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Fépga tok megis apie piny longer ; fo those who
Tidu prøv, stw are dead wich Christ cannot
si oi awa to Javóvas practice Wickedness. We can-
τα Χριση απρακτοι Που therefore believe, Bro-

, amapridp.. wu thren, that any one who has
mçdorfe&o, cidenpoi, received the Washing of
28 Geufuóv kva g Life will venture to act the
Twñs 28 Teģv. ékwed. open Wickednesses of Tranf-
DELÝ TC M8 åróugo a- gressors. Now he who fins
oenzýma too. 'O de cea after his Baptism, unless he
peap Thrus peng Betoi repent and forfake his Sins,

ST@ éduiresi per shall be condemn'd to Hello αγνώ, & παύσηται τ& Fire.

, é 8
πλημμηλέν, εις γέεν-

του κατακριθήσεται»
Ει δέ τις απο απεων

But if any one be malicie VIII.
oux opdumaong fen: ously prosecured by the Hea-
nél aútois wa 0:2then, because he will not
gaivev, zwonéto ok still go along with them to
harger ó TOTO the same Excess of Riot, lec
Coagad 'm, xalas him know that such an one
sjó were cv ta dalo is blessed of God, according
gonig nézd Marderoi as our Lord says in the

λές ise or irefigmom i Gospel, Blessed are ge when Mat. VII.

peãs, drostwory & Men shall reproach you, or per-
Towar nal? úver não fecute you, or fav all. manner
zorneo pñua, totón of Evil againsi gou falfly for

, ψευδο-
refuel, éve ver eu zaje my like. Rejoice and be cx-
PETE, Caramiñate, ole ceeding glad, for your Reo
é uiatos incór nous ce mard is great in Heaven. If
2 stis gegrois". Ei ly therefore any one be flan-

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1. v. 27 begave. V.



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dered and fallcly accus'd, kes 678 opnum Jela 67 such an one is blessed ; for foliowak, Mando. the Scripture says, A Manó ToidTQ send 78 that is a Reprobate is not try- zgapú 'Aripiádou pos,

', deeft. edeby God. But if any one é miesto nad Deço

be convicted, as having done Ei dé msénergetni seda a wicked Adion, such an Eæs ti domov, å misone not only hurts himself, aš ugvov euutóp, but occasions the whole Bo- Gag tev, na @ Brady of the Church and its σφημίου ωeoστηριψε Dodrine to be blafphemed; κοινό και εκκλησίας ωas if we Chriftians did not ματι, ε τη διδασκαpractice rhofe things that we λία, ως μη ποιέντων declare to be good and he evãra, a régouts every

, nest, and we our felves rene's Coverdra noóueshall be reproached by the gove sj suās ad we

Lord, That, They say and do eix. 87 aéro ĉ XXIII. 3. mot.

Wherefore the Bilhop ποιέσιν. "Οθεν τάς τοιές muft boldly reject such as T&Semeszter les aan

αληthese upon full Convicti. Bos, a ITÁCETOY MET on; unless they change their wapinoias o ToxOTOS, Course of Life.

ει μη μεταβάλων)

τρόπον IX.

For the Bishop must not Ου και μόνον αφρόonly himself give no Offence, HOTOV eiro apne

хря * but must be no Respecter of O XOTON, Xiva Ĉ Persons ; in Meekness in weg Groaninovér xpno structing those that offend. sótita GegegriSpula tås But if he himfelf has not αμαρτάνονίας. Ει 3 a good Conscience, and is a sc. CLUTUS ON dlowcdn

gon a Respecter of Persons ; TQ indépocour, wer Gear for the sake of filthy Lu. Tornions geróufu Q, çre, and receiving of Bribes, Algo tiyac aig es reporting



Ex xxn.

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Deoantiar, peatroy and spares the open Offender,
rš dwócos au aptula, and permits him to continue
εασας εν τη εκκλησία in the Church, he difregards
ujúer aurov, alguéthe Voice of God and of
ons of Deias e wela our Lord, which says, Thou Deat. xvi

. rñs owuñs ' ş" negeons

' fhalt exactly execute right Fugd- *0.4 17. Arxaws dicas de ment :Thou shalt not accept Pero

Oů aukin web fons in Judgment :Thou shalt not WTOV év xeios ou justifie the Wicked. Thou shalt 7. LXX. dixarmods doelin?: not receive Gifts against any v. 8. Où anting dães B one's Life ; for Gifts do blind

fuzzi Ta go dões cre" the Eyes of the Wise, and per" Tupão o Janues Co- vert the Words of the Righte

pôv, è dupecívetoy . ous. And elsewhere he says, mata dengiw. Kai Take away from among your ixt..25 šo arors and 'E&apo selves that wicked Person, xvi.19. sino Torneou e úpšov And Salomon says in his XV:1.5. auzar. Kaj ó FoneProverbs, Caft out a pestilent Prov.xxii

. prav négd tv taegiulcus Fellow from the Congregation, "Exßare 20110v laws and Strife will go out along δρία, και πωεξελεύσεται πith him. auTW PEIX 'O di un negoczowy

But he who does not contilois, axeirws peipz3 sider these things, will, conE TES peingute TINC trary to Justice, spare him eida, as ó Easai who deserves Pupilhment. As

Juf Agay, e é 'Haci Saul spar'd Agag, and Eli his , King.xv. 67 Toisyors 4 ýx Bideo Sons, who knew not the Lord. cap. 11. και κύριο». "Ο τι - Such an

Such an one profanes. his Ta" ebebinwoe @ own Dignity, and that Church oixedu á žido, e 8 of God which is in his paren

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deeft. V. : %96% Mágcs; V, ? ¢x. . Tuis. v. ? i turētos.V.


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Matt.xviii 6, .


rith. Such an one is esteem'd gå enxa naidu en unjuft before God and good ng sorrideu aing Men, as affording Occasion 0.18 Šv &T @ @ @em, of Scandal to many of the dous ch'bewors, s newly Baptiz’d, and to the air. Quoxaudas Toa

πολ. Carechumens'; as also to che nois! veoPwtiçais", e Youth of both Sexes, to na ingespfúcis gfróufuos, whom a Wo belongs, and resö végis a vécus Tung Milftone about his Neck, and Giaoxiq, öv 5 goeie wees Drowning, on account of his refós ajáning puro Guilt. For observing what is teszónou, é o a Person their Governour is, Bugos, ev bo wted in through his Wickednefs and υπάρι. Δια γ ή και Neglect of Jultice they will ακρισίας δύομίαν βλέ. grow Sceptical, and, indul. FOUTES você me ? auging the same Disease, will wr! apgauta iver Saiso be compellid to perish with Toas Alexelasticorry,

him. - As was the Case of the repuoi ufuaireği autová 3 King People joining with Jeroboam; all, owatoressay au. Numb. and those which were in the top eva Selatno), a's

Conspiracy with Corah. But leesboa pe o rocos, if the Offender sees that the c TV Kopè oi aivaessBishop and Deacons are in- pfo or autą. Ei jené. nocent and unblamcable, and cep cep tay 67the Flock pure, he will ei- ONOTTON È Tes Agaróves ther not venture to despite alcoós rahuato, e their Authority, and to en- g properlov rogaeor ter into the Church of God uncípgor, we loví, s at all, as ore smitten by his rodjenog' 3 ng. Tapegvá own Conscience ; or if he cos', cis inuennoidu en *values nothing, and ventures can giv, Tanasólegos


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veepumas. V.:2 Tor. V. 3 deeft, ko


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in cwedhod avts & to enter in, either he will

Š ng$' dy ägmocí be convicted immediately, μωφ. , u doéabor, 3" as Uzza at the Ark, when 2 King. 3 on

2 la xpñpece éneSzenth he touch'd it to support it; c), as 'Ogã ba and as Achan when he itole sol. v11. m.wrs cafofufu, áse the accursed thing, and as idegoay, ws" Azal, Gehaki when he coveted the

4 King. v. Chi tn idowni og dúco Money of Naaman ; and fo *** Vépaño, rj ws Trece will be immédiately punilhbi Tols & Nesudiasń ed; or else he will be adpaoin, e. 4 nesauringe monish'd by the Pastor, and Tipapn Sńcerzy, 5 vuos. drawn to Repentance. For TsufuQ. T 206 when he looks round the pel, es Metávolow whole Church, one by one, nima gedetay. Wer Gas- and can spy no Blemish, nei

ifcipusu get's routera, ther in the Bishop, nor in
é evideva recôngi dieia the People who are under
swv, TE assi Emong his Care, he will be put to
mu, čo û alat tulung' Confusion, and prick'd ac
autor TETOLg Mifugo ncmo, the Heart, and in a peace-
sigweis, ut aidés è able manner will go his way,
WW@ derpuwitead with Shame, and many Tears,
σεται ειρωικώς κατανε- and the Flock will remain
rugpfo, ufué xe- pure. He will apply himself
no Jaerousúor 8 Troijco to God with Tears, and will
slov. megoniatod de repent of his Sins, and hate

Sotul Değ, è detavoro Hope. Nay, the whole Flock
ép' ois sp.ceptivo e red at the Sight of his Tears,
énmidde, e 3 minuvion will be instructed, because a
özen sea Cipefuercne- Sinner avoids Destruction by
28 ta' doexpuavbsRepentance.
σίαν έξ4, όk αμαρτων μετάνοιαν σοκ απόλυτα.
Thy ovyoidnov. V. X. v. 3 decit. V, ! . V.


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