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Herewith send you an account 1

I lately received from New
Providence, one of Bahama
Islands, concerning

Filh there ; which is as followeth:



I have not met with any Rarities here, worth your acceptance, tho I have been diligent in enquiring after them. Of those which I have heard of, this seems moft Temarkable to me. The Fish, which are here, are many of them poisonous, bringing a great pain on their joints who eat them, and continue for some short time; and at laft, with two or three days itching, the pain is rubbd offThose of the Same species, size, shape, colour, taste; are, one of them, poxfon; the other, not in the least hurtfut: and those that are, only to some of the company,, The distemper to Men never proves mortal: Dogs, and Cats Sometimes eat their laft. Men who have once had that disease; upon the first eating of Fish, tho it be those which are wholefome, the poisonous ferment in their Body is revived thereby, and their pain increased.

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Thus far "the ingenious person from whom I had this relation, who having been but a very little while upon the Lfland when he writ' this could not send so perfect an account of this odd observation, as one could wish, or as I expect to receive from him, in answer to some Queres I lately sent him by a ship bound thither. When his Answer comes to my hand, if there be any thing in it, which may gratify your curiosity, I shall be glad of that or any other occasion, to assure you that I am,


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You may

ONE of your concerns are of

indifference to me. N

from thence conclude I take

part in your late great loss. But I consider you as a Philosopher, and a Christian : and so spare you the trouble of reading from me, what your own thoughts will much better suggest to you.

You have exceedingly obliged me, in the Books of yours that you have sent me, and those of mine you have been at so much trouble about. I received but just now the packet wherein they and your

obliging Letter were : that must be my excuse for so tardy a return of my thanks.

I am overjoy'd with an intimation I have received also, that gives me hopes of seeing you here the next week. You are a charitable good friend, and are resolved to make the decays and dregs of my life the pleasantest part of it. For I know nothing calls me so much back to a pleasant sense of enjoyment, and makes my days so gay and lively, as your good company. Come then, and multiply happy minutes upon, and rejoyce here in the good you do me. For I am with a perfect efteem and res spect,

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