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of Israel pious, Ler him be 6 qusufu ambae Sgen?
prudent, humble, apt to ad- aétu, erogwr autós
monish with the Instructions uspem tas givendoy & se
of the Lord, well-dispos'd, auto rebws. Eunge-
one who has renounc'd all bes gaie onn, 70n67
the' wicked Projects of this tis yds loeann. 'Esw
World, and all Heathenill ö copi's

, TO TEIVÓqedor,
Luits, Ler him be orderly; 18 detale vos év tais w-
fharp in observing the Wick-excergas Houd ears. re.
ed, and taking heed of them, roguwuwu, STOTETAY-
bur yer a friend to all : juft, wo não pois er geen
discerning, and whatsoever Bigu moinegis Bromel-
Qualities are commendable rigia a Calsedring is
among Men, let the Bishop 671 Jovicus"Esw'da
possess them in himself." for meg szextos", očas ned's
if the Paltor be unblameable και γνώνα της φαύλος,
as to any Wickedress

, he will say quage Copate da' aŭ. compel his Disciples, and by Twv, dina öwr profúhis very Conversation press Teva dinar, reino them to become worthy Imi- nos", è core renal er tarors of his own Actions. duopos tous 3 Osiv, u

As the Propher fomewhere wapxd", ita o 67 -
Hol.lv, 9. says, 'And it will be, As is OKOTO ev SavTYS xex-

the Priest so is the people ; For táctwol da'venian
our Lord and Master Jesus Tarxias cör
Christ, the Son of God, be- ulus, tès idios aurê Meen
gan first to Do, and then to interes d'aluehod, è rer

Teach; as Luke somewhere daçes pas auri
Aa, i. 1. says, Which Fesus began to do wagtpélawry offisiwa
. V. and to teach. Wherefore he ato mouetur pipino

says, -W holoover shall do and ra's aičixs fenon

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Pag 217.


sucessoges.v. al. evaejooxos. Ang boxettino's.v. Zalter urruin vacat

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raj ws Rézd 7% è ó teach, he shall be called great
megoím'. Kai éscy in the Kingdom of God. For
relais ó ispols, StW f you Bishops are to be Guides
ó pauos.

Kas 78" and Watchmen to the Peo-
weiQ sipeco sj Srdía ple, as you your felves have
σκαλG'Ιησες 3Χρυσός Chrift for your Guide and.
jos 8 Oeg pčato Watchman. Do you there-
πρώτον ποιείν, και τοπ fore become good Guides
διδασκάν' * ώς πε λέ. and Watchmen to the People
08 ó 18xes * S2x npěco of God. For the Lord says
To é 'Ingós moich ¿de by Ezekiel, speaking to eve-
darar". Aló provo ry one of you, Son of Man, Ezek.
*Os ol' år nocíon è do I have given thee for a Watch XXXIII. ·
dien, &TQ pezas urn- man to the House of Israel, and", te.
εθήσεται αν τη βασιλεία thos hair hear the word from
& Oes. Enomes gS &- my Mouth, and shalt observe,
ray dê üzãos mas naĝe and shalt declare it from me.
Tås brandmes, om sy when I say unto the Wicked
upas oxory égen t thou fhalt surely die, if thou

. Kaj pas fr dost not speak to marn the wickDiveale

, Oromi aganti ed from his mickedness, that TU 244 og ef ök wicked Man shall die in his nd were fed & ’Is. Iniquity, and his Blood will I

sruña, mogs exo-soy . require at thine Fland. But if põõv páown. 'riè d' thou warn the micked from his Sparta, ongzóv sådande nay, that he may tuin from it, DE TUS o'x Q 'Igeanno and he does not turn from it, exson ir sólatós no he "Mall die in his Iniquity, hoov, j Yaoung'ess, and thou hast delivered thy Soul. è la gorais wastov map' in the same manner, if the v. 2, 8c. épes en TuS hézany de Strord of War be approaching, ogne. v. ? rebws xj V.3 ó line å vids. . 4 defunc. V.

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and the People Set a Watchman mw chiew, Edwarwice

, so watch, and be see the same Joern, og som éngée


approach, and does not fore- angos zs Locorajada warn them, and the Sword come yougv.ck of dovouías ou and take one of them, he is 78, avoja indir taken away in his Iniquity; ev. tum dionics with but his Blood shall be required to Saramay, xj 39, at the Watchman's Hand, be- Ha airs in . gdeós cause he did not blow the Trum- of in enthou où ð édes pet. But if be blew the Trum. Alesaian tu dublecos

aus duópeças pet, and he who heard it would do sodo auts ámnot take Warning, and the spánboy.do? wras, Sword come and take him away, weil das péta, ausis er his Blood shall be upon him, ar douiçu wo dito because he heard the Trumpet, Odlétoy, by a fue and took not warring. But he lus or éppeers. 'Nouvwho took warning has delivered tws.'5" vexarea moné his soul, and the Watchman, ustedes i épgeutvn, because he gave warning, shall shon ó reeds ongrèves surely live. The Sword here weg qurige nesiv, rj idev is the Judgment; the Trumatiy éppeurslw, pen pet is the Holy Gospel ; the megumpuon, è scbn Watchman is the Bishop, who togrinMisi Yuaci tým is fer in the Church, who is αώρτία αυτής ελήφθη, obliged by his Preaching to 3 duce ir nolegs og reftity and vehemently to σκοπό έκζητηθησετα, forewarn concerning that ök com tonugre Judgment. If ye do not de Games és coleging clare and teftify this to the τη κερατίνη, μη φυλαPeople, the Sins of those Encayó árbores, Ĉ ta on who are ignorant of it will s vegades, e nden

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autóv, y ung auró be found upon you. Where&m' av terésoy: ok som fore do you warn and reé ou no Exto axbras op prove the Uninstructed with reegtivns, ó Ö Qung Boldness, teach the Ignorant, Frauf, * fugenio aŭ- confirm those that under78 éppúodto, è o oro stand, bring back those that Taos ók érhudue, {wn go astray. If we repeat the ζήσεται. Μαχαιρα μού very fame things on the fame Έξιν η κρίσις" cin- Occasions, Brethren, we shall myš ģ", i isegir not do amiss. For by fre

Baszáncov oxOTTÈS , quent Hearing 'tis to be ο κατασταθείς τη σκ- hoped that Iome will be é shnoią brioxon Quyêr made alham'd, and at least Järnpúaryta Laugp" do some good Action, and túeaway? 26e6ws avoid some wicked one. For, Sors' wei q xeloews. says God by the Prophet, 'Eda yen Alasgaiante, y Teftifie those things to them; Jer.xxvi: dra pagripnade tul ng perhaps they will hear thy Voice.. e's upãs saugpria rose And again, If perhaps they Ezek. 11, equoerwy Upesnoszty will hear, if perhaps they will ?:88111: sig tih ciąçopeçoufius submit. Moses also says to év átaidlasia, ?rounder the People, If hearing thou Exod. xv. TĀTE, édég get let



' - wilt hear the Lord God, and 26. Tappnoias, Tiss agrogu- do that which is good and Es diddoxeTi, TiSS right in his Eyes. And agorpufoss sneiļett, mis gain, Hear, O Israel, the Deut. vigi TETT du nufúss Frçpé. Lord our God is one Lord. Mr. xl. QETE. 4 Ta" autawei And our Lord is often remops aurtüv négortas, - corded in the Gospel co have denpoi, šze áue poneó- faid, He that hath Ears to Matt. xi. Megalo 'Ex 78 mono bear let him hear. And wise



deeft, y deeft V, ?autāv. V. deelt: v.



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Prov. 1.8. Solomon says, My Son, hear zexus exéey sings niyas

the Instruction of thy Father, duow mandivas reģio e-
and reject not the Lams of thy Tag of redão noiño
Mother. And indeed to this σας, και το πονηρών πα-
Day Men have not heard; Ραιτήσαθαι" Λέως και
for while they seem to have also weggáty Des
heard, they have not heard Alapeptúpd aurois Cós
aright, as appears by their πως ακέσονται σε
having left the One and Ons φωνής Και παλι
ly True God, and their being 'Εαν άρα ακάσασιν, εδώ
drawn into destructive and cea êvdanKajó Mwons
dangerous Herefies, concern. φησι τω λαώ: Ελύ ακοή
ing which we hall fpeak a- ακέσης ωρίς τ8 Θεά,
gain afterwards. .

& ποιήσης και αγαθόν &

3 διθες εν οφθαλμοίς αυτ8. Και πάλιν". "Ακαε'Ισραήλ, κύριος ο Θεός σε, κύριος εε Έξιν. Και ο κύριβ. εν τω δυαδελίω πολλάκις μνημονεύετα λέγων ο έχων ώτα ακέειν, ακεέπω. Και ο σοφός Σόλομών φησιν" "Ακυε με παιδείου πατρός σε, « μη απωση θεσμες μητρός σε. Και μέχρι σήμερον σου ήκοσυμ" και " δοκώντες, '8" ακηκοέναι, αφήκυστήμ, καταλείψουσες ένα και μόνον αληθινόν Θεόν, ε εις τας όλεθρίες

δεινας αιρέστε καταστυρέντες, «είαν αύθις ερεμα. . Pag.

SECT. VI, VII . B Eloved, be it known to T'Nessiv iso, upene you, that those who are

αγαπητοί, οκ οι baptized into the Death of βαθιαθέντες εις ή θαour Lord Christ, are obliged remove or weir 'Inos, to go on no longer in Sin. στοέτι οφείλεσιν αμαρFor as thofe who are dead νειν οι τοιέτοι.

“Ως cannot work Wickedness ao go on to GevóYTES aise defunt. v. ? 08. v. ? 5. V.



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