter unmarried, or the wife of the King's eldest son and heir; or if a man do levy war against our lord the King in his realm...
الصفحة 122 - ... the day unwelcome, and the night so too ; all company and meals I would avoid, if it might be ; yet all this is, that I enjoy not the world in my own way, and this sure hinders my comfort ; when I see my children before me, I remember the pleasure he took in them : this makes my heart shrink.
الصفحة 247 - ... against London. His Lordship had no sort of conversation with him but in the way of business and at the bar ; but once, after he was in the king's business, he dined with His Lordship, and no more. And there he...
الصفحة 176 - Help'd to support the knave. But Sunderland, Godolphin, Lory, These will appear such chits in story, Twill turn all politics to jests, To be repeated like John Dory, When fiddlers sing at feasts.
الصفحة 33 - His mercy is, that we both live so as, whichever goes first, the other may not sorrow as for one of whom they have no hope. Then let us cheerfully expect to be together to a good old age ; if not, let us not doubt but He will support us under what trial He will inflict upon us. These are necessary meditations sometimes, that we may not be surprised above our strength by a sudden accident, being unprepared.
الصفحة 93 - Hearing the rain fall fast at that time, he calmly said, " Such a rain to-morrow will spoil a great show, which is a dull thing on a rainy day.

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