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kinds of Learning whereby di wo duwnorate you may arrive at the King- κωρίς ημών εισαι ζαdom of our Lord, and anciqe duapészs, ze duas please him, and so Rest format OEuroy eis tes awras ever and ever. Amen. και αιωνων. 'Aplus.


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Of Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons.
Eei 3 των ε.

UT concerning Bi-
П πισκόπων, ή- 150 1hops, we have
κάσαμου πα- 3.

heard from our en 8 ωρίς

Lord that a Pa. ημών, και ποιμύα ftor, who is to be ordain'da καθισάμδυον Επίσκοπον Bilhop for the Churches in εις τας εκκλησίας αν every Parifh, muft be unπάση θροικία, 2 δε" blameable, unreprovable, free υπάρχειν ανέγκλητον, from all kinds of Wickednefs ανεπίληλον, ανέπαφαν common among Men, nor πάσης αδικίας ανθρώπων, under Fifty Years of Age και Gomera mor É TWD TEVT for such an one is in good κοντα όπ" τρόπωνί part paft Youthful Diforders, Tās vw tienes alias and the Slanders of the HeaΕας έξωθεν διαβολας chen, as well as the Reέκπφουχως υπάρχει, proaches, which are Tome

1 έως. ν. 3f. , 3f ότι.


times cast upon many Per. weds mais le vor folder sons by some False Brethren, déaqwr os nomes 67 who do not consider the pe@gujúces Bagcorp nueids,

Word of God in the Gospel, s zerwonórrer pause Matth.x. Whosoever speaketh an idle word Beš in ev ter dalgsshall give an Account thereof nique 1 "2

202 to the Lord in the Day of anon" pruge por, droV. 37. Fudgment. And again, By thy breed wet cung nógov

Words thou malt be justified, med sveiw ovi uéparer and buy thy words thou shalt be oews. Kaj zonino 'Exc condemned. Let him there. pelas Bógwr ar drxccuwfore be well inftruded and θήση, ο οκ λόγων σε skilful in the Word ; and of xa Tadireadthoạ. "Esco competent Age. But if in a bor ? nimadolmé Qui small Parish one advanc'd in rý ŠUTTEIP S noze, Years is not to be found, let καθήκων τη ηλικία. fame younger Person, who Ei ö è ev nerviço has a good Report among menpão ing xéonas his Neighbours, and is er megbeenua's Tu asórą steem'd by them worthy of uniekounmoy joua plu the Office of a Bishop; who pnuévasione di Cuo has carry'd himfelf from his νόντων αυτω, ως άξια Youth with Meeknefs and Κάσκοπής, α τ νεόRegularity, like a much els mia, cv apąúmle è der Person ; after Examinati- U TOEIC preges 670188

on, and a general good Re: würfe doriva ateis ** Pag, port, be Ordain'd in Peace & 'wo Toro mi mwen For Solomon at twelve Years HELP Tupatoy, ***

* καθιof Age was King of Israel, and soat w ev eplun. Kaj 'King. Fostah ar Eight Years of Age 18 Lowomain dudéncasXXII. I.

Aghubyov. V. . V 3 ü Nazdy, y ayeluudio, Axây. * Top 4 vớixes my xe máy ra, và 3 4 . " gâyτων έως. Υ.

214. 3 King. .


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mis gloegena ebaoi reign'd righteously, and in 2 Chrud. adre, è 'Iwoias és die like manner Foash govern'd XXX καιοσύνη οκτώ ετών - the People at Seven Years of xi, 3, 4. βασίλευσεν ομοίως 3 Age: Wherefore although the è 'Iwa's into itwy npge Person be young, let him be

78 ngã. Sese di g meek, gentle, and quiet. For G., Σλλα πράG. υ the Lord God says by Esaias, Ila. Exvr. αρχέτων, δαλός η Upon whom will I look but ups 2. touze ok nénd Loe on him who is humble and quiet, 78 Hoais wei ó and always trembles at my words? Θεός: Επί τίνα Κ. In like manner it is in the bréfa, en H 672 Gospel also, Blessed are the

TOT GROV" j joinsor Meek, for they (hall inherit the και ηρέμονται με τις λό: Earth. Let him alto be merγες απομός και ομοίως ciful; for it is faid, Bleed τ. 7. è év TW Vasgenio se are the Merciful, for they shall τω Μακάριοι οι πρα obtain Mercy. Let him alfo ξες ότι αυτοί κληeoνo be one of a good Confcience, unovor zño. "E500 2 3" purify'd from all Evil, and è inanusura ók maro Wickedness, and Unrighteίρηται Μακάριοι οι ε. oufnefs. For tis faid again, , λεήμονες,όπ αυτοί ελεη- Bleftd are the Pure in heart, ν. 8. θήσονται 3 Γιγέθω 3d for they hall fee God. δσωείδη

G., πασης κακίας C πονηρίας και αδικίας κεκαθαρισμού. ότι πάλιν έρηται Μακάριοι οι καθαροί τη καρδία, ότι αυτοί Θεόν όψονται.

"Έστω ένα νηφάλι, Let him therefore be follo σώφρων, κόσμιG., δι- ber, prudent, decent, firm, sacons, a tu gz, un stable, not given to Wine, πάροινG., μή πλήκ: no Striker, but Gentle; not

1 πραύν. V. 1 ν. V. και εσυ 5 και άφηνοποιός ότι πάλιν λέγξ, μα: χώροι οι ιρwoπoιδι, οι αυτοί, οι θες κληθήσονται. .



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V. 4.

a Brawler, not Covetous; not ths, Xubiexńs,
a Novice, left being puffed up Max Quapindépguessa
with Pride, he fall into Core in veóqurG, Avoc un

demnation, and the Snare of Tupweis, eis.xeira eua Luc. xiv. the Devil. For every one πέση, και παγίδα" τ8

that exalteth himself shall be a bóng ok nas ó ú abased. Such an one a Bi- fãy couTİV TATAW.SK shop ought to be, who has

σεται. .

Toιντον 3 δ& ειναι been the Husband of one témono trov, jas aidea 1 Tim. Wife, who also has herself had Joyfunuliov quvunos ug

no other Husband ; ruling vozdjes, xarmos os idis mell his own House. In this o'xo aogesta. Oů. manner ler Examination betw gS forme céctw, . made when he is to receive ποτ' ού την χειροτονίδα Ordination, and to be plac'd agrebávwv za tiste Toy in his Bifhoprick, whether the άν τω τόπω τ επισκο be grave, faithful, decent; ñs, é és cerevos, mi whether he hath a grave and sós, i rebougie faithful Wife, or has former vara Cepvleis e ai ly had such a one; whether shovéget égnier é he hath educated his Coun- τέκνα θεοσεβώς αρα

dren piously, and has brought Spéfais e ev vo@scią Eph. vi. 4. them up in the Nurture and Ado iweis maistoas woga.

monition of the Lord; whether saifu é oi sal oixoy his Domesticks do'fear and autê & rebeufcos reverence bim, and are all empertufuae aurin obedient to him; for if chofe πήκοοι οδύτες εσιν αυ. who are immediately about tw di gS or ve ozipxa him for worldly Concerns (διοι αυτά, ωeός αυ are feditious and difobedient, τον φασιάζεσαι OTH how will others, not of his ša, a s o pew


desunt. v. 2 1. V.


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