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I scarcely need premise, that there are the same general reasons why the gospel should be sent to them, as to any other nation. If others are fatally deluded without the gospel; so are they. Or if the command of Christ, or our concern for perishing immortal souls, induces us to send the gospel to others; the same reasons are equally applicable, and should be equally persuasive, in relation to the Jews. I design not however to insist on these general reasons, but to adduce several of a more special nature. And,

1. The veneration we are accustomed to feel towards the pious ancestors of the Jews, is a reason for attempting the conversion of their children.-Do we not in other cases look with peculiar affection, and feel constrained to bestow special attention and favors, upon the children of our deceased friends ? Here, we will suppose, is an orphan family in distress, whose father is remembered by us with the utmost veneration, and is even claimed as in some sense our relative and patron. Shall we not feel peculiarly inclined, and consider ourselves under strong obligations, to afford assistance and comfort to his needy and distressed offspring? Now this is precisely an illustration of the manner, in which it becomes Christians to regard and treat the Jews. Abraham, the father of the faithful, and the original proprietor of the covenant, in whom all the Churches of the Gentiles are blessed, is literally their ancestor. From the ancient Patriarchs, who lived in such intimate communion with God, and whom we are accustomed so much to venerate, they are literally and lineally descended.Ought not Christians, on this account, to regard the Jews, as peculiarly entitled to their sympathies, prayers, and alms? This people are said to be in some sense beloved even of God" for their fa

ther's sakes;" ought they not then for the same reason to be loved, and pitied, and aided by us?

2. Christians are under peculiar obligations to attempt the conversion of the Jews, on account of the favors which have been received from them. Have we received no favors, my brethren, from such men as Moses, and Joshua, and David, and Solomon, and the prophets? None from Peter, and John, and Paul, and the Apostles? Yet all these men, it will be recollected, were Jews. And have we received no favors from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Yet our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the flesh, was a Jew. What had been our present condition, and the condition of all Christians, had they never received the holy Scriptures? Yet every word and letter of the New Testament Scriptures, and probably all the Old, was written by the Jews.-And we are indebted to them, not only for penning the oracles of God, but for preserving the original language of the Old Testament, and transmitting to us in its purity that large and invaluable portion of Divine truth. From the completion of the canon of the Old Testament Scriptures to the present hour, the Jews have ever been most vigilant and faithful guardians of the sacred text.-And to this catalogue of favors received by us from the Jews, it may not be improper to add, that in their long dispersion, their cruel sufferings, their total separation from all other people, and their continued separate existence, they have been, as it were, a living miracle; and have furnished a fulfilment of Divine prophecy, and an argument to christians of the heavenly origin of their religion, which no enemy has been able to gainsay or resist. -For a people to whom christians owe so much, are they not under peculiar obligations to pray and labor,

that they may be brought, if possible, to a knowledge of the truth?

3. It is humiliating to reflect, that christians owe to the Jews a debt of a very different nature. The cruel and unwarrantable manner in which for fourteen hundred successive years they have been accustomed to treat the Jews, furnishes a powerful reason why they should now begin to seek their good.-It might have been supposed, that a sense of propriety and obligation would have induced Christian nations at least to pity the poor outcasts of Israel, and endeavour to bring them to a reception of the gospel. But the faithful voice of history proclaims, and will proclaim to the latest posterity, that this has not been the case. It is not pretended that all Christians have been equally culpable in respect to the Jews; or that this people themselves have not, at particular times, furnished just occasion for a resort to severities. But it is pretended and affirmed, that from the establishment of christianity under Constantine, down to the commencement of the present century, and even later, the Jews have generally been the subjects of persecution, and in different periods and places, of the most cruel and shameful persecution, from those who bore the name of christians. It will not be expected, that in a single discourse, I should give a full recital of their sufferings. I can only bring forward a few instances, to serve as specimens of the manner in which they have been treated.

In the reign of Justinian, a professedly christian Emperor, the Jews were forbidden, among other things," to make wills, or bequeath legacies, or to educate their children in their own faith." Their synagogues too were violently taken from them, and converted into christian churches.-Heraclius, a suc

ceeding Emperor, "ordered multitudes of the Jewsto be inhumanly dragged into the churches, in order to be baptized by violence and compulsion."

The Crusades, for almost two hundred years together, were a source of terror and suffering to the miserable Jews. In one of these wild expeditions to the holy land, the infatuated soldiery burnt fifteen hundred Jews in a single city, and thirteen hundred in another, and drowned or slaughtered five thousand more, only while they were marching through Germany.

When King John came to the throne of England, the Jews covenanted with him, for a large sum of money, to grant them protection, and a continuance of their privileges. But regardless of this, he shortly after committed them all, male and female, to prison, till they should agree to pay him the additional sum of sixty six thousand marks-equal to forty four thousand pounds sterling. Of a Jew in Bristol, he demanded ten thousand marks, and ordered that he should have a tooth torn out of his head daily, until he paid it. And not satisfied with these extortions, he soon confiscated all their property, and expelled them from the kingdom.

In the reign of Edward I. all the Jews in England were imprisoned in one day, and several hundreds executed. He afterwards confiscated their property, and banished them, to the number of sixteen thousand persons, from the realm. As the poor creatures were leaving the country, under these circumstances of poverty and disgrace, great numbers of them were thrown into the sea and drowned.

During the dark ages, the Jews were often accused of the foulest crimes, such as murdering children at their feasts, poisoning the wells and fountains, set

ting fire to houses, and bewitching their enemies, in order to furnish a pretext for plundering and destroying them. On a pretence like these, great multitudes of them were at a certain time imprisoned in Spain; and although the accusation was soon discovered to be false and malicious, still the Jews were not released. They were kept in prison, it was said, to convert them; and at length fifteen thousand were put to death, because they refused to be baptized. We shall the better know how to estimate this pretended zeal for their conversion, by being informed, that there was a law in force in France at the same time, that if any Jew presumed to turn Christian, he should forfeit all his property to the crown.

The Jews have been treated by Christians among whom they have dwelt, not only with all this cruelty and injustice, but with marked and abject contempt. They have usually been obliged to wear some disgraceful badge, to distinguish them from other people; have been called by odious names; and when they passed gates or bridges, have been subjected to the same toll with the basest animals.-Nor are we to suppose this mode of treating them was peculiar to the rude and dark ages. So lately as the year 1819, the Jews were terribly persecuted in different parts of Germany. From some cities they were expelled and driven by violence; while in others, their synagogues were demolished, their houses plundered, and their persons and even their lives put at hazard.

Such, my brethren, is the manner, in which the professed followers of the Messiah of Israel and the votaries of a religion which breathes nothing but peace and good will to men, have been accustomed, for a long course of ages and centuries, to treat the poor dispersed Jews. Is it wonderful then that this

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