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the High-Priests to do, thofe & amp û Zîs apz4* might not be meddled withi pola tregoétax to 672 by the Priests; and what TEI&V, TÁTOIS TA'S je things were allotted to the ρέας ο φεμιτον ώ προ

και & Priests, the Levites might aérou a TED Ö Tous le not meddle with; but every ρούσιν άρισο, τέτοις οι one observed those Ministra- a dig ý wegriecari tions which were written in fra soi' ao mep" sa

ão , down and appointed for them. ρειλήφισαν «ηρεσίας

ар And if any one would meddle racinesegu pekšas, équbeyond the Tradition, Death nailov si dé tis toeg was bis Punishment. And of a Somews Tecolé

. Saul's Example does hew να εξέλετο, θάνατο. this most plainly. who think. lit g 67tiusov. TôTO

ing he might offer Sacrifice i uenige dédage rý í 1 King. without the Prophet' and yet ģ Easa

High-Priest Samuel, drew up- osi tuo ou vevoneinaus fiza on himself a Sin and a Curse & Tregonte j apade without Remedy. Nor did péws Sausna, zowce even his having anointed him σεν εις εαυτον αμαρτίαν King discourage the Propher. rý se taier

. arató But God shew'd the same by Santori ry orderemo

a more visible Effect in the eas iš aung e's Be2 Chron. Case of Uzziah, when He, anéce, éduccómo e

withour delay, exacted the weaparnu. čregge 422. Punishment due to this Tranl- sepçe ô tại wedd

gression, and he that madly dédeğer ö @eds 3 co" coveted after the High-Priest- tuis net solicev, cómo hood was rejected from his ev 4 peripec ta's" Kingdom also. As to those time og vorige eiwwego things that have happen'd šicíufua Sixas• xeyó

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À dpzze ego uóns xana- amongst us, you your felves: ucjuets, soci Baarcas are not ignorant of them: For Σύγεις. κατέση, τα ye know undoubtedly that Jép wor rows on those that are by us nam'd Biagro@zeo iso 98 golve shops, and Presbyters and Dea-i Te's Chongtys mas a cons were made by Prayer, and peão ovora stévitas, xj by the laying on of Hands ;l.

PEO UT?p85, and that by the Difference of roves, diz è geeierov their Names, is shewed the

Engedd, tn 2800- Difference of their Employpce w Povoket Projments. For not every one

seu poegr TÔ TOGS that will is Ordain'd, as: Mettwv f'ernvúorlas ģ the Case was in that spurious 28 Bozóny nast and counterfeit Priesthood of pero mhnps xães,' the Calves under Jeroboam; 3 King. ūroep om op x16 dúas but he only who is called of xü. 33.

Sše renew, 6718? God. For if there were noras 'leegbodu albo wengre. Rule or Distinction of Orrebins if youúns, in ders, it would suffice - to ó nanolfa kad se perform all the Offices une Deši e û gs. Les beo- der one Name. But being pós tis. l, xcii Tacewy taught by the Lord the Se

La poes, “paç dy si ries of Things, we distribuενός ονόμασε τα όλα ted the Functions of the 7 cios. 'n' San 78 High-Priesthood to the Biwels defa gdeVTES d- shops, those of the Priest. Xonslicev weatherwv, hood to the Presbyters, and τοϊς β βισκόποις τα the Miniftration under tieri şapgaeewowns even both toche Deacons ; that the Marfi, Toiş ö a peo bu. Divine Worship might be προις τα τ ιερωσύης, performed in Furity.

For Tois ö Aanbvous ta' f 'tis not lawful for a Dea

deeit. v.


con to Offer the Sacrifice, or meg's appotépus diato Baprize, or to give either novias in the rentacas the greater or the lesser Blef te of Sproxkas 67 sing: Nor may a Presbyter asíufua. šte 98 99 perform Ordination for 'tis novou Tegopéperv sucias not agreeable to Holiness to Jouetón, ñ Be Car, i

have this Order perverted. diaoyida hasregio a Mo Cor.xiv. For, G d is not the God of sairle niciáty, šn 33. Confufion, that the Subordi. 28o Cutieov, zaregte

dace Persons should tyran- vias áreas gS nically assume to themselves aov, drecesposay mo the Fundions belonging to tačuv' s gap bour é their Superiors, forming a @eos votosadas, five new Scheme of Laws to their oi two6e6TIGTES TE TW

own Mischief, not knowing xperlerwe mearvinas A&. ix. 5. char 'Tis hard for them to kick open eiwitan, vojo

against ihe Pricks; for such as fadar xaurlu árathefe do not fight against met loymes 67 xarý us, or against the Bishops, but to lauru, agpogones against the Universal Bishop, on ordinean aúteis 9 and the High-Prieft of the προς κέντρα κακά Father, Jelus Christ our Çav. s 78 anás, a to

Lord. High-Priests, Priests mononres To dejše Ex xxviii. and Levites were O.dain'd oi toi tol, tirá & xxix. by Moses, the most Beloved myTwo Coxomu, a

of God. By our Saviour rõ nareds sipglepía were we Apostles, Thirteen Xerson 'Incor, wó in Number, Ordain'd; and eros sipecore Cod Mei by the Apostles I fames and cows â 28 & feopi I Clement, and others with desíte apglepas notre us were Ordain'a, that we soetnoar, a ispers, xem may not make the Cara- Adity' wad ä с TW

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tñp @ inwr apais, oi logue of all those Bishops dexa Tpas droço nos ús over again. And in comno Saito sónwrégw mon Presbyters, and Dealánaba, rý égw Ký cons, and Sub-deacons, and pens, e ouviui émegi Readers were ordain'd by iva peña nofúzas zahte all of us. The Great Highrela négorifuo ngen ö Priest therefore, who is so U TO Tidátov sine cão me pero by Nature, is Christ the bunest, rj Alergooi, è Only begotten; not having atas drengvol, nou dva snatch'd that Honour to himWow say. DMTQ to self, but having been apnw puos apgespois é pointed such by the Father; ovoyfons Xersos, x. who being made Man for our TOUTES l e mulus ápriai fake, and offering the Spie

Sro age 78 7 ritual Sacrifice to bis God Jos ng tasa Ociso os gfuó- and Father, before his Sufrefu che avbegro di fering, gave it us alone in ruas, mbugti charge to do this; although xun' suoiav megopeegse there were others with us,

çə kurs y ma- who had believed in him. reb, med fordelss, ģ. But he that believes is nor Miv dretačato Móvous presently appointed a l'riest, 1870 proidy sú tob or obtains che Dignity of the értw our suiv xou in High Priesthood. But after Egoy sis away Em his Afcension, we offer'd ac, sounótur. Xr1' s ma'vo cording to his Constitution, TW' i maç divas", by the pure and unbloody Samoi ispous recréçon, $crifice; and ordain'd Bishops, épgeneesk zens albices me and Presbyters, and Deacons, Tuge. Men det ja rió dves Seven in Number. One of Act, vi.& amborare, fiuesis meg. which was Stephen, that bles. vij.

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fed Martyr, who was not qeveg nýUTES, I rledica inferiour to us, as to his ταξιν αυτέ, θυσίαν καpious Disposition of Mind Jaegne" avoiugxtowards God; who shew'd tur, megegcececoriuefa fo great Piety towards God, βπι σκόνες, και πρεσβυ. by his Faith and Love to- ripes, roi Hangmasére wards our Lord Jesus Christ, ta i cebug w as as to give his Life for him, les Etépdo a ó renga and was stoned to Death by ex vigiprus, som din the Jews, the Murderers of remoule a nuests the Lord. Yet still this for a wee's gdy rolov. great and good a Man, who ós Poštor JECO Har was fervent in Spirit, who τη σίς όνεδέξατο, saw Christ on ''the Right c rhi els wecor * Hand of God, and the Gates Mõõu 'Insão Xessòv a of Heavenopened, does no gaitles, ws vai auté where appear to have exerci. Nôroy mouse on Yuzlu, fed Functions which did not woos mees welox TOP W appertain 'to his, Office of a li dawn rigous Brya Deacon, 'nor to have of Oes. 'n opws ó sorbe fer'd the Sacrifices, nor to TQ regj mixõtadhave laid Hands upon any, yp, o $ avoue altur, but" kept his Order of a to Xeison óegy én de Deacon unto the End. For Žice Okš, rouiltas so it became him, who was earlas trúhas árenge

a Martyr for Chrift, το pre- μίας εδεμ φαίνεται 423. serve good Order. But if some suis un á vinsa

T! 행 vii, & ixo do blame Philip oúr Dea sanovice zonodulua,

*con, and Ananias our faithful Judar avereyrar, : Brother, that the one did gediegis 62 de TII, baprize the Eunuch, and the ance & Saxonias Tel.

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a deelt. V.

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