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Levit. xxi,

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bixtis curs i rol fuó. Family, when they are under
afsoi autos und Tagh his Management, become o-
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bedient to him?
Aoruma éctw xv, ci Ler Examination also be III.
äumugs 3 msi" Bic made whether he be unblame-
Tixes, zseios. Técatre able as to the Concerns of
Toy gap MwUcokotren This Life. For it is writcen,
ato fueMorla es ises. Searcb diligently for all the
cuilis weggeeiceos

. Faults of bine who is to be oro 17, &c. ‘TTOFNETW XV è dain'd for the Priesthood. On * . Pag. aópynti ok négg ń which account ler him also 215. Gopice 'opgis sj geari. be void of Anger; for Wif pieds domov. "EÇw dom says, Anger destroys even Prov. xvi

Lowasyo@e, abdvow the Prudent. Let him also, 1. lxx. o@., ayamkxés: ők be merciful, of a generous 269wer'Ey tế. and loving Temper. For our Tgvorov toy máutis, Lord says, By this shall all Joh. x11 s. ök éugi Montok ése, Men know that ye are my Discia 35. tay cza prāt drinkgs. ples if ye love one another. "Es è due tédio, Let him be also ready to give, giabxnpQ., 0.7baros, a Lover of the Widow and Úmpetixòs, lafoxovos, the Stranger, ready to serve, Borate, detaigow. and minister, and attend. TQ, cidos ♡ meanor Resolute in his Dury; and όντα άξιον υπολήψεως. let him know who is the

most worthy of his Aflift

ance. Eigsgenese nisu Trap For if there be a Widow, fv. χάσα Swapefón é who is able to support her παρκάν εν τω βίω τα felf, and another Woman who xpusiera, invece ö Å is not a Widow, but is needy : pose Tais. V.


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by reason of Sickness, or xhes, Svěydens

ร บน the bringing up many. Chil. Tapad Also yooor, * dren, or Infirmity of her texvonzodías, diáoHands, let him stretch out Tereta geðv, 67 Taúhis Hand in Charity, rarlier την μάλλον εκεινάτω ?

TW > to this latter. But if any xãeg. Eide'ks" is one be in Want by Glutro- καταφαγας, η μέθυσος, ny, Drunkenness, or Idleness, apzos en Wis Biw.The does not deserve any Alli. ngis ballety, or észy Itance, or to be elteem'd a

ažio 7xxelas, ēns

46. , Member of the Church of ula cauch notas meg Gods, For the Scripture, And 38 zece porno

speaking of such Persons, Toron cáoxes, ok Proyxxix. says, The Slothful bideth his reputas ornneesi zéiega

Hand in his Bosom, and is not arg vad om nónov,

able to bring it to his Mouth Suńceton amore dictive Eecter again, And again, The Slug, airlw eis 8.5ouge autá.

gard folds up his Hands, and Kaj zanu
eats his own Flesh. For every well ha bev Tos xãiego
Drunkard and Whoremonger autón y page tais crépa
Jhall come to Poverly, and eve nos curt. Das gs

ry drop-fie. Person shall be close pesurQ, įmoprors
thed with Tatters and Rags. Tou, Flugoros, cor-

And in another Passage, If Surency dreppezóta " LXX. Ixx. thou give thine Eyes to Drink- parady ?

..ing and Cups, thou shalt after-ons. Kai ir amois. wards walk more naked than the 'Eæv ö eis ra's dienas Housistop: For certainly Idle- è tra 20 Tiela dos Tès ness is the Mother of Famine. 00, Jarmés os, üstenr

Weita muod's JupevótsPG αφε. Ως αληθώς ο μήτηρ + έσιν" ή αργία λιμά.

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XXlll. 21.


V. ?!.

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"Εςω 3 δ επίσκοπG A Bifhop must be no Aco å meelotónning, MaíTe cepter of Perlons ; be must menor encerrouluQnot fear any, nor basely flatnorge udiwy rasa Impo- ter a rich Man, neither overσηκον, μήτε πενη τα πα- look nor domineer over a erewo, nata drugo poor Man. For, says God

çów. Ou nótoro 78to Moses, Tou shalt not accept Levit. xix. onais' ó Okos TW Mw the Perfon of the Rich, normalt is

Ex.xxiij.3: Oh, segow Tov 148018, thou pity a poor Man in his & RÉVNO con énenodls Çause : For the Judgment is vreios. Ok wthe Lord's. And again, Thou Deuti. 179

& weisi reins Kaj to file with exact Justice follom XVl. 20.

philt aw Aixcuws dažas that which is right. Let a Six duoy Tegminha sj. Bishop be frugal, and con. 207ų" Muarea rj eu tented with a little in his ποτα" λυσιτελή : crcipons nés opgetres 3 ó Meat and Drink, that lie may STROKO W ", 1 c. durn- be ever in a sober Frame, ona" vúper wegs vy- and dispos'd to initruct and TÄN Týs na ASEÚTHS. admonish the Ignorant ; and Esco un dolordu Qu, un let him not be coitly in his nouontis unid. , Diar, a Pamperer of himself, has xongoodyQue "Es given to Pleasure, or fond of

" dežiner, Ma- Delicacies. Let him be paxposun@ ev s vodeo tieot and gentle in his Adtrous, trudi dane tos", monitions, well infiructed

, μελετων

adala himself, meditaring in, and *** Pag: Leave a mueranais Bi- diligently studying the Lord's 62915, munus er dasmas. Books, and reasing them duaar, iva ma's g8ær frequently, that so he may φας βπιμελώς ερμίύη be able carefully to interpret Ovo sdízess mois nost”- the Scriprures, expounding

"Recit. V. ? al. rgoon y nords 3 al. Con a trio roma Burnojs. deeft. V, worud fanlarès Va

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the Gospel in correspondence Tais é TuS vózews 8 das with the Prophets, and with géniov ' éppenpowr". the Law; and let the Expo- potws ty dursgenic sole sitions from the Law and xe twodu ai in vózo the Proplets correspond to wogonilor épuuvéa. 16

the Gospel. For the Lord of 78 ó wier. 'Irogs Jol. v. :9. Jesus says, Search the Scrip- 'Epour ã o ta's zoaças'

tures, for they are those which ck aûts day as usPiti testify of me. And again, For Tupãou asi fuã ka

. Moses wrote of me. But a- noxiv. llei 98 pcs bove all, ler him carefully Mwoñs éjeaks. Teo diftinguilh between the ori- TvTV 3Aqs0 độ ginal Law, and the Additio- gatos ghréctw, róziga nal Precepts, and shew which sursewoo Marech, are the Laws for Believers, δεικνύων & Έξι νόμο. and which the Bonds for the πισων, ε τι δεσμά αUnbelievers, lest any should misov, ivc ks two

, μή fall under thofe Bonds. Be πέση τους δεσμούς. Έπιcareful therefore, O Bishop, Meañgy 5 268 moxato study the Word, that chou me iva in drescelón Cor mayft be able to explain eve- παντα η λέξιν ερμηry thing exactly, and that you div", Ĉ ev monan thou mayst copiously nou- drotéger Tiboies zpécns rish thy People with much sj? pwmsps" ngóvoyi Doctrine, and enlighten them φωτισμόν νόμο. Φα

with the Light of the Law. τίατε ό, φησίν ο Θεός, Hor.x.12. For God fays, Enlighten your εαυτοίς φως γνώσεως, ,

, selves with the Light of Know-wis šk naress. ledge, while we have get op. portunity.

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"έφω 35 Επίσκοπος Let not a Bishop be given den aj georeporis, rj Mess- to filthy Lucre, especially degoe ohi ere, before the Gentiles, racher Bramówfu. Mnov, suffering than offering Inju

Bretorius adeo- ries, not covetous, nor rapa
vízmus, un åprat, usi cious ; no Purloiner, no Ad-
Susaputns, q.agrodó- mirer of the Rich, nor Hater
aQ, usi wców Gre, of the Poor; no Evil-speaker,
uri ng Tang Zos, usi fol- nor False-witness; not given
douceptus, mis Jurcons, to Anger, no Brawler, nor
un pizónar@u, kes tas entangled with the Affairs of
en Bir Dea sua melous this Life; not a Surety for
Qulo Tende Sufiau, anés- any one, nor an Accuser in
go nufués kiva, curs. Suits about Money; nor am-
Decor Sinais xpnlegu bitious, not double-minded,
miais, rest pingpx., nor double-tongued ;
un digwomen, en de ready to hearken to Calum,
gawa@o, un meds ny or Evil speaking; not a
Haberlw to Taic-. Dilsembler, not addicted to
Ααβολίω και YOL TO
near çıróxo Q., the. Heathen Festivals, not
λιαν φιλήκος
qoxestàs, un tas éop- given to vain Deceits, nos

ταις ή εθνών επορεύ- eager after worldly Things,
pups Qi, a maitals 'xeras" nor a Lover of Money: For
μη χρώμαG., μηδέ all thefe ελhings are oppofice to
Benvintings, windé que God, and pleasing to Dx-
apguzes©Te djúto mons. Let the Bishop car,
Za tuzüla exped nestly give all these Precepts
oeg dipad, disa in charge to the Laity also,
Marwr qira. Taur

Taŭtos persuading them to imitate
ö dóma o xor & his Conversation. For, says Levii. xv,

Tols Teixois 1968- He, Do ge make the Children 31.


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iamcus. V.

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