Faith and Doubt: Religion and Secularization in Literature from Wordsworth to Larkin

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James Clarke & Co., 1997 - 261 من الصفحات
Pairing great writers from each generation who typify the contrasts and concerns of their age, Professor Brett explores the complex interplay between faith and doubt in English literature since the Enlightenment. Not confining himself to a biographical and historical approach, he deploys his understanding of contemporary philosophy and ideology to throw a new light on often neglected areas.

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Wordsworth and Coleridge
Carlyle and Arnold
George Eliot and Dickens
Tennyson and Browning
Yeats and Eliot
Auden and Larkin
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نبذة عن المؤلف (1997)

R. L. Brett was G. F. Grant Professor of English at the University of Hull.

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