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Xulon Press, 2008 - 164 من الصفحات
Did you know that some 80% of all church growth is just people moving from one church to another? People are going to change churches but they need to leave for the right reasons in the right way. Discover Ten Good Reasons to leave and avoid Ten Poor Reasons to leave. Discover how to be sure that you leave well for a good reason and have a deep walk at your new church. It is time for Christians to be the Church. It is time for believers to be happy together and apart. It is time for each believer to live well and learn well at home before they ever think about leaving. Don't guess! Are you changing churches? Are you tired of people changing churches so much? How can you help your friends who are leaving? Here to There can help you understand and answer all of these questions. Doug Burrier is an author, pastor, leader and mentor. He lives in Metropolitan Atlanta, has a happy family, roasts his own coffee, reads avidly and likes meeting the "old guys" of ministry. Doug has 20 years of ministry experience leading people to consistently live and succeed based Biblical truth instead of fad, opinion or experience. His degree and experience as a Decision Scientist before ministry combined with a Masters of Theology add to his unique ability to assimilate and apply Biblical truths to practical Christian living. Doug is a guest professor at Antioch Seminary, the pastor of Northwest Church and on the board of directors at ECMAonline and

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So You Are Ready to Change Churches
Ten Good Reasons to Leave
Ten Poor Reasons to Leave
Leaving Well
Living Well Before Leaving Well
Its Time to Leave Well
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