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for any, one of the other aggð är we xinet Clergy

, co do the Work of a xmv88 Aleixovs ingen Deacon A Deaconess does noiñozel olevi Erv. Šiai hot bléls; Hor perform l'any zónione con dirogai thing belonging to the Of u ceniti wu molana fice of Presbyters - ori Dea- o TPEOCUTECO!, * oi cons, but only is to keep exovou"stitiae,

the Doors, and to minister SMS quratlan ? to the Presbyters in the Tas Juzas, y tu

Baptizing of Women; on'ác getting on tos apsorbum count of Decency. A Dea viegis és molt Barleti con lepärätes a Sub-Deacon, mais grances

, me à Reader, a Singer, and a UTE PETRESAlexor@ia Deaconess, if there be any pocisk was didzora, occasion, in the Absence of icgrumos falarla, a Presbyrer: 'Tis nor law. Marcóytary,

ke ful for a Sub-Deacon to fe- TOI TOY Çin maloniQ parater either

either one of the per Cutéps. A coles Clergy or Laity, nor for a xore on tčeçu apa Reader, nor for a Singer, eroom, žte pulu arayo hor for Deaconefsir for vasmoy Parm, in they dre the Ministérs to ! seczóviarey", & x.x the Deacons ? :: eixov, s naixónu

***** 3, 'mpéroy gap ekor dhary ...itos livin't itu?


ingissew Marlas Let the Bishop bless the Wą. Nice Zawoicy. ]] d'agpaio

of the Oil': But if he vw oémio Ng Tus Füdar, be not there," "ler the Pref- 8 trgov« id H byter" bless-it, che' Deacon mapp dagga muvo tipis Aanding by : But if the Bi Butipàgestas Nexorlarwy. V.


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draxovs. ena'r gl o to shop be present, let the PrefMEMOTOS gs, maer byter and Deacon stand by, saw o FPEO6U Tep Out and let him say thus : - Trov@ mezétW Ž O Lord of Hosts, the God of STWs" nese Zabawl, Powers, the Creator of the ó Beds PS drwánewy, Waters, and the Supplier of xtisa os udowy, Oil, who are compassionate, gopaga të Eraís, oixes and a Lover of Mankind,

tipugvaj, piado@egstre, who haft given Water for -ó des idup wees, Tóa Drink, and for Cleansing, av i robin darpariae and Oil to give Man a chear, Plal

. ciii. 2850x og ingepuidu Treo ful; and joyful Countenance. Do Caravés dgania via thou now also sanctifie this - dipegoións auto's Water, and thisOil, through

vui dia xerçayla thy Christ, ; in the Name of
cov üdwp rešto 8 him or her that has offer'd
čacios, étovóugck them, and grant them a Pow-
megouquiodul. ; A er to restore Health, to drive y

Degongulorioso y away Diseases, to banish Deδας δώαμιν υγείας mons, and to difperfe all eze mounk zelus,. xóow Snares, through Chrift, our á me ne sexlus, says Hope, with whom Glory,

gugadóttixli, na Honour, and Worship be to Casa é m6 xañs. drwxtio Thee, in the Holy Gholt, alud, dia xercise is for ever.l: Amen.

ελπιδG. η-
[[@]] de pe net Š Cordoba, ke peraj oélas, asarlo

πνόύμgk, ως τες αιώνας. αμώ.

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φρών & δεκατών. 3) Let all First-fruits be brought ik wegsécuri, ne odus ca to the Bishop, and to the male segonguistato Presbyters, and to the Dea. Ty imorcov, © mais cons, for their Maintenance; aperbutieges, @ Toiş but let all tlie Tythe be διακόνοις, ας διατροφή for the Maintenance of the author waardu descertus rest of the Clergy, and wegrapepeaton, His dreta of the Virgins, and Wi- teplu on 2017är mina

dows, and of those under einar, Stíra, Pag. the Trial of Poverty. For *** geor, ig

ing og smegvog han 413. the First Fruits belong to the ev Treviga UEE Tee Soué

Priests, and to those Deacons vwr. aj 98 aastai that minister to them. jepówn cai, vei puteau

τοίς εξυπηρετυμίων

διακόνων. XXXI.

([Ο αυτής, in: Εισόυμάτων

rawojaj.)] Tas neige Those Eulogies which remain pouvons év tais wsi at the Mysteries, let the nois diarias, it goes

. Deacons distribute them ao uliw po **

επισκόων mong the Clergy, according 7pEO BUTIEGOU of section to the Mind of the Bilhop, novai diceveuétwards or the Presbyters: To a Bi- wapwa yes émorowy fhop Four Parts, roa Presbyo yén téatriés, pega ter Three Parts, to a Dea- bu répa pépn Tria, drei con Two Parts, and to the xong pépn do. Tois Ž rest of the Sub-Deacons, or amors, modra xeopois, Readers, or Singers, or Dea in cevægesels, ☆ för.

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Teels, daroviazis, conesses, one Part: For this n'ép ér. T8TO yg mee is good and acceptable in ao seu im done tor evac the sight of God, that eve Moy og Bet, noe som ry one be honour'd accord kvãng xe use a ing to his Dignity for the Eier x gs inua noia ove Church is the School, 'noc iratias, dui Bratlas of Confusion, but of good si Adrienãos. Order.

Srct. LXVII. Και Πώλει, και


Allo Paul, the leaft XXXII, το αποσύλων έ- of the Apostles, do néges, made from make the following Con. Tréavorece peñv rois osticutions for you the Bimqxómdis, è perbu shops, and Presbyters, and Tiegis

, aber nevórwv.] Deacons, concerning Canons.] bi nestus megolőrtus Those that 'first come to the tuse üqniei in diotMystery of Godliness,let them Ceas, Drac s dra be brought to the Bishop, Howwe wepo

agátowardjo or to the Presbyters, by the TYS Florstwo, zorg Deacons, and let then be wpeo Euniesis de mais examined as to che Caules aitindo Cis worthis, wherefore they come to the I zdeir vegoña dor * Word of the Lord: And let welaxčo nór by on those that bring them exactwegdevejin TES mestu ly enquire about their Chapoitwardu autors, aree racter, and give them their Ewodutos Tal veta Testimony. Let their ManTØS PER Ta cég wody o hers and their Life be en autor ng i Teomol, cquir’d into, and whether they olio, e sg noi ti te Servants or Free-men? ay i inose@os . se értel And if any one be 'a Scrvant,



let him be ask'd who is his, mçad Quý, sperma Master? If he be Şervant to two muere are, onç, of the Faithful, let his postepen was ear Malter be ask'd if he can un bambata, fuis

. give him a good Chara- dő saumor äzcov sémia cter. If he cannot, let him deča o deomóry be rejected until he , fhew Tupã aute, Teo himself to be worthy to dezétw". si j'obres his Master : But if he does soirémns, dideloxédu give him a good Chara- diapestiv Tu diranny

, der, let him be admitted. ivce un Bogorpuan) • Tilai

But if he be Servant to an adu a svo
Heathen, let him be taught yrwałrega,
to please his Master, that

, hidege, diddoresteady the Word be not blasphem'd spreads eaugois, a A If then he have 4 Wife, or doekeo chat, udju Savien a Woman hath-an Husband, wodhe pen mopurduar

, let them be taught to bę na Japão vous

, el content with each other, but he doonotus ów i ! if they be unmarryd, let them so av, og sidus on op, learn, not to commit -Fornivolg, di dare wind sation, but to enter into law: vaira, s tñ gwar tul Marriage : But if his Ma- xi dödés, aporte fter be one of the Faithful, afw.car déks daugo go and knows that he is guilty exo, decoresta il of Eornication, and yer does leade, mas negade not give him a Wife, or to réatw, eis xuyurity the Woman an Husband, let meir av restaurants, him be separated But if 43 Faralo nenni any one hach a Dæmon, let 2012 mesoderóstan him indeed be taught Piety, ks noprobóorýsi i su

ébuxos. V.

til ;

W. 6

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