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count of his own Doing. For λων, ἔτε δίκαιοι





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neither was Punishment in- adiar an exag flicted on Noah for the World; one 78 PQ8 Z nor was Lot deftroyd by λόγον απαιτηθήσεται. ἔτε Fire for the Sodomites; nor Nwe VOD TO NOME Pag. was Rahab flain for the In δίκην εἰσεπράχθη, 223 habitants of Jericho; nor IfT. AWT op Zodoman rael for the Egyptians. For pronon, T Paab, not the dwelling together, ei but the Agreement in their p, STE O Iσeand Sentiments alone could con- Aiguation.& yo των Αἰγυπτίων. demn the Righteous with the augimas naganers συνοίκησις κατακρίνα Wicked. We ought nor there τὸς δικαίες Οὺν τοῖς ἀπ fore to hearken to fuch Per- Sings, a' ʼn & gvwfons who call for Death, and uns 76 hare Mankind, and love Ac- τοῖς ἑτοιμηθημάτοις, " cufations; and,, under fair puody Spaπqis, & QineyPretences, bring Men to go, I weepaDeath. For one Man fhallows AdvaTOTTOLOLs wegσεως θεματοποιοῖς προς Prov.v.22, not die for another, but Eve Exe3. "EπPQ 28" ry one is held with the Chains & Tips con samoldedof his own Sins. And, Behold raya Gaeais ris the Man, and his Work is be suur anaphor exαfore his Face. Now we ought opisyalar. Kajidu to affift thofe who are with anewπ, & 8 Epper us, and are in Danger, and are we we αυτό από προσώπε fall, and, as far as lies in our aura. A nuas BonPower, to reduce them to ey Tols Cuveer & mr. Sobriety by our Exhortations, usor, è opaneσφαλλοand fo fave them from Death. μλύεις, ᾧ ὅσον οἷόν τ





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· οἱ ἰσραηλῖται. Loi isegnaîtal. V. defunt, v. on TW xμ j. v. deeft. v. τιμωρεῖται. v. . μαρτυρεῖ καὶ ἀλλὰ πορήτῃς λέγων. V. Κ νεσᾶσι. V.



Saving To 22 For, The Whole have no Need Matrix.iz. 2 under autous, poe- of the Physician, but the Sick. Ds in DaváTY. Ou xpade Since, 'Tis not pleafing in the Texray of iquors Sight of your Father that one iamû, Xm' di nanes of thefe little ones fhould perish. Emdn For we ought not to establifh the Will of hard-hearted Men, but the Will of the Gad and Father of the Uni verfe, which is revealed to us by Jefus Chrift our Lord, to whom be Glory for ever. Amen.



AQUTES son Bi Deanna wegader To Tangos, iva Σπόληται ες ἣ μικρῶν. Ou S 7 7 onλneexapδίων ἀνδρῶν βέλησιν iI say xen, and θεού & πατρὸς πόλων + Ng Inos Xer & κυρίε ἡμῶν, ᾧ ἡ δόξα - εἰς τὰς αἰῶνας. ̓Αμμ.




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Οὐδὲ ν δίκαιον FOR tis not cquitable



κεφαλὴν ἂντα σε,
& boxone, ipa weg
Xer, Teresa sa
δὲ ἀνθρώπῳ, εἰς ἑτέρα
ἀπώλειαν, ἀλλὰ Θεῷ
More. apxen jape
χρὴ τῆς ὑπηκόων, ὦ μ
STE 28 yos apd wales
πTI I QUEœEWS, 2020,

that thou, O Bishop, who
art the Head, fhouldft fub-
mit to the Tail, that is to
fome feditious Perfon among
the Laity, to the Deftruction
of another, but to God alone.
For tis thy Privilege to go-
vern thofe under thee, but
not to be govern'd by them.
For neither does a Son, who


ἐ φησὶν ὁ ζώτης ἐν δια γελιοις καὶ πάλιν. ν. ] deeft. v. 3 τέτων. ν.





is Subject by theCourfe of Gene to nens neration, govern his Father; auto, iudices, nor a Servant, who is fubje&tἔτε μαθητής διδασκάλες, by Law, govern his Master; eak wins Baornor does a Scholar govern his λέως, ὔτε μὲ λαϊκὸς Ἐπι Teacher, nor a Soldier his now. why go & μn un King, nor any of the Laity donar res nancaforhis Bifhop. For, that there is sadings, in 828no Reafon to fuppofe fuch dick xn our μg huvsas converfe with the Wicked, ngraver apap in order to th it Inftruction τίαις, ὁ Ἰεζεκιὴλ ἐκ in the Word, to be defiled or fs rakontwr by, or Partaker of their Sins, vorav Xoyd. TidEzekiel, as it were on pur μAS DÉZETE W pose preventing the Sufpici-60 NW CUM CH ons of ill-difpos'd Perfons, leanλ of manExek.xviii fays thus, Why do you speak pes payer omgangs, this Proverb concerning the οἱ ὀδόντες προς τέκνων της Land of Ifrael The Fathers Medicode; (a ga, have eaten four Grapes, and heyd Adw λέγη ̓Αδωνα ̓Αδωνα, κύριθ, the Children's Teeth are fet on a Esay ἐν ὑμῖν Edge? As I live, faith the renown Saboan Lord God, ye fhall not bence- om TW Igeand. ok Ἰσραήλ, forth have Occafion to use this πάσαι αι ψυχαί έμαί Proverb in Ifrael. For all s εἰσιν· τρόπον ψυχή io. oy TETOV A Jun are mine; in like manner as mates, &ws Jux the Soul of the Father, fa allo y en the Soul of the Son is mine: apATER AT 3αThe Soul that finneth it shall modavaty • 5 avdie. But the Man who is righ- Spwπ Q, is a dir teous, and does Judgment and naiQ, TINY neing

2, &c.



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aTv. v. 2 deeft. V. . V.

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by din aroouble Cees Justice (and fo the Prophet Επιλέγων τὰς λοιπάς reckons up the reft of the dpera's, hopeaye Virtues, and then adds for TOY Néyor" "O To a Conclufion, Such an one is Sings & wrapy, (wn just) he shall furely live, faith v.g ζήσεται, λέγει Αδωνα, the Lord God. And if he be wery far Huron get a Son who is a Robber, a you hoper, cnyeol Shedder of Blood, and walks not cipta, CV T odw To in the way of his righteous BATOS AUTO & Singis Father; (and when the ProCon enpoon & phet had added what folγαγὼν τοὺ ἑξῆς, ἐπαδι lows, he adds in the Cons THIS TENDUTALONS Zwn clufion,) He hall certainly Β· ζήσεται πάσας τοὺς not live; he has done all this Oμías CUTUS ETVInde, Wickedness, he shall furely die, θανάτῳ Σποθανείται bis Blood Phall be upon him. Yet 3 aing AUTE IT' Auroy they will ask thee, Why? Does ἔσαι ' ἐρεῖται" 3%κ not the Son bear the Iniquity SON ENCEV O yes of the Father, or his Righte ἀδικίδῳ πατρός, adinido & Tate's, oufness, baving exercised Righ SING LOUDY AUTE, teousness himself? And thou δικαιοσύνην SINGLE ERE halt fay unto them, The Soul TEN; & epers au- that finneth it fhall die. The Toisi ju aμap- Son fhall not bear the Iniquity Tarou um anode of the Father, and the Father ται. ὑὸς ἐ λήψεται αδι- hall not bear the Iniquity of the man mateos, & malhp Son. The Righteousness of the * λήψεται ἀδικίαν ὑ: Righteous hall be upon him: Singioquin Sinaís and the Wickedness of the wick αὐτὸν ἔστι. Καὶ μετ' ed Phall be upon him. And a ὀλίγα φησίν Ἐν τις little after le fays, When the






indywv. V. 2 f. ¿PT. 3 deeft. y.

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Pag. 224.











Righteous turneth away from αποτρέψαι δίκαιον ἐν
his Righteousness, and commit- & Sinacorns que,
teth Iniquiquity, all his Righte-mono adinidy, mou
eufnefs,by reafan of all his Wick- αἱ δικαιοσύναι αὐτῷ
ednefs which he has committed, nous ras avoμías au-
hall not be mentioned to him: T8, as exrdinger, & un
In his Iniquity which he hath unwow, or an ade
committed, and in his Sin κίᾳ αὐτῇ, ᾗ ἠδίκησεν,
which he hath finned, in them or n auaplia as-
ny ἐν τῇ ἁμαρτίᾳ αὐ
hall be die. And a little af, huapter, in au-
ᾗ ἡμαρτεν, ἐν
ter he adds, When the Wicked
turneth away from his Wicked- el oxiga ezand, Er
ednefs which he hath committed, τῷ Σποτρέψαι ἄνομο
and doth Judgment and fuftice, ἀπὸ ἡ ἀνομίας αὐτῷ ἧς
he hath preferved his Soul eroinas, my mainot ver
he hath turned away from all μα « δικαιοσμlu,
his Ungodliness which he hath
done, he fall furely live, he
fhall not die; and afterwards,
I will judge every one of you
according to his ways, O House
of Ifrael, faith the Lord God.



Juxlu aury ἐφύλαξε, καὶ ἀπέτρεψεν wow! rs aσECawy auto ŵy endinge, (wn ChoeTOLL, I GOM Taveta!. Kai sens Ἕκασον καὶ τὰς ὁδες Ἰσραὴλ", λέγει Αδωνα


ὑμῶν κοινῶ 1 ὑμᾶς, οἶκΘ'


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