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the Gofpel in correfpondence ταις & τῷ νόμῳ δ διαδ with the Prophets, and with the Law ; and let the Expofitions from the Law and the Prophets correfpond to the Gospel. For the Lord Jol v.19. Jefus fays, Search the Scriptures, for they are those which 4. teftify of me. And again, For Moles wrote of me. But above all, let him carefully diftinguifh between the original Law, and the Additional Precepts, and fhew which


γέλιον · ἑρμηνεύων· ὁμοίως της διαδγελία 50 χείτωσιν αἱ ἐκ νόμο προφητῶν ἑρμηνεῖαι. Λέ 8 o nel 'Inous' Eporate Ta's gαçais che avroy sow ai Tupory wel quo. Ka πάλιν Περὶ ηδ' ἐμε Moms years. He πάντων ανατολούς α gatos kreadw, róμg sý our Sareen, νόμοι 657 vóμ πισῶν, ἐ τί δεσμὰ ἀ mίςων, ἵνα μή les π πέσῃ τοῖς δεσμοῖς. Ἐπὶ av Fys monomeiva Susatóv Coi πάντα καὶ λέξιν ἑρμης vδεν", @ ἐν πολλῇ

are the Laws for Believers, Sanvi, Zain,


Thuows rgécus 3qwa (ns" & govor φωτισμὸν ὦ νόμο. Φω τίτ ηδ, φησίν ὁ Θεὸς, ἑαυτοῖς φῶς γνώσεως, k rgreós.

Hof.x. 12.

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and which the Bonds for the
Unbelievers, left any fhould
fall under thofe Bonds.
careful therefore, O Bishop,
to study the Word, that thou
mayft be able to explain eve-
ry thing exadly, and that
thou mayft copiously nou-
rifh thy People with much
Doctrine, and enlighten them
with the Light of the Law.
For God fays, Enlighten your
felves with the Light of Know-ws
ledge, while we have yet Op.

deeft. V. ¿punravens. v. 3pations. v.

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Εγω δ' ὁ Ἐπίσκοπος Let not a Bishop be given VI. μn aixcompons, to filthy Lucre, especially Misa me, before the Gentiles, rather βλαπτόμα μᾶλλον, fuffering than offering Inju3. Brainwr fin - ries, not covetous, nor rapas VéxTMns, più apraš, un cious; no Purloiner, no AdΣτο ερητὴς, μὴ φιλοπλέ- mirer of the Rich, nor Hater aQ, un moon wx, of the Poor; no Evil-fpeaker, μm na rángos, un o nor Falfe-witness; not given Soμásptus, in Dumns, to Anger, no Brawler, not μὴ φιλόμαχε, μὴ τοῖς entangled with the Affairs of 2 Biss wearing is this Life; not a Surety for AUR TETESμSQ, un any one, nor an Accufer in jusiusvos kra, noun Suits about Money; not amDear Singers xp bitious, not double-minded, mingis, μi pinap, nor double-tongued ; not μὴ δίγνωμαι, μὴ δι- ready to hearken to Calume growar, un mes ny or Evil speaking; not a γλυωπία Ya Borling Tag Diffembler, not addicted to λιὰν φιλήκο, μὴ the Heathen Feftivals, not ὑποκριτὴς, μὴ τοῖς ἑορ- given to vain Deceits, no ταῖς * ἐθνῶν ἐπορεγό. eager after worldly Things, μυθο, αποπαις 'κενας nor a Lover of Money: For reż zewuju@; und all these things are oppofite to Bruntings, und Qi- God, and pleafing to DeZÁJNZOS ÖT AN mons. Let the Bishop carLa Taula Extea neftly give all these Precepts Dε áp, Ĉ da in charge to the Laity alfo, μόνων φίλο Ταῦτα perfuading them to imitate Tóra & CONOT his Converfation. For, fays Levit. xv, & Tois agïnois Nabe. He, Do ye make the Children31.

• namais. V.



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of Ifrael pious, Ler him be Sayed. prudent, humble, apt to ad- é, Cragar AUTES monifh with the inftructions nous givenDay & &of the Lord, well-dipos'd, our rews. Eunone who has renounc'd all 6es Jáp ¶no, Tan Cтa the wicked Projets of this τὰς τὰς Ἰσραήλ. Ἔσ World, and all Heathenithops, TATIVO DECOR, Luits Let him be orderly, 18 Denkngs Ev Taïs nufharp in obferving the Wick-argis παιδείας g. ed, and taking heed of them, λογνώμων, αποτειτο γι but yet a Friend to all ; juft, μύθ πᾶσι τοῖς ἐν τ difcerning, and whatfoever Big Torneo is bas Qualities are commendable ga, wagis elvingis & among Men, let the Bishop Juicys. "Es die poffefs them in himself. For saxos", ogos wegs if the Paftor be unblameable γνῶναι τὸς φαύλεις, as to any Wickedrefs, he will young weds an aucompel his Disciples, and by r, qia® ÿ ŵv rojúhis very Converfation prefs, singl, neenthem to become worthy Imis", è ou nana Ev tators of his own Actions. p 3As the Prophet fomewhere πάρχο", ταῦτα ὁ λή Holiv,9. fays, And it will be, As is oNOT EV SOUTYS NEXthe Prieft Jo is the People;For τήξω ὅτι οὐνεπίληπ our Lord and Mafter Jefus TQ adinias ŵr TTO!Chrift, the Son of God, be- pilvi,rès idius autê μ9gan first to Do, and then to s da√náo, è Teach, as Luke fomewhere dagopus aure Act. i. 1. fays, Which Jefus began to do werper faway off isiw Matt.





and to teach. Wherefore her par pupenποιημάτων μίμης fays, Whofover hall do and Tas aεius *


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Day wishing TY teach, he shall be called great
wegohms. Kai say in the Kingdom of God. For
καθώς ὁ ἱερούς, όπτω καὶ you Bilhops are to be Guides
ὁ λαός. Kaj" and Watchmen to the Peo-
wer nμwr y dd-ple, as you your felves have
σκαλΘ. Ἰησς Χριςός Chrift for your Guide and.
• yos & Oε пparo Watchman. Do you there-
πρῶτον ποιεῖν, καὶ τότε fore become good Guides
διδάσκειν· 4 ὣς πε λέ- and Watchmen to the People
Ho Aung's Nv pea of God. For the Lord fays
by Ezekiel, fpeaking to eve-
δάσκειν. Aió a ry one of you, Son of Man, Ezek.
"Os Nav non è d- I have given thee for a Watch xxxIII.
San, TQ pezas nλn- man to the House of Ifracl, and", &c.
θήσεται ἐν τῇ βασιλείᾳ thou halt hear the Word from
F DEF. Engπes my Mouth, and shalt obferve,
vay de unas mus raw and shalt declare it from me.
τὲς ὀπισκόπες,
Tes Condres, When I say unto the Wicked
Vμes ONOTON EDETE thou shalt furely die, if thou
ὑμεῖς σκοπὸν
Χριςόν. Καὶ ὑμεῖς ἐν doft not fpeak to marn the roich-
giveade, angmoi ajandoi ed from his wickedness, that
Tu mã 8 OE ok λé wicked Man fhall die in his
I neR Ng & 'Ie- Iniquity, and his Blood will I
Cemina woys Engisov u require at thine Hand. But if
Mŵv qúonwv. ↑ "Fi thou warn the wicked from his
SPWTY, σngton Sidang way, that he may turn from it,
of my oing Toeana, è and he does not turn from it,
ἀκόσῃ ἐκ ςόματός με he fall die in his Iniquity,
nov, Saquages, and thou hast delivered thy Soul.
© Yayores virov Tap' In the fame manner, if the ▼. 2, &c.
αὐτὸν παρ
EX EN TUS REGAL e Strord of War be approaching,


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I ögne. v. tufas xỳ V.3 ô line ô vids. v. 4 defunt. V.

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and the People fet a Watchman Tu drew, Advarw a to watch, and be fee the fame on, y con inapproach, and does not fore- λήσας το διατελαια warn them, and the Sword come vougy in & propias auand take one of them, he o avoμ ener ἐκεῖνα taken away in his Iniquity; ἐν τῇ ανομία, αυτό but his Blood fhall be required avery, y aaat the Watchman's Hand, be- μg wire in & xe's caufe he did not blow the Irum- σε ἐκζητήσω· σὺ 5 ἐδὼ pet. But if he blew the Trum seinn ou difuges τις δόμω pet, and he who heard it would and I od AUTO ȧTDnot take Warning, and the play a'w' wins, & Sword come and take him away, μὴ Σποτρέψη, αὐτὸς ἐν his Blood Phall be upon him, τῇ δυομίᾳ αυτό α because he heard the Trumpet, Oewery, you I fuand took not warning. But he xl as epprow. DoanὩστεία who took warning has delivered πως 5" μάχαιρα, πολές bis Soul, and the Watchman, us in opgemern, because he gave warning, hall shop o nas angroveis Jurely live. The Sword here wegquran, x idiou is the Judgment; the Trum αὐτὴν ἐρχομλάτω, μὴ pet is the Holy Gospel; the προμήνυση, @ 2463 Watchman is the Bifhop, who way, i ri T is fer in the Church, wvho is αμρτίᾳ αὐτῆς ἐλλήφθη, obliged by his Preaching to que in xe's To teftify and vehemently to σκοπό ἐκζητηθήσεται forewarn concerning that k con congre 2 τῇ Judgment. If ye do not de- Gamer 5 min clare and teftify this to the τῇ κερατίνῃ, ἐμὴ φυλαmk9? People, the Sins of thofe nyo angoas, & non who are ignorant of it will 2029, ¢ 26

v, 2 by. V,

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