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Genesis ii. "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made, and he rested the seventh day from all his work which he had made ; and God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, because that in it he had rested from all his work that he had created and made.'

ExoĎus xvi. "And Moses said, To-morrow is the rest of the holy Sabbath unto the Lord. So the people rested on the seventh day.'

LUKE xxiii. • And the women followed after, and beheld the sepulchre, and how his body was laid, and they returned, and prepared spices and ointments, and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment.”

Christ rested in the tomb of Joseph the last Sabbath under the law : but the evening and the morning were the first day.

On that morning he closed his work of humiliation, manifested his victory over death, the curse denounced, by rising from the tomb, and rested on the first day of the week from all his humiliation work ; his death, burial, and rest in the grave on the seventh day, being the last part of that work.

[A number of hymns suited to the preceding exercises, inserted in the first edition, are now omitted, as they were selections from various Authors, and probably well known to all pious readers.)

The three following Poems were not found till after Mrs.

Graham's Funeral Sermon was preached.


Joshua chap. i. 11. and chap. iïi. Psalm xxiii. 4. Ixxiii. 24.

THE solemn hour, my soul, draws near,
The holy Ark and Priests appear;
They forward move to Jordan's flood,
The type, thou knowest, thy Cov'nant God.
The signal too, to thee is wn,
Obey, remove, and follow on ;
The Ark of the Cov’nant is thy guide,
Shrink not, but face the rolling tide.
The waves toss high their foaming heads,
But canst thou perish? Jesus leads,
This way before I ne'er did pass,
But Jesus, thy forerunner, has.
When all its banks it overflow'd,
All nature wrapt in midnight cloud;
While darkness had its hour and power,
And all God's billows pass'd him o'er.
The waves for him, must not divide,
Deep calls to deep on every side ;
Around his head the surges roll,
O'erwhelming ev'n his very

He substituted in my stead,
The curse for sin laid on his head;
The law's demands came like a flood,
Sinner or surety must give blood.
"Till jot and tittle had been paid,
Atonement due for sin been made,
No way for him, no ray of grace:
Justice ev'n hid his Father's face.
From brim to bottom he drank up,
Of wrath, that deep mysterious cup;
This Jordan pass'd, then rose on high,
And captive led captivity.
Justice now fully satisfied,
The law now honour'd, magnified;
At God's right hand be takes his place,
Esecutor of Cor'aant Grace.

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Crown'd by Jehovah's firm decree,
With universal sov'reignty ;
All nature owns his powerful sway,
He speaks, the elements obey.
The emblem, then thou may'st pursue,
For safe to thee this Jordan through ;
The priests but touch the watery space,
When lo! the floods desert their place.
They gather up upon an heap,
Leave dry the channel of the deep;
The ark and priests there take their stand,
And beckon thee to leave the land.
I come, my best belov'd, I come ;
Now lead me to our Father's home;
On thy dear person fix mine eye,
And faith firm footing shall supply.
I fear no ill while thou art near,
But let thy voice salute my ear;
Should spirits faint, and 'scape the sigh,
With these sweet words, “ Fear not, itis I."
With courage fresh my soul shall tread,
On faith's firm ground where thou dost lead;
While still upon thy gracious face,
My steady eye maintains its place.
And now, my Joshua, choose, and lay,
The stones in Jordan's middle way;
Let them o'ertop the flowing wave
Memorial of thy power to save.
For once a suit I did prefer,
With feeble hope, and trembling fear:
That I might have a Pisgah view,
In Jordan's swells of Canaan new.
O then, thy glory let me see,
Then cause thy face to shine on me ;
And tune my heart, and tune my voice,
And language furnish to rejoice:
That all around may lend their tongue,
And sweetly join my dying song ;
And Newton sav'd by grace like me,
We'll sing of sov'roign grace with thee.

" Let us love, and sing, and wonder,

Let us praise the Saviour's name :
He has hush'd the law's loud thunder,
He has quench'd Mount Sinai's flame.

He has wash'd us in his blood,
He has brought us nigh to God.

It is remarkable that this hymn was selected by Dr. Mason, and sung after Mrs. Graham's Funeral Sermon.

« Let us love the Lord who bought us,

Pitied us when enemies;
Call'd us by his grace, and taught us ;
Gave us ears, and gave us eyes :

He has wash'd us in his blood,

He presents our souls to God.
“ Let us sing, tho' strong temptation

Threaten hard to bear us down :
For the Lord, our strong salvation,
Holds in view the Conqu’ror's crown.

He who wash'd us in his blood,

Soon shall bring us home to God. " Let us wonder, grace and justice

Join and point to mercy's store; When through grace in Christ our trust is, · Justice smiles, and asks no more.

He who wash'd us in his blood,

Has secur'd our way to God. " Let us praise, and join the chorus,

Of the Saints enthron'd on high; Here they trusted him before us, Now their praises fill the sky.

Thou hast wash'd us in thy blood,

Thou art worthy, Lamb of God. “ Hark, the name of Jesus sounded,

Loud from golden harps above;
On that Rock our hopes are founded :
Sov'reign grace and sov’reign love.

We shall conquer through his blood,
Kings and Priests be made to God."

To be where thou, my Saviour, art,

To see, and be conform'd to thee :
Perfect in holiness this heart,

This-this, is heaven itself to me. To see thee in thy glory, Lord!

Thy Father's glory and thy own! Th'Éternal, the incarnate Word,

Ador'd upon his Father's throne. To see as seen, to know as known,

My Saviour in my flesh and blood ! To be made like him, with him one,

I in him, and he in God.
The holy, holy, holy, One,

Who was, and is, and is to come,
The earth his footstool, Heaven his throne,

The Church his bride, he her bridegroom. Angels, and Elders, earth and heaven,

Are summon'd to unseal the book, But silent all, no answer giv'n,

None worthy found therein to look.

But Judah's lion, David's son,

And David's root, the great I AM,
Appears in midst his Father's throne,

As slain for sacrifice, the Lamb.
He takes the book! he cap unseal !

He worthy is, and he has power,
God's secret counsels to reveal,

And to fulfil each in its hour.
Elders and living creatures fall,

In prostrate worship 'fore his throne,
Each furnish'd with a golden vial,

And harps of gold to a new song.
New odours to the throne ascend !

In accents new their praises soar,
Angels with powers intent attend,

And as they learn, bow and adore.
And shall I join that prostrate throng,

In love's ecstatic heav'n-taught lays,
With powers expanded, that new song,

Hymn to the Lamb's exalted praise?
Worthy art thou to take the book,

And loose the seals, and read therein,
God's holy mysteries to unlock,

Worthy art thou, for thou wast slain.
Thou hast redeem'd us with thy blood,

From every nation, tongue and kni,
And made us Kings and Priests to God,

And we on earth with thee shall reign.
Myriads of angels stand around,

Their voices raise with loud acclaim,
Address themselves to this new song,

Ascribing glory to the Lamb.
Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,

Power and glory to receive,
Sinners resound the loud Amen!

For he has died, our souls to gave!
From heav'n, earth, sea, burst forth the sound

Of blessing, honour, glory, power!
To him that sitteth on the throne,

And to the Lamb for evermore !
The elders worship falling down,

The living creatures cry, Amen,
Threefold the song, the substance one,

God and the Lamb, theme without end.
In all these myriads is there one,

Who had on earth so much forgiven ;
And shall I reach their highest tone

Of love to Jesus? This is Heaven !!!


And when this breast to heave shall cease,
And heart, and lungs are hush'd to peace,

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