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forth the sufferings and cruelties, which are the invariable attendants of uncivilized war. Or if we need a still more recent and dreadful illustration ; we may find it in those acts of Turkish barbarity, which have been perpetrated during the late and present struggles in Greece. The cruel sufferings and death of the venerable Patriarch of the Greek Church; the atrocities which immediately followed in and about Constantinople; the sack of Scio; the massacre at Cyprus ;-these events, and many others of a similar character, will descend on the page of history down the annals of time, and remain an eternal monument of the cruelty, the sacrilege, and the shame, of those who have promoted them.

This branch of the subject need not, it is thought, be pursued farther. Enough, and more than enough, has been said, to justify the declaration of the Psalmist; "The dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty."


1. If what has been said is true, then the heathen in their present condition cannot be saved.-It is the opinion of some, that this benighted class of beings are in a safe state. "God does not require them to improve talents which he has never bestowed, and will not condemn them for their ignorance of the true religion."-I will not here discuss the question, whether any can" believe in him of whom they have not heard," or be saved, without the knowledge of a Saviour. Should it be admitted that they might; there is still an insuperable bar to the salvation of the heathen: They manifestly have not the spirit or the character of heaven. Heaven is a holy place;

and all who enter there must be renewed in the temper of their minds, and he made meet for the inheritance of the saints in light. But this most essential preparation for heaven, the heathen, so far as we can judge, do not possess. Their hearts are hard; their motives sordid; and their characters eminently vicious and depraved. "The dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty." Are those monsters in the shape of men, whose cruelties have been related in this discourse-are they fitted for the society of the blessed above? Have they the temper of the holy Jesus? Their hands red with blood, and their lips stained with human gore; are they prepared for a holy heaven, and the pure enjoyment of a holy God?-The melancholy conclusion is inevitable, that the heathen generally are the heirs of perdition. They are the worshippers of devils, and the children of the wicked one. The mighty current of time is rapidly sweeping them away, and as rapidly pouring them into the abyss below.

2. From what has been said we learn, that much remains yet to be done, before the triumphs of the Church on earth shall be complete.-Hitherto, the Church has existed in a state of comparative depression, and has ever been struggling against the wrath and power of her enemies. She has been obliged to flee into the wilderness from the face of the Dragon, who has poured forth his poisonous floods to overwhelm her. But she is soon to come forth. Her triumphs are predicted, and will be accomplished. They are expressly promised, and will certainly be fulfilled. "The kingdom, and dominion, and greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most

High." But before this desirable event is realized, much, very much, remains to be done. "The dark places of the earth" are many, and they are all “ full of the habitations of cruelty." These dark places must be enlightened-every species of cruelty must be abandoned-a host of idols must be destroyed

perstitions hoary with age, and supported by the most inveterate propensities, must be done away— multitudes of Missionaries must be raised up, sent forth, supported, and blessed-the Holy Spirit must be extensively poured out-millions of hearts must be renewed-and, the King of grace and of glory must ride forth in the chariot of his salvation from conquering to conquer. And under his powerful guidance, the conflicts and triumphs of his Church, however arduous and great, will be speedily terminated. "The darkness of a hundred ages will be scattered; the strong man armed will be ejected, as an usurper ; millions of his miserable captives will be delivered; and the river of the water of life will flow in a thousand new channels bearing upon its unruffled current the blessings and the triumphs of the cross."

3. If the condition and the cruelties of the heathen have been accurately described; then it is the dictate not merely of christian benevolence, but of humanity, to extend to them the relief and blessings of the gospel. This certainly is the dictate of christian benevolence. How can those, whose religion prompts them to seek the good of others, and who profess to love their neighbour as themselves-how can they hear, without emotion, of enormities and wretchedness such as have been described? And believing that the gospel, and this alone, can put a period to these evils; how can they refrain exertion to extend to every be nighted soul, the light and privileges of the gospel?

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